I got the honor of merging this into today \o/

We will not facilitate Gab on our app.

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I am bracing for the hate,

Also. remember, this is the perfect honey pot for if you wanna block/ mute people in advance of them interacting with you, like ever o/

Enjoy! <3

Donations on Open Collective thanks to this \o/

Today is a good day

All of you who donate and support us in our decisions, you help me feel like it's okay that I do take my agreed upon pay even if the past weeks have been a bit rocky for me.

Thank you for supporting Tusky, and by extension me. ❀️😍

April and May makes $200 from Tusky to me. From you to me. ❀️

Speaking of, this support is basically helping me pay for my doctor's appointment, as I'm going private now. So I appreciate it extra much. πŸ€—

The fact that it's not just a block but a rickroll is beautiful!

@InvaderXan There was discussion about having it redirect to anti-racism resources, but until we can get a goahead that that would be an okay redirect from such a website, a rick-roll will have to do :)

@maloki Oh now this? This is antifascist action and I love it.

@Osiri It's been a PR for 2 weeks, just not been merged yet :)

@Matter Nah man, our house, our rules.

You can take a copy of your blueprint and make your own house with your own rules if you like.

That's perfectly fine, and we wont barge in to tell you you're doing it wrong :)

@Matter Well, you can do it your own way if you prefer another way.

I think diversity in the fediverse is exactly what we need, and yes that includes having apps or services that aren't for everyone.

@Matter @maloki why is it sad that the Tusky team doesn't want to give tools away to fascists for free?

@maloki you are a star, doing great work.
There are a lot of us who love the work you do.

(The hater can catapult themselves into the sun)

@kyzh I love me a good hater-honey-pot though. Let them out themselves ;)

Thank you <3 It's always nice to hear these kind words.

@maloki I'm really happy that some of my money make your life easier! Thanks for all your hard work so far :cian_heart:

@zatnosk 😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️

@maloki Did you leave the rickroll in the end?
Please tell me you didn't replace it with some "constructive message" and just kept it.

@Deiru We left teh rick-roll :)

But now people on Fdroid are getting up in arms about us promoting proprietary content or something.

We'll figure it out ;)

@maloki Someone can just host it on PeerTube.
On better yet just host the webm somewhere.

@Deiru I think the issue is that there's copy right?

Anyways, we're figuring it out, and have someone who offered to host it on peertube

@maloki @Deiru i have an idea! what if we get someone on the fediverse to cover "never gonna give you up?" and make the cover CC? then it'll kinda be their IP, right? (I know nothing about IP lol)

@maloki @Deiru extra bonus points if it's a really shitty terrible-sounding version lol

like this shittyflute version

@maloki How sure are you, that they'll use one of the specified domains? Have they announced something along those lines?

@maloki I’ve just been scrolling through, blocking/muting anyone who opposes this decision.

@KBY30 yeah, best honey pot. 😍

Also got enough donations today to pay for my work for 2 months. 😍

@maloki can this be extended toward Purism, and other sites that also harbor Nazis?

@paeneultima me and Conny are going to have a conversation about how to handle this further, and improve the feature in various ways.
I can't make any promises, because we have to discuss it among ourselves, and reach a decision. It's not that I don't think Conny and I don't agree, but we have a planned meeting tomorrow where this would be one topic.

@maloki I got so tired of the debate around this I just had to write up a blog post. Now I'm exhausted.

I don't know how you do it, but frmo the outside you're handling the heat really well and with positivity!

@maloki thanks for doing this, i donated yesterday. Gab is such an unbelievable cesspool and the only way these dudes can look at it and say it's "ugly but necessary speech" is if it doesn't affect them in the slightest. the threats coming from that site are very real to a lot of us.

@jplebreton thank you for your support πŸ™β€οΈ

When people start putting their money where their mouths are, and working to undo a lot of this shitty colonialist society we have (which racism and white supremacy is such a huge part of) its when we will start to see change.

That I've had a chance to start taking actions to actually help make the world just a little bit better, by showing that apps etc. have their own right to protest, is fantastic to me. And all the support πŸ˜πŸ™


hark, my senses hear hundreds of nazis and thousands of apologist whining out as one in the raw data, as if it even matters. because in the next second, they will be screeching in unison minutes later because they're still alive. but them whining was great, you should totes do that more 😈 :metal_paw:​

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