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A couple of "wait do I know you?" DMs that I've received in the last wee while indicate to me that I may have switched name and avatar too quickly for people to have reasonably kept up. So just in case anyone's like "Hey who's this weird Maeve person that's shown up?" I'm just gonna pin my old avatar here for a while.

Stream time. Once again I'm playing through the bizarre videogame interpretation of The Matrix trilogy that is Path Of Neo. Currently in the Merovingian's mansion, which has a lot less orgasm-inducing cake and a lot more Bad Platforming, unfortunately

Royal death, Extremely cursed shitpost with lewd implications. 

Good to see the queen is coping well

Stream time again. Still playing The Matrix: Path of Neo. Made it through the first movie's stuff last night, and now it's time to see how Shiny and the Wachowskis adapt The Other Two Matrix Movies into their own videogame (Spoiler: Weirdly)


Remember how The Matrix had a tie-in game alongside The Matrix Reloaded and it kinda had neat potential but it was rushed to fuck and it was bad?

Well, a couple of years later, Shiny and the Wachowski sisters had another shot at doing a Matrix game and, well....this happened

had a wee peek at the credits for Soulstorm to see who Jim Sterling voices and...well...

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Work, lewd, cursed 

I guess it was only a matter of time before I served someone wearing an aheago face mask

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i’m not a g-natholic, i’m not a g-northodox, i’m a g-nostic, and you’ve been gnosised!

Work, trans, + 

I came out to my boss :blobcheer:

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Today it is time for me to confirm an outlandish project/cancel an anticipated project/announce an implausible change in my political beliefs/announce my own death/in general be Extremely Unfunny online 

lol april fools

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Trans Day of Visibility 

On this Trans Day of Visibility, I'd like to ask all my cis friends to redouble their efforts to establish 364 Days of Making It Safe for Trans People to Be Visible.

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Wow I can't believe JK Rowling is fucking dead!!

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