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asking for help to move,:boost_ok: (LINK) 

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I'm brand new here and I'd like friends. Mainly a computer gamer but have also dabbled in table-top and console games, just don't have tons of money to invest in new mediums at the moment :/

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Fuck nazis and anyone who thinks that they deserve a platform because of free speech.

(:boost_ok: I’m pinning this to my profile feel free to use it, with the caveat that I did not caption the image because I have no 🥄, so also feel free to copy and retoot)

twitch link, stream promo, :boost_ok: 

friends are there to remember who you are even when you forget

I’m only 15 hours too late for but this is the first time I’ve felt this femme in a while so y’know.

perception check on the haters, then acrobatics to stylishly cartwheel away

transgender rights, please boost 

Getting turned to stone during the second round of combat with a lamia makes for an... interesting... session.

I have been having a terrible time at work the last couple of weeks. But it’s okay, I’ve survived and called in sick yesterday to give myself plenty of time to recover this weekend before diving back in Monday. There’s just one problem....

anyone: *falls*

me: ah, the classic reverse icarus. you flew too close to the ground

killing two bird with one stone by calling my non-jewish bigender partner my goyfriend

Good morning moonbeams.
No matter how small and insignificant you feel against the tapestry of our universe, there will always be someone or something that benefits from your existence.

recommendation for interacting with artists and art 

why aren’t hashtags automatically set to camel case? i feel like that’s not a hard thing to do when autocompleting

please use camel case or something similar otherwise your hashtag gets lost in peoples’ brains or their screen reader

I think a lot of the people I follow have also been inactive. Or maybe moved.
Also I’ve been on elekk more than a year now

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#2249 "I Love the 20s" 

COOL NEWS: As part of my annual New Year's Day portfolio update, I've re-uploaded EILEEN QUINN. It's now free to read in its entirety, for good this time!

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