Friendos and cool people.

We still have a barrage of negative reviews (known as review bombing), if you want to help us report their reviews as unhelpful, etc. feel free to head on over to 's play store page!

If you like what we do, and wanna support the work, you can donate over on

@gudenau @maloki I'm not sure keeping out the riffraff is that stupid an idea. Libraries and nightclubs bar arseholes too, y'know.

@maloki I also suggest mentioning the review-bombing in your own review.

@maloki I'm also marking the one star reviews as "Not helpful"; I don't know if that makes a difference but it can't hurt, right?

@melissasage unhelpful and not helpful is the same thing πŸ˜‰

@maloki I'm taking a look, and marking as inappropriate any threatening ones as well. There aren't many but I suppose one or two folks always go overboard.

@maloki did a review, 5 star, the extra question, repported the good review as helpful, bad one as unhelpful and reported as spam/unappropriate.

Hopefully it will help

@maloki lol the 1star review from a "crying angel statue" blue lives matter Avi. Ah...

@maloki Just reported a metric ton of pointless and negative reviews as spam and inappropriate.

@maloki Definintely going to do so! Also: Am upvoting the real reviews and voting as unhelpful the ones compaining about not being able to access pro-Nazi Gab servers.

@maloki I "love" how they're blatantly lying in their "reviews" the same way I'd "love" having three feet of rebar shoved through my foot with a hydraulic actuator.

Is there *anything* you can do from your end as developers, like flagging the reviews as false, or is this another one of those "we'll let The Free Market Of Ideas sort it out!" things Google does?

@LexYeen we can report as well, but there's literally a rate limit on it. So that's why we're asking for help. πŸ˜…

@maloki I'm doing my part! I was just curious what your options were, since I've never developed an app before. :yeen2: πŸ’™

@LexYeen yeah. We're doing what we can, and asking for help to partially build community tbh.
We get a chance to work together.

@maloki apropos of nothing I am reminded that I have a second Google account.

Why do once what you could do twice?

@JacksonBates πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I wouldn't ask anyone to do it twice.
I just want some help with the reports / unhelpful and such.

Also helpful votes for the good ones. πŸ‘

@maloki holy crap it's wild looking through the reviews and finding the one star ones and just SO MANY fuckin' clueless chuds going "i don't get it does it have a virus why does it just redirect me to a youtube video when I try to log into my instance".

fuckin' working as intended, matey. XD

@Nine I mean, they are deliberately writing it like that. As part of the 1 star review bomb, so it's a "legitimate" review.

@maloki they're so friggin transparent, it's mindboggling that they think they're being sneaky.

@maloki skimmed the 1s. Yep. A lot of them are just people reviewing based on the news. Ticked a few. According to my email I ticked 36. 😲

My favorite ones were the ones having an identity crisis: "tusky censors! they support terrorists and extremist groups!!"

The latter of that is the very definition of Gab. πŸ€”

@maloki I've installed the app and gave it a 5 stars, hope it helps

@maloki seriously, I find what the dev of Tusky did to be unacceptable. I think he deserves a little heat.

I shudder to think what would happen if for some godforsaken reason he came to hate the LGBTQ community, furries or the left. I don't like nazi ideals at all. but I don't believe it's justified.

I don't like nazis one bit; but I think intentionally sabotaging the use of the client for the affected instance(s) is just stupid, malicious and childish.

it wont force them to see reason.

@Melody excuse you. But I merged it. So, kindly Fuck off.
If you think that defending against Nazis will slippery slope to then attacking LGBT+ folx you're being ridiculous.


it's indefensible behavior and you know it.

My issue is not with WHO is affected by this. it's that anyone at all is. there's no excuse for a client developer to be taking part in such ways. It violates trust and open software principles as well. It is wrong.

Do not conflate this with supporting bad ideologies.

@Melody Neutrality is not neutral. So I simply don't agree with it being indefensible.

Not acting on the other hand will allow Nazis, that by definition want us dead, to reign free, and by extension push away all the people you say you want to protect. So yeah. No.

@Melody and no, it actually doesn't violate open source principles. At all. Since that has to do with the license, not what is programed into the application.

@maloki i should actually review this. tusky is my go to on android and even without the gab blocking, its the best on the platform. blocking gab is a bonus.

@revolverocelot @maloki I knew there was something I'd been forgetting to do.

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