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A couple of "wait do I know you?" DMs that I've received in the last wee while indicate to me that I may have switched name and avatar too quickly for people to have reasonably kept up. So just in case anyone's like "Hey who's this weird Maeve person that's shown up?" I'm just gonna pin my old avatar here for a while.

STREAM TIME! Gonna ease myself back in with a wee game of Chameleon Twist, an N64 platformer I remember being relatively chill, if also a bit strange.

wish i had bunny ears for real.

Maybe once the second covid jab takes effect

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Hot corporate pride take 

Corporations should only be allowed to participate in pride if they voluntarily print their logos on the bricks that get thrown through police cars.

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I got thrown in twitter jail for making dumbass jokes about my vaccine. Thanks Bill Gates!

I got thrown in twitter jail for making dumbass jokes about my vaccine. Thanks Bill Gates!


Getting my covid jab tomorrow and i hope that the 5G signals forcefem me faster than the estrogen does.


I kind of hate that I'm back on birbsite again but it's pretty much the only place where I have reliable contact with a fair few awesome folk so I guess I'm there again.

I'm still here too. Tusky's just been rubbish at refreshing lately

Still, it was nice just... not being on there at all for a couple of years

Random hotel from the Max Payne intro says Trans Rights

Just Cause 2, transphobia 

love to boot up an old game for a quick spin (Not even that old, specifically Just Cause 2) notice a whole flavour text menu I'd never seen before, and have LITERALLY THE FIRST THING I CLICK UP be a transphobic jokey-joke


Yer gal's got her first jab booked!

I've just remembered how The Longest Journey was the first game I ever saw to explicitly feature a lesbian couple who were written as Actual People as opposed to being walking stereotypes or fetishized objects and FUCK I need to play that game PROPERLY.

I hate this hell city a lot of the time but holy shit I am SO fucking proud of my hell city right now

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Scotpol, Attempted deportation, police violence, happy ending 

The Home Office did a dawn raid on some refugees in Pollokshields and stuck them in a van.

The ENTIRE GODDAMN NEIGHBORHOOD was like "fuck that" and blocked the van from going anywhere until the guys were released and safe.

I fucking love this city.

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community collective action against deportation raids in Glasgow + 

community in Kenmure Street comes out to stop the home office vans. happening right now in Glasgow:

Hrt -, gif 

Tfw you forget half your dose

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