Open Source Dev Musings / Fork-off 

When someone tells you to "Just fork it" it is always a power play from their side. They are saying it because they know that you alone can't do anything about it.

They know you can't fork it if you're not a coder.

They know you can't fork it if you only understand front-end stuff.

They know you can't fork it alone.

Telling someone you know can't fork it to do it is equivalent to Fuck off, or as some other people said it.

Open Source Dev Musings / Fork-off 

But what if you're not alone?

What if so many of us have been told to that we together possess enough knowledge and experiences that we can go forward with this project?

What if we survey the battlefield (because that's what it felt like today) and see what we can contribute, together?

Open Source Dev Musings / Fork-off 

No one can alone, but together we may be able to.

I present to you: The Great Fork-Off Survey of 2018

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Open Source Dev Musings / Fork-off 

This is just one step, among many towards finding out what we can do, if we just do it together.

Take your time with it, you don't have to answer it all right now, we also don't have to all the answers today.

But please jot down any questions in that last box, any thoughts that popped into your head that you don't want us to lose, and I'll do my best to make sure they are in another survey down the road. Or addressed somehow.

Keep CWs ON! Fork-off 

Since we all had a really rough day with a lot of meta discourse, I want to encourage everyone to keep the CWs on when we talk about this today/tomorrow and so forth.

Because I don't want to be the reason to drain more people of energy because of this.

If your replies to me remove the CWs I've already set, I probably wont respond to you.

Open Source Dev Musings /#ForkOffTogether Fork-off 

And I've added another / updated tag!

Not only

Keep CWs ON! Fork-off 

@maloki (remember that a couple clients - Tusky, I think? - don't include CWs in replies, and people may not know this.)

Keep CWs ON! Fork-off 

@maloki Hey, I really like the work that's been done on Mastodon. And I'm very appreciative of those who have done work on it. But I look at what people are dealing with, and the work that's being prioritized, and I think it's divergent. And that's okay. Those people who want to keep on keeping on, you do you. I don't.

Keep CWs ON! Fork-off 

@maloki I want the project to have a balanced board in charge instead of a single person. I want there to be a stated list of goals for the environment and priorities for development. I know that I'm only gonna see things from my perspective, so I want a group of diverse voices that can bring up if something is going to be an issue, and I want those voices to be respected. That's why I'm choosing to #ForkOff

Keep CWs ON! Fork-off 

@maloki If you decide to come on board to help out, it's appreciated! And it's not just a coding thing! It's an accessibility thing. It's a community thing. There are many ways to help out on the #ForkOff .

Keep CWs ON! Fork-off 

@maloki How do I block it? It's getting ridiculously dominant in my feed :x

Open Source Dev Musings / Fork-off 

@maloki Am I starting to see #ForkOff because Eugen got pissed at people for hating trending and told them to go build their own Mastodon? Or did something else happen?

Ironically, I can tell #ForkOff is trending without a trending pane because it's a trend and people are talking about it.

Open Source Dev Musings / Fork-off 

u guys dont start good... google? #fuckoffgoogle maybe loomio?

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