Hey, does anyone know of any projects which utilizes an equity based model for distributing funds within the project?

We're researching it for , as it's how we'd like to distribute funds, and are looking to see if there are other projects we can get inspired by, or if we need to start from scratch (Why reinvent the wheel?).

Thanks in advance for any response, and boosts 💞

@maloki idk what you mean by an equity based model or what other projects use, but there is an algorithm which guarantees a fair distribution of stuff(where "fair" is defined mathematically as meaning that nobody would prefer to get somebody else's share.

@maloki interesting. The thing I linked doesn't really address that because it relies on participants to provide valuations on what is a good division.

@maloki I thought it might have been relevant because in the context of fair division algorithms/games(which is a surprisingly easy thing to do, mathematically) "equity" means that everybody agrees the division is fair, which that algorithm specifically addresses.

Those are not actually distributing equity, they are contribution economies, distributing income according to contributions of various kinds.

@bhaugen so you have me something I specifically didn't ask for?
Thank you, that's very thoughtful of you.

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