I think this goes without saying, but please, go on camping trips to other places (like say, Chicago or Canada).

But do not post details about your camping trips.

Use a VPN to learn details of your camping trips, especially if you do a staycation.

I 100% support the right to go on camping trips. But do not tell me about them. Do not tell Anyone about your camping trips unless they need to know.

And if you haven't already: Delete any app that tracks periods. It can and WILL be used against you.

People with uteruses have been prosecuted before for being victims of gun violence during a certain 9 months if you get my drift.

Miscarriages Will be monitored.

And if you don't think this will affect you, because you don't have a uterus, it will

Just because they've come for this right first doesn't mean it will be the LAST right they go for.

I haven't read the current opinion, but when I understood of the leaked draft was it was abundantly clear they were coming for other rights as well.

Please understand that "progress" is not a straight line. Even if you believe the SCROTUS can be a tool of progress, people gain rights, people lose them. People lose rights, people gain them.

I'm serious, take a big look at american history. this happens.

so let's say you're a cis gay male happily married.

Do not count on that right continuing.

Just because they haven't come for you yet, doesn't mean they won't.

This is why we need to stick up for each other.

Because it's going to get worse. It's not stopping here.

@lapis I'm very worried about marriage equality now... :(

But... LGBT people with no marriages might live. Person with vagina without abortion might even die. So... :/

@szymonbrycki Yeah, I get what you mean. I (unfortunately) have a uterus. I just wanted to make it clear that this affects everyone and everyone should care, even if they cannot get pregnant.

@lapis The EFF put out a guide yesterday about all sorts of things to consider when you go on camping trips, or think you might want to go on a camping trip.

@lapis This is great. Now, wouldn't it be cool if a company stepped forward and offered women free VPN, so they can plan their camping trips safely? (Workshops on using the Tor browser would also do the job.)

@mysteriarch There's a couple reasons. I don't have citations right now and am going from memory, so keep that in mind.

These apps keep the data for themselves (usually for marketing purposes) but they CAN be subpoenaed into giving it up

So say something happened and you find yourself in need of a camping trip. It knows your cycle changed / stopped and started again after the camping trip. That can be used against you in court.

Also, even if you were not seeking out a camping trip, even if you are happy with what has occurred, miscarriages are extremely common, and the US has tried to prosecute people with uteruses for fetal murder charges for having a miscarriage before.

Basically: your intent in being pregnant will NOT matter, and has not mattered in years. Your periods will be used against you.

Does that help?

@lapis Yes thanks! Helps to get it explained to me, since I don't have a uterus myself, nor do I live someplace where these things need to be taken into consideration.

I hope those camping trips can be accessible to all that need it in a safe manner...

@lapis Came across this, which also mentions these apps and some other stuff. It's insane that these are the kind of things you have to take into account.

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