Yo, frens. What do you want in a Moderator Companion App?

What do you want to be able to do?

Bare minimum?

Bonus features?

@maloki Mass close reports. Not for like, nefarious reasons but because spammers tend to get reported by a bunch of people.

@maloki Oh and I'd love to browse a user's TL without losing track of the report.

@maloki Approve pending users, resolve reports, access the user panels.

@maloki The bare Minimum for me would be to be able to see current reports and to be able to take action in these reports.

@maloki hmmm silence, suspend instances.... view and deal with reports (silence and suspend).

That would go a long way for me =)

@maloki all of it to be fair.
I know it is a lot to ask.

If the scope is to only support few aspect of moderation, then maybe it is a waste of time.
If people will still need to use a desktop browser to do things that seems to defy the purpose.

So repports handling, media and user handling would be bare minimum. I probably wouldnt use an app if I couldnt do the instanc block there too

@kyzh @maloki I think it will do most of what you ask since it will be built around the new Mastodon moderation API

@Siphonay @kyzh yes, but I am also asking, because I want to hear people's thoughts on it. What they are missing etc

@kyzh yes but bare minimum is asked as a "what do we get out for a first release" not final release

@maloki cool cool, hopefully someone will have a better answer then.

My number one is instance block, but I doubt it is first on anyones list but mine

@kyzh @maloki if I can't have "nuke instance from orbit," I'll settle for instance block.

@kyzh @maloki as I see, a fri…in lot of people are asking for thk instance block functionnality :)

@maloki suspending domains, that'd be pretty great for my single-user instance.

Are emoji handling covered in the API? If it is, then uploading and cloning emojis would be very usable to me too.


#1 silence/suspend users and instances --- so, so, so useful to deal with spammers, harassment cases, etc.,

#1.2 mark the above as resolved, especially with the ability to also post a note would be a welcome bonus;

#2 Approve/Deny pending users;

#3 Emojis - copying them;

#3. 1 then maybe later also the ability to put custom ones up;

#4 Create and copy the links of the invites would also be a nice bonus, although for some instances, like this one, it's a must!

@maloki I don't instance-admin so downmark anything I say but... I would suggest prioritizing tasks that an admin will likely care about not letting wait for a better day, that directly impact multiple users (eg. spam, ToS violating content), and that come in waves during any sharp rises in need for admin activity (such as influxes from other services). Ie. remove the worst pain points during times of sudden unplanned high load first. Then the exceedingly repetitive.


resolve report
add note to report
suspend user
silence user
suspend domain
silence domain

@maloki Being able to handle reports robustly would be great. I feel like I’d rather have an app that really nails that one thing over an app that is just a wrapper around the existing dev and admin tabs from the website. Being able to add custom emoji or whatever is cool, but it’s not a serious problem if I can’t do that till I get to a desktop. Moderation demands quick responses so I would love to have that really catered to. (Also if you could do it on iOS that’d be great 🤣)

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