You know how Zelda on the n64 is a good game?

And how Banjo on the n64 is a good game?

Well, how's about I stream what happens when someone does a romhack mashing the two together.

This is a project to help transgender people. I'm looking for volunteers who want to help write or research for the project.

The idea is a site to debunk & counter the increasing frequency of trans hate organisations & websites appearing lately.

If interested, details below.

Gonna need a good IRL space to field-test my new name before rolling it out. I hope the bookshop gets to stay open to some capacity this time around

imagining all the outrageous things we could do if we took money from billionaires, like give people food and homes.

trans admin, uk 

Reminder that if you’re binary trans in the UK you can change the name, title, and gender on your passport, driving license, and medical records without a Gender Recognition Certificate.

I know these ended LONG before lockdown, but if there's ONE thing I miss, it's Tuesday night's Cursed Movie Nights at one of the pubs in town

A lot of laws are written using he and she. This means you lot with neo pronouns and they them are above the law. Go out and be gay, do crimes!

remember that episode of Doctor Who where the Master runs for prime minister using mass hypnosis to convince everyone he's good without having any actual policies? just thinking about it now, no particular reason.


Government, last month: It is your PATRIOTIC DUTY to Go To The Pub and we're giving you Government Approved Discounts on Going To The Pub and Going To The Pub isn't affected by bans on visiting other households you should totally Go To The Pub

Government, now: What the fuck were you thinking? Why did you Go To The Pub now we have to shut the pubs again this is all your fault you fools.

Emoji, hypnokink 

Yeah, that's..... gonna end up in the Most Used box of a very specific bunch of people.

Definitely not just doing this so I can call my gemsona The Crystal Maeve

Might fuck around and not be max anymore

@kat @ChlorideCull
max is truly a vibe. max is the power of id smashing forward like a train without any sense of horny to derail it

The HIMalayas.

Finally, mountains for MEN!

Remembering that one time Philip Glass did music for Sesame Street, because Philip Glass did music for Sesame Street.

Shitpost about AAA Gameing news 

Can't believe that Doomguy is now a Disney Princess

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