Question to y'all who follow me and have read some of my writing:

Who'd be willing do support me via Patreon or other similar (Ko-fi, Liberapay) if I manage to write an article of note on a monthly basis?

Anything from $1 and up / month.

I'm asking because I am reminded of the need to produce something in order to be supported, which I appreciate.

I have things I want to write, but my ADHD comes in the way at times.

So I wanted to check in with you all, my community, to see if anyone would be willing to support me if I manage to do this.

I'd start this month, and with something other than the 2019 review.

Hopefully finish something new.

I think I would be best suited to write right now. I know I can write even on my worst days, I can write on my phone if I need to, I can write in bed if I need to.

And writing gives me inherent joy. But I also need to be able to start contributing to bills a little bit more. And I'm putting my hope in you on here to maybe be able to contribute with $1 / month, if you've ever read anything you like from me.

If any of this appeals to you, you can help support me through these places:




Or just PayPal

Reminder you can support me on Ko-fi and Liberapay along side of Patreon!

Ko-fi, with Gold for Monthly subs! and Stripe along with Paypal:

Liberapay, your support can be yearly or as often as you like.

Patreon, you probably know the drill:

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