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A couple of "wait do I know you?" DMs that I've received in the last wee while indicate to me that I may have switched name and avatar too quickly for people to have reasonably kept up. So just in case anyone's like "Hey who's this weird Maeve person that's shown up?" I'm just gonna pin my old avatar here for a while.

i think we're gonna make ourselves at home over at cybre this time. cannae say no to florping some pings

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Social media timeline:
200X: Join Twitter as a boy
2017: Switch to Mastodon as a closet enby
2020: Return to Twitter as a woman
2022: Return to Mastodon as three bunnies in a mech suit

stream cancelled because i'm a fucking idiot who doesn't even think to unmute her microphone

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It's gay bunny puzzle time! Playing Princess Farmer again now.

Babes guess what! I'm streaming!

streaming Princess Farmer, an extremely gay puzzle game with trans bunnies and blushy lesbians.

Today I'm streaming Hyperbolica, a game full of non-euclidean space and cute robots.

Stream time. Gonna do Polarity, a short puzzle game that's been sitting in my steam library for heck knows how long

It's stream time.

Today we're doing The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, some kind of point-and-click game by Chris Seavor of Conker's Bad Fur Day fame.

I've just remembered that there's an entire Banjo Kazooie game I've not played.

What the hey, let's have a shot at Grunty's Revenge for the GBA.

Starfox 64 stream. I'm gonna get my goddamn mojo back on this game, you mark my words....

gif with flashing colours 

The best bit of Starfox 64 is when the Area 6 boss tries to hit you with the Lesbian Ray

All right. Gonna have a shot at Starfox Adventures. I never finished this one when I was younger and I think it's worth giving a second look.

ps2 broke mid-stream.

i guess i'm not streaming klonoa any more

ALL RIGHT tonight I am streaming the PS2 version of Klonoa 2, and kinda testing my brother's new HDMI adaptor for him while I'm at it.

Will it make me cry as hard as Klonoa 1 did? Let's find out!!

Playing some more of PSX Klonoa just now if anyone wants to swing by

I want to play the Klonoa games *before* the switch remakes come out, so here we go. It's stream time babeyy!

My quest to find a good Bond game that isn't Goldeneye 64 continues with From Russia With Love, a retelling of one of the Least Worst Connery Bond movies, starring Sean Connery phoning his lines in from his tax haven.

What if I streamed one of the weird Bond games the Gamecube had?
Like say....Goldeneye Rogue Agent, the one where you're playing as the bad guy and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the N64 game?

Hey what if I streamed a videogame wouldn't that be weird?
Well it's what I'm doing and it's gonna be Superliminal, a game about dreams and forced perspective and stuff.

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