@vector @amsomniac @wxcafe @maloki this has been circulating for a while and not one fortune 500 ceo has been eaten

@kimdanes @vegetablegremlin @amsomniac @wxcafe @maloki when you eat a CEO, don’t discard the husk. You can dry it and use it as a disguise.

@yisraeldov I don't think so.

But in any case, that's not a serious suggestion of this cartoon. It is satire on the "you and people like you are responsible for the environment crisis" notion which was manufactured by the same corporations, like Coca-Cola, that are actually responsible for 99% of environmental damage.

It's obviously satire, as companies don't work that way. If you ate Coca-Cola's CEO, they'd just replace them with another.

@maloki The rich are already spoiled but they're full a shit. I know people here probably don't like to waste food but I think we should probably chuck the rich on the compost heap instead.

I wanna try something like this to reproduce with own message.

I've find a,piece cardboard 1 st

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