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I'm brand new here and I'd like friends. Mainly a computer gamer but have also dabbled in table-top and console games, just don't have tons of money to invest in new mediums at the moment :/

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Fuck nazis and anyone who thinks that they deserve a platform because of free speech.

(:boost_ok: I’m pinning this to my profile feel free to use it, with the caveat that I did not caption the image because I have no 🥄, so also feel free to copy and retoot)

Maybe if eyeliner is for outlining the eyes, then guyliner is for outlining the entire guy. Like this, on the left.

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Normalize talking about how much you're paid with your co-workers.

It is the only way people will truly realize the income disparity between themselves and their just-as-qualified queer and/or BIPoC friends and colleagues.

This should be normal in ever industry. The fact it isn't is actively aiding executives in systemically discriminating against minority groups.

God I really want timed mutes. Please glitch and mastodon main, do this for me!

Semi-regular reminder that assertion is not the same as a citation.

When making claims that dispute other claims, citations are frequently needed.

Some people are genuinely not mature enough to handle being on social media. If you want to stop seeing someone talk about something, you can filter it. Don’t demand people stop talking about it altogether. You can’t control what other people say on their own accounts, but you can control the content you actually look at. That’s like going to Markiplier’s YT channel and demanding he stop playing scary games because you get scared too easily. He doesn’t make you watch those videos. No one is forcing their toots down your throat.

#ActuallyAutistic people, do you have a diagnosis (self-diagnosis or professional) of Pathological/Extreme Demand Avoidance?


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I don't know what trans gal needs to hear this but cis women shave their faces way more often than you'd think.

fun fact: the reason what few pre colonial third genders we know of skew transfeminine becasue to the anthropologist it was more scandalous to see "men" doing "women's" work. they saw "women" don't "men's" work and wearing "men's" clothes and thought it was just natural

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re: Chronic pain whining, weed mention, negative stuff about my abusive ex 

I’m either smoking a massive amount of weed and can feel my brain melting out my ears, or I’m Just Suffering and it’s been that way for like 6 weeks. The hurricane is just the newest reason for me to be practically immobile. My ex abused me out of the habit of asking for help, except when I’m literally desperate. My roommates and friends are trying to offer help more, but I’m just always so afraid that everyone secretly resents the fuck out of me for needing help in the first place, so I almost always refuse. Because Ex secretly resented me for the last several months we were together for being sick and unable to work. And then said that me being sick and needing help was me abusing them. And I know that! I know that I wasn’t abusive, I was sick and depressed. But they were so, so deep in my head, I believed them more than I ever believed my own perceptions, and I can’t get them out yet.
I am in therapy though now. Finally.

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one time someone left some jelly beans for easter on my door step as a gag gift and the red beans represented the Blood of Christ

Chronic pain whining 

The hurricane storms have been hitting Kentucky the last week and I’m dying slowly

Snouts Online users, if you do not know exactly what happened with your user a few days ago besides "they did a racism" you may want to check in with your admin and have them clarify the situation.

I only say this because perhaps some of your neighbors on your instance may find it illuminating.

I only post this because I am still constantly surprised that white people do not KNOW its racist to do blackface. you might want to do some reading on why its racist if you do not understand. Please do not tell me if you do not understand why blackface is racist, i will rip you to shreds.

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anti-semitic tropes don't stop being anti-semitic when describing non-jewish people

Reminder. Elekk has 3 trans admin/mods.

2 mods of not white origin

And a lot of anger.

If you join, cool.

But also know that we have a low bullshit capacity.

to those who lack the energy , are afraid of conflict, or otherwise don't feel up to speaking up when fucked up shit happens


it's the least you can do. you don't get directly involved, but you bring the issue to attention. make sure you send the report to the instance the bad posts/person are on as well

it takes like a minute at most to do

today seemed better but then I had to climb back upstairs and now I'm wiped and hurting more

Saying "you can object to eugenics on moral grounds, but you can't prove that it doesn't work" is advocating for eugenics. Any notion that eugenics could or could not "work" is built on the assumptions that there is a correlation between the methods of eugenics and their stated outcomes, and that said outcomes could potentially be desirable.

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