Who's ready to read my not so spicy, not very hot take on the latest Mastodon Scraping deal?

I think it's ready!

On Scraping Mastodon:

If they hadn't misunderstood the difference between a name of a field and the social and cultural implications of it's usage, this paper wouldn't have been written.


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@maloki@elekk.xyz I wrote up a very nice retort to the paper along this line, but their journal appears to only have been a conference publication and not a regular publication that might publish retorts.

@aldersprig Yeah. It's a good retort, and I do not believe I was the only person who reached the conclusion.

I have like 20 tabs open that I wanted to link to, and credit, but my head forgot to go back to them (because it was a bit much)...

@maloki this is fantastic, thank you for writing it and sharing it!

@aparrish Thank you for reading it! I'm glad people like it, that impostor syndrome always tickles the back of your mind when you post stuff like this..

@mwlucas seems it may not be peer reviewed or anything either, it's kinda funny :D

@maloki I was in the social sciences before and I find it maddening to see these computer science papers without any ethical considerations. You cannot start social research without ethical board approval. Cs: yolo let's scrape a network and and dump it online.

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