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Question to y'all who follow me and have read some of my writing:

Who'd be willing do support me via Patreon or other similar (Ko-fi, Liberapay) if I manage to write an article of note on a monthly basis?

Anything from $1 and up / month.

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Happy Holidays! We're Soft-launching our Crowdfunding campaign for

If you've been wanting to throw cash our way now you can on Open Collective:

Blog post:

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Mastodon does no longer spark joy. You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it.

Now it’s time to recognize what Mastodon has given us, but leave it behind. Mastodon has brought us a community and friends we did not have before. We’ve connected across worlds and fallen in love, we’ve experienced heart ache, and loss.

Today, we thank you Mastodon for everything we’ve had, and everything you’ve given. We will leave you here.

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My goals are several fold.
1. Keep writing all exams/essays for uni
2. Do well on my Creative writing Project (also uni), which will be poetry (bi-weekly publishing, maybe)
3. Write more blog posts about things that comes to mind

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Did you know that when you buy a Bundle through my link you can adjust where the money goes?

Want to give the bigger part to charity? You can do that!
Want to give more money to the devs? You cna do that too!
Wanna give it all to me? You can \o/

They've hidden it behind this toggle:
"Choose where your money goes >"

Who needs more than half a heart to play Minecraft Hardcore anyway? Come chill out as I stress out in Half-Hearted Hardcore!

Reminder to folks that the "standard human" crash test dummy for cars is based on an american man of average american man height and average american man build. Basically, it sucks to be anyone else as cars (and many other things, like power tools) are literally not designed with you in mind. It's more dangerous to drive while not an average american man as the vehicle's safety design is not built for you 🀷

Well, looks like four big flowers and a tiny small one in the middle. 😍😍
#plants #hippeastrum

"How should I start here on Mastodon??"
--> "Just post some pic of cat. People love cats."
Truth or not? πŸ€”


Both me and Loa slept through our plan to go out and have breakfast and catch PokΓ©mon. πŸ˜…

I think we're both a bit more relaxed now that we're moving, maybe?

I'm trying to figure out what to have for breakfast. πŸ€”

Also who wants to help us improve this feature for , in the next coming weeks?

If you didn't follow me until just today, but had followed me in the past on another account, this is why:

"Mastodon Account Migration Turned Malicious"

By mistake I used the Account Migration feature in a way that can be considered malicious.

These unintended consequences needed to be written about, and reflected upon, so this is the first you see me post after I realized the result was of that.

Toot! v1.11 has been released!

After a bit of a long break because of life and such, there is now a new version! This one brings - FINALLY - video and audio support! (Still missing play controls for these, but I figured I'd go ahead and release something, and get those in in the next version instead.)

For trying out the audio playing, I warmly recommend checking out #pewvember! I wanted to get this out in time for that month, so that's how late this ran...

For like four months, anytime a Black person joined the Lyft SF office, I made it my business to greet them and attempt to make them feel at home as well intro them to the other Black people on- and off-site. So yes to the head nod, lol (

Open for an affirmation 

Australia Day, antinationalism, colonial genocide 

Adding commentary to @bridge 's twitch stream for a game that I know literally nothing about, but am trying to act like I know things.

re: our opinion re gender 

our opinion re gender 

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