birdsite, idiocy, oh god don't judge me 

seriously, i'm not really sure what or how i need to try to recover. i've lost my follow list, which is just basically annoying, but maybe this is also the best thing that's ever happened to me

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birdsite, idiocy, oh god don't judge me 


okay kids, let me teach you a lesson

if you ever tell a lie

and no one has caught up that it was a lie yet


so i recently noticed that my twitter birthday was the one i used to use when i wanted to sign up for things before i was 13.


turns out if you change the year to the correct one you get locked out permanently.

feelz for realz 

signed, one of the most privileged, happy people you'll ever meet who experiences the day to day life of worse off people in three minute bursts.

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feelz for realz 

something bad happens, and you forget about it 8 hours later. but then something else bad happens and the first one comes crashing back. by the end of a month like this, a small issue with your friends makes you want to fucking destroy something.

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feelz for realz 

this month has just been fucking awful. and by that i mean by taking an emotion/time average it's been pretty normal, but a good number of various small-to-medium Things keep happening that are just aaarrgfffjhhh

i'm loving danganronpa 2 so far but it would be great if it actually learnt that lampshading is usually a bad thing

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Death (drowning) joke 

If you regret drowning your characters in the pool while playing The Sims

Do you feel your Sims crawling on your back?


i'm a generally very happy person. i like myself, i like life, i like, like, stuff.

here's something that sucks: this does not in any way change the fact that life is never constant. whilst i do have happy days, plenty of them in fact, i still have long stretches of time where i feel utterly miserable. it doesn't feel like it should work like that, but it does.

basically, life is a sine wave of bullshit.

happy bisexual visibility day

anyone you can see who claims to be me on any other day is a Liar

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someone tell randall munroe he spelt 'mastodon' wrong and also that i love him

y'all follow my cardib stan account on instagram @cardibstannn

once i hit 1000 follows i promise to google who cardi b is

just plain sad 

it's the circle of bullshit

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just plain sad 

how do you nicely explain to someone that they should stop hating themself because them hating themself brings out all the parts of themself they hate

spoilers: voltron season 1, danganronpa chapter 2 

i just came up with this joke and i'm really proud

in the this year, making a game where you're a driving instructor, typing commands to an irritable, slow to react driver. working with some friends both at my house and remotely, this is way too much fun.

shawn wasabi and 6ix9ine are the good and evil version of each other respectively send toot

got these two from a charity shop for 6 quid. haven't heard of either of them, but they both look brilliant...

holy crap Into the Breach is so good

every single turn is basically a puzzle that asks you: what creative positioning bullshit can you pull off, and what are you willing to sacrifice this time

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