It's boosting time. A series in two toots:

1. Send me a little something about yourself and your donation links.

2. Send me a little something about someone else, or their project, again with a donation link.

Let's give back to the community this weekend.

I don't have a lot right now, but I'll try to contribute to a few, along with the boosts.

Also, please boost this original posts, and any replies you can see before or immediately after you send your replies. :)

@maloki My friend @yabirgb is building @anfora which is a federated photo gallery social network.

It is a very cool project that doesn't get enough attention.

Kinda Long 


I should also point out that lollipop cloud may "compete" with Yunohost but both are complimentary projects IMHO.

Yunohost makes a lot of decisions for users and wraps up things in a nice UI that's web based. The deployment model is very straight forward.

Lollipop cloud is more of the "next step". For those who want a bit more control and flexibility than Yunohost (and similar) provide.

Both have a place and solve the same fundamental problem in different ways.

The good news is there are choices currently and myself and others are working hard to ensure that doesnt change.


@kemonine now i wonder what is the difference between Lollipop cloud, Freedombox and Yunohost.

I've only tried Yunohost and Freedombox.

@tootbrute its the "next step" compared.

between rolling everything from stratch and a web ui deployment.

I explain it a bit better at


I write words and computer instructions with a focus on the intersection of the two and releases it all for the benefit of the commons.

That's us!

Here in the fediverse my writing focuses on our local culture and its intersection with social justice.


@LoMakesComics is making Towards Eden.

It's a webcomic set in a small corrupt Argentinian town in the 90s. I really love the art style; it's very evocative of the tone of the story that's being told.


1. Among other instances, I moderate and + am one of #Trunk's admins.

I also contribute to Lollipop Cloud - which is a project trying to help others self-host.
You may know it as @cloud on Fedi.

Donations welcome:

2. @funkwhale is one of my fav projects and I can't wait for some of the new things to come to it that I know they're working on! :blobaww:

@maloki I write a blog about the fediverse and the latest developments of the platforms in it. It's not always up to date, and I have a huge backlog, but We Distribute is a labor of love. It's also pretty much the only ongoing news publication entirely made for the fediverse.

Actor: @blog

We're also looking for writers!

@maloki I run

We don't want or need donations as we are fully-funded by Russian Intelligence. Please donate time or money at your local Big Brothers Big Sisters: Some kid out there needs someone like you.


I don't know if this is a donation link per se ( I've heard it's an option on the site but I haven't found it)
But I have two teespring store fronts. Profit goes to bills, and when those are paid I can worry more about my novel projects! <- political minded <- fun/arty minded

@eloisa is a wonderful person who cares deeply about the Fediverse and its inhabitants as well as does a wonderful job moderating more than a few instances. I've had many public and private conversations with her and she always has something encouraging to say!


1. I'm Heather, former professional artist and I'm the #MastoAdmin of two Mastodon instances: :masto_comic: ComicsCamp.Club and :mastoart: Mastodon.ART.

You can support •ART here:

And I have a tips page at :ko_fi:

2. I'm in love with @RAPIDPUNCHES's artwork! They have a store here: With some FANTASTIC t-shirts. :D

@maloki If you're still looking for people who need help, you might want to take a look at ESR's Loadsharers Page.

I saw him at SouthEast LinuxFest a month or two ago and his keynote presentation was on load-bearing internet people; those that truly work in the background to maintain software we all rely on without even realising it. These people hardly get any attention, few, if any, donations, and yet they're some of the people that develop software that is critical for the internet to work at its most basic level.

@maloki Ah, hello! I am RAPIDPUNCHES and I'm a S.T.E.A.M. mentor at the public library.

Support is much appreciated in any form! Off the top of my head,

@pollomostro has this

@erbmaster here

@signalstation has books

There's so many creators out there cultivating our community and the imagination !

@maloki Hi, I'm Craig Maloney. I do presentations and help maintain Tootstream. I'm also writing a book "The Mediocre Programmer" which will be released soon.

@briecs does live streaming and highlights many different tabletop RPGs on the site "Thoughty". Support them on their Patreon:

(Thanks for this awesome idea!)

@craigmaloney @maloki @briecs "The mediocre programmer"! Wow, I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to see a book (or a talk, or something) with that title. I'll keep an eye on it!

@maloki Hi, my name is Adrian Cochrane and outside of (potentially) paid contracting work I am juggling two web browser projects.

"Odysseus" increasingly explores ways to discover new webpages without relying on central servers. It's a WebKitGTK browser designed specifically elementary OS, but it looks and works great on other free desktops too.

"Rhapsode" is a push to make the Web more universally accessible, by creating a voice-assistant style interface for it.

@maloki Oh sorry! I don't know if I have the space to do so, so I'll toot the links here:

* Odysseus:
* Rhapsode: Though so far my focus has been on it's CSS engine:
* My Liberapay:

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