Boost if you've ever texted on a flip phone

The above may be my most popular post. Who knew flip phones could inspire such emotion?


My parents wouldn't let me because they didn't have a plan with texting included, so each one cost a quarter.

@thornAvery slide phone wasn't complete bullshit, does not count, sorry!

@lapis i've used a flip phone and written text on another with number keys though

@lapis I wanna boost this in solidarity but I just refused to text even though I was in my mid-20s. Like, sorry -- if I'm off in the world with my phone, I'm just out of reach bye. But I did send like 5 texts in 5 years.

@lapis ah i misread this as "never" and boosted briefly, i just barely don't count because my first was a slide out keyboard phone

@monorail that was my second phone, and much easier to text on than a flip phone lol

@lapis @monorail The first phone I sent a text from was a Nokia bar phone, but I actually had a pager that could receive texts before that.

@IngaLovinde oh goodness, normally I'd say that doesn't count because it has a full keyboard, but it fits the very definition of flip phone so I can't complain lol. It's adorable!

@lapis fun fact: I dropped my iPhone in the river this summer and walked around with a 2006 Motorola RAZR for two months.

A whole entire 1.4mp on that camera, baby!

Then my parents took pity on me and gifted me an Android phone, which I'm currently using :)

@LazyMilkshake While I confess I want the era of phone charms back (they were so cute!) I don't know if I could go back to a 1.4mp camera.

@lapis I could type with T9 one-handed from my pocket 😂

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