ForkOffTogether Update 

This work may seem slow, but we're trying to get it right from the very start.

I don't want to over share as it's also a process of iterations.

What I can share is that, we will send out some sort of official invitation when this current work is done. And then we'll have a meeting, and go from there.

Be patient, and save your thoughts and ideas somewhere, we'll need them.

TL;DR: Yes we're doing this!

Just taking it slow, to get it right.

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ForkOffTogether Update #2 

The pre-project tagline is:

Community Over Code

We, @Laurelai , @PaulFerence and I, will be using this to help describe and guide the current process.
It derived from Organization First - Code Later, we managed to write a few iterations and find a nice tagline to use for now.

So if you're wondering why there's no code-fork yet. That's why.

The shift in the community has already happened, and all of you who reached out are proof of that.

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ForkOffTogether Update #2 

Woops, this update thread hasn't been tagged with

Well, Hey, We have updates. Feel free to read them!

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ForkOffTogether Update #3 

After some people reached out I realized some stuff got lost, so to clear it up:
What I am currently doing with the help of @Laurelai and @PaulFerence will not make us the defacto leaders of whatever turns into. All we are doing is trying to make something out of the survey for everyone who showed interest.

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ForkOffTogether Update #3 

We are using a discord Conversation with only us 3.
We are trying to get it right, by taking community over code. I realize it doesn’t feel transparent at this time, but it’s difficult to talk about what we’re doing, when it will sound like we’re deciding what this will turn into.

Ironically, seemed like we were making all the decisions without transparency anyways.

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ForkOffTogether Update #3 

What I can say is, we are trying to prepare a meeting, so we can lay the foundations together for what we want to happen, We the community who want to .

Tomorrow another survey is going out, to help us make a very rough drafts of some documents that you all will get to give feedback on before that first meeting, and after.

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ForkOffTogether Update #3 

It’s a long and slow process, and we’re basing it on Swedish Formalities when it comes to creating not-for-organisations, as that is what I have experience with. However, at the meeting the people who are there, or who have sent in feedback, get a say in what happens from there, what kind of organization you will build together, and what types of meetings you will hold.

All we are doing right now, is creating a suggested way, by showing you with one first meeting.

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ForkOffTogether Update #3 

This is why there’s no website, no one-pager explaining what is, because I don’t know yet, but primarily because it is not my place to say.

I have not made a discord server because it is not my decision.

I have not up and forked a code base, because it is not my decision

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ForkOffTogether Update #3 

Additional info that had gotten lost:
The survey was written with help of the following people:

And @PaulFerence , who was also the person who reached out to me asking if I was interested in forking.

That’s why I made the survey, because One person reached out, and showed that they would be interested in forking.

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TL;DR Update #3

@Laurelai , @PaulFerence and I, will not become the defacto leaders, we're putting measurements in place to avoid this.

We are only trying to use the survey to invite everyone to a meeting, to start up an organization of the meeting's choice.

Another survey, together with more information, is coming out tomorrow to help us rough draft one of the documents we will suggest at the meeting.

Everyone will get a vote.

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ForkOff/ decisions or lack there of. 

I guess it feels like we're already making decisions because of the "Community over code" tag line.

It isn't a decision, other than to guide us in the documents we are trying to draft for the first meeting. And why it's slow.

Please stay tuned for the update we are aiming to get out on the 10th, about the meeting we want to invite everyone to.

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ForkOffTogether Update #4 CoC Survey! 

Hi Federated folx!

We are working on providing a rough CoC for the meeting that we want to invite you all too, and we want to take the opportunity to grab a lot more input, so your voices can be added before we write/present the ROUGH draft.

To this end we made another survey.

We're trying to find out what it is about other CoC's you like, and what you would like to see as part of 's CoC.

Happy Writing!

ForkOffTogether Update #4 What Meeting? 

Since it was hard for me to put into words what kind of meeting we're trying to invite to and host, I wrote this:

The invitations to this meeting will be sent out at least 14 days ahead of time. And we are also aiming to figure out what dates work best for people before that, so as many as possible can join.

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ForkOffTogether Update #5 

Emails have gone out about trying to figure out a good time and date for the meeting.

If you are interested, and would want to help out figuring this out, but didn't supply your email, feel free to DM me and I'll throw you a link.

If you want to see the stats from the first Survey I posted about them here:

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[Personal Update] 

A lot of other stuff is going on for me right now, and I'm kind of exhausted again. So I'm going to try and take it a bit easy these next few days, but still slowly progress on the work still required of me.

Best way to support me right now is to buy games via my Humble Bundle link, show up at our streams, or support me via Patreon/Liberapay/one time donation.

However, that support would be for me, not for the ForkOff Project, just to clarify.

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DM me if you want to fill in the Doodle for planning the meeting, and if you hadn't submitted an email to the survey. (I'll send out the url to more people tomorrow)

More updates will come when brain has more power. Be kind to each other in the meanwhile!


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ForkOff/Together Update #6 

Yesterday invites to the Doodle to choose a date for the meeting went out, as a followup to the emails that went out.

I had help sending them out, explained here:

A date will be decided at the end of today the 14th of June (CEST).

The first survey has been closed.

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ForkOff/Together Update #6 Transparency 

I have been working on the Transparency document for a while. This only pertains to me, and who I reached out to, and who I asked for help.

I'm sharing this as view only, because a transparency document isn't up for debate.

I have reached out to most people about adding them to this document or otherwise be transparent about my conversations with them.

I will not have energy right now to discuss it's content.

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ForkOff/Together Update #6 

The Meeting will have a public invite, as well as email invites.

I do recommend that you help each other find out the details about this. I will try to keep them concise and add the relevant info to this update thread.

I will only reach out in DMs to people about it from a diversity perspective. My main concern will be reaching out to more PoC to help diversify this work group we're about to start.

As it will be a public invite, you can invite anyone you want.

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tech - fork 

@maloki I like the idea of a technology co-op. I think a good thing to compare structure to could be #NodeJS. They have gone through some growing pains in the last year as it relates to internal conflict and organizational woes. #AyoJs forked from Node for CoC and governance-adjacent reasons too.

I really like the direction you're going with governance, and the intentionality behind it. Great job putting this together. 👏🏼 :grin_teeth: :gnu:

tech - fork 

@stephen Could you add something about this in the survey?

Like, I literally made the survey to have people put the links and their comments in there.

Thank you for your consideration ;)

tech - fork 

@maloki Yes good thinking. Thanks for doing all this.

@maloki I'm not sure I did it right (is 'I want to fill in another' for 'I have more responses' or 'Moar surveys later plz'? I took it as the latter and ended up with it wanting more pages...)

tl;dr though, FreeBSD's new CoC is absolutely an amazing starting point and if I'm the only one who suggests it, I'll be surprised.

@kithop I really don't want the links and stuff here, only want them in the survey.

If you filled in yes, you basically just continued in the same survey so we could collect up to 10 answers at once from your.

I had duplicated section 2 another 8 times, too make it 10.


I would love to boost the post with the CoC survey, but it isn't CW'D and I don't want to Discourse at people without one.


@Cobalt yeah there's a whole thread, and always a TL;DR that's un-CWd but the rest of the posts should be CWd.

I hope that helps.

[Personal Update] 

@maloki Take it easy for a few days! There's no emergency and you've already accomplished a lot. :ty:

[Personal Update] 

@stephen I sitll got some stuff I need to get done.

But I try to take it easy and get stuff done.

Combining the two etc.

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