Which apps are people currently using for Mastodon on ?

Which do you think is best?

Asking for my friend @neural_delirium

@maloki tootdon is good but lacks image descriptions. Tootdon is good but lacks proper support for pleroma n costs money. Amoraq is a tease n could be better n more stable. Tootdon is the best overall bet for new users imo.

@cute I had a quick look at toot! And recommended that one, as I was reminded it exists

@maloki *toot! Lacks proper pleroma support and costs money.

Yes it's a good one imo. Nice ui but not for everyone. It does not have custom emojis tho which is a big gripe of mine. Yes you can enter the emoji name, but tootdon has that support built in. I think a mix of tootdon and toot! Is best until one actuallt becomes significantly superior. Toot is awful for following people back.

@maloki Big fan of @tootapp

I especially appreciate how it has some more fine-grained privacy controls than Mastodon web so I can reply to public toots publicly automatically while posting followers-only by default

Lately I’ve been hearing some good noise about it respecting filters and such too

@maloki @neural_delirium

• Toot! – Well-tested, stable, with lots of features the other clients are missing, perfect with multiple accounts. Not free though.
• Amaroq – Nice, basic, but updated less frequently than (and surpassed by) the others.
• Mast – Promising, with some cool ideas, but it costs more, the UI is a bit messy, and still has bugs to be fixed.
• Tootdon – Good, if it weren't for some unresolved privacy issues. I removed it from my phone because of that 😒

@miramarco Yeah, sounds like my recommendation of Toot! was good then :) @neural_delirium

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