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"...they are still able to listen into us, and 'interact' with our radio shows (Public Posts), on their side of the fediverse, even if we refuse to listen to them (by blocking them). ...There is a lot of people on here who are working on the software, or are at least interested in it are working on different ways to deal with this issue, and hopefully we’ll be coming up with even more creative solutions in the future."

Great! πŸ‘


Sure if someone wants to harvest our comments, they will find a way. But definitely make that as tough for them as you can.

@xenophora @maloki I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that to have a healthy social media ecosystem, it has to be built by those that current society hurts the most.

@horatius @maloki

I'd like to see that, too. We talk all the time about our virtual "living rooms," but I remember 20 years ago seeing spaces devastated over and over again by trolls who mods lacked either the technical acumen or the will to keep out permanently.

Part of social media's roots are in shock jocks/talk radio and related forms of not-quite-spontaneous disruption which the owner class encouraged because it made our lizard brains stay engaged, even when staying made us miserable...

@horatius @maloki

...I say *owner class* b/c one of the worst offenders I ever saw in this regard was an ostensible non-profit.

I know we need to take a harder look at who has modeled, or molded, (sometimes openly, sometimes secretly) our behaviors in this regard. I find what's happening on Masto right now at least... encouraging. Which is sure not how I felt on Le Birdhouse in the weeks before I finally hit *delete*.

@xenophora @maloki Nazi-curious Jack is in charge of Le birdsite. There's only one direction that can go.

@horatius @maloki

Oh, I think it's well beyond *curious*. But he probably has handlers who remind him that the way to keep us coming back all the time is conflict. If the space is 100% RW, or Tanden Dems, or whoever. He won't get that.

What *really* confuses me there is that I've read in more than one place that the site is continually losing money: that it has never made a clear profit. So it's clearly providing the owner class some kind of long-term, but less obvious, benefit.

@carbontwelve @tastytea Awww! Thank you <3

I have been pondering it for a bit. I'm glad I managed to get something readable out of it. :)

@maloki love the analogy to villages and radio waves. That is an excellent way to describe the fediverse!

And I found a fellow πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ, which is always fun!

@maloki Gab is garbage people no matter the platform. And I feel dirty for even saying this, but:

β€œ[T]he biggest far right social network”


β€œThe biggest Mastodon social network instance”

I just wish we could systemically hellban the whole lot of them.

@maloki Excellent post all the same. And props for merging the Gab block into Tusky!

@maloki Read through this. Is your blog fediverse-enabled? I love it; agree with all of it. I have luckily never heard of Gab until this hoopla, so, it's been entertaining reading.

@cambridgeport90 nope not fedi enabled.
But I've been thinking of changing the setup of that blog entirely just haven't had the opportunity yet.

@maloki that sounds like it should be pretty fun. I'll be keeping an eye out. Good luck.

@maloki there's a post on orange-site about gab. i for some reason thought there was a more coordinated effort the help instances straight out block gab-centric servers too, but i dont see that anywhere atm.

@jauntywunderkind420 I'm not sure what you mean by "more coordinated effort" but, I see it everywhere. Maybe we're just not following the same kind of people?

@maloki Is it ok to share this on Prismo or Birdsite, and if so, which copy should I link to?

@KelsonV probably medium. And yes, it cross-posted to Twitter already.

My nick on Twitter is kinkymal, if you want to boost the post there.

@maloki Good post. And I'm glad that the fediverse-at-large has continued to take a strong cultural stance against fascism.

My only worry is that the tools we have aren't effective enough against sockpuppet instances and the response to being overwhelmed will eventually be defederation, or whitelisting only a few nodes which results in re-centralization. I think we can do better than that though, but I'd better put up or shut up I suppose and write down in detail exactly what I'm thinking :)

@cwebber yes, and I would love to work with you to reach better overall solutions long term.

@maloki I'll leave a spoiler here: "a network of consent". And yeah, everyone's sick of hearing me through around the word "ocap", but ocaps are how we get there.

@kaniini @cwebber pushing hard ain't going to always work. I'm more for gently nudging people in the right direction when I can.

That said, I tried to read your post about it, but you didn't respond to my dm about it. πŸ€”

@maloki @kaniini @cwebber
More pages like this would be helpful:
Also it would be good if such was linked into the site structure

I'm not clear on where in the Spritely and Pleroma projects to look for "next step" ideas. We have "today clusterfrack" and "tomorrow OCaps" without a sense of where or how the transition is planned. I think implementing OCaps is the path towards deprecating the Mastodon style shared inbox, or rather that shared inbox is a way to identify AP services that don't implement OCaps

On the social side, we need to look at examples like flocking behavior to understand how to have efficient group action with autonomous agents. Mastodon forks can coordinate on features to develop to push upstream, like rotating lead in the V formation

A lot of other avian social issues stem from anxiety about external changes happening without visible progress towards consensus on group action, so where there's code or docs we need ways of raising the visibility

@kaniini @maloki @cwebber
What I'm building is all about prototyping and testing. Take ideas, put them to work behind a game, and watch what happens when people try to cheat. It's much more ethical to risk someone's in game alliance plans on a hidden exploit than their real world activism

@maloki don't worry let me just retoot it on twitter

@maloki hey is there a sum-up of the status of F-Droid & Nazis?

@v0idifier Not other than F-droids moderators saying that they wont do no nothing about the Tusky app, because it's not breaking the license and freedoms.

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