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A couple of "wait do I know you?" DMs that I've received in the last wee while indicate to me that I may have switched name and avatar too quickly for people to have reasonably kept up. So just in case anyone's like "Hey who's this weird Maeve person that's shown up?" I'm just gonna pin my old avatar here for a while.

Time for one more stream of At Dead Of Night. It looks like we've reached the point in the story where we find out what the deal with the killer's mum was.

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i am forcibly removed from the church, while i yell loudly about how the real sin of sodom and gammorah wasn't the homogay, it was the rape culture jackasses,

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one of these days i am going to just take over a pulpit and become a terror on all the populace

"today's sermon will be about: the sin of lust. so this is actually mostly about prioritizing Dat Nut Tho over the fact that human beings are people, and willingly hurting other people as long as you get your rocks off. so obviously talking directly into your coworker's tits like all the sexual harassment training videos say to not do is the sin of lust. but did you know the sin of lust can also be - demanding blowjobs but not willing to eat pussy,"

Still extremely delighted about this. It's the wee victories I guess

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trans, UK, Bell v Tavistock appeal, Good Law Project 

The Good Law Project, whose crowdfunder you may recall from a few weeks ago - and is ongoing - has filed their intervention:

"The intervention is made on behalf of a small group of NGOs – Stonewall, Endocrine Society, Gendered Intelligence, and Brook – and has the backing of many other organisations in the LGBT, children’s rights, and reproductive rights sectors, alongside international medical bodies.

The NGOs speak for the voices that were not directly heard in the original Court judgment, in particular the voice of the child and the voice of prescribing doctors with expertise in the medical evidence and standard of care for transgender health.

It is based on 3 main grounds: (i) the need to hear the voice of teenagers affected, (ii) the issues the judgment raises around the role of parental consent and, (iii) the wider implications, in particular for access to contraception and abortion care, of the Divisional Court’s ruling."

"There will be a short court hearing this Friday 29th January to determine whether any outside parties should be granted permission to intervene."

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samus takes damage from mother brain at the beginning of super metroid so a no damage run of metroid is non canon

Just got gendered correctly at work AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Proud Boys and shit films 

There's a thing on the front of today's Record talking about a Proud Boys group operating in Scotland, that claims that they have "hijacked Braveheart for the far right cause"

... buddy, I have some really bad news about the 1995 Mel Gibson movie Braveheart.

Streaming At Dead Of Night again, in case anyone wants to watch me get bonked on the head repeatedly by a spooky hotel manager.

Videogame violence directed at player 

Probably gonna stream more At Dead Of Night in an hour. Meanwhile, here's the last thing you see after telling Tim Follin "IT WAS JUST PICTIONARY" too many times.

also I NEED to know where they got that dress from holy shit it rules so much

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Fun Maeve Fact: It was dressing as Duke Amiel du H'ardcore for Halloween a few years ago that cracked my egg completely, shifting me from questioning my gender to Okay Yeah I'm Definitely Some Kind Of Trans.

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So basically so far At Dead Of Night is basically The 7th Guest except you periodically get bonked on the head and instead of puzzles you're doing fetch quests for ghosts forever. Still, I'm having a neat time with it.

Hey, it's been a while since I last streamed, but to heck with it I'm streaming!

Gonna muck around and have a shot at At Dead Of Night, a spooky FMV game by Tim "It was just Pictionary" Follin

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it's MY gender and I get to decide which slurs to reclaim to describe it

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