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If you are thinking of college / grad school in Nebraska, please for the love of god @ me to get my thoughts. It's your life, but I feel like hearing from an alumni (that's not from the MBA program ) could really help you solidify your decision.

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by the way, I edited my profile to reflect this, but currently my pronouns are they/them. Please do not use he or she to refer to me!

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Hi! I live in Nebraska.
According to
I live on unsurrendered
OčhΓ©thi Ε akΓ³wiΕ‹
PΓ’ri (Pawnee) land.

Currently unemployed, but hey, if you know of some ArcGIS or XML work where I live @ me.

If you are considering College / University in Nebraska: DM me so I can give you some details you won't get on tours.

I got my BA in Anthropology and came to the conclusion Anthropology is a colonialist pile of shit (You could totally decolonize Anthropology, but my classes never talked about that. It was just the white cishet allosexual abled patriarchy in the classes I took)

Fan of
or a lot of and games. Big :stardewvalley:​ fan, but lately I am bad at playing games!

I also like and I'm getting into and lately! I like reading and

(especially )

I'm a big fan, but I usually talk about that elsewhere!

Me defiendo bastante bien.

I have like 4-5 fediverse accounts, but lately don't have the energy for all of them, so I'm mainly on here, Pixelfed, and Booktoot.

I Boost a lot of pictures of Cats (and sometimes dogs) so if you don't like that, either turn off my ability to boost or mute those keywords.

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text. (Alt text does not have to be in English)

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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I'm getting really frustrated by how much my schedule keeps getting fucked with lately but I think part of this is learning how to assert myself.

Okay, after I walk Kipper I'm gonna stretch, and from there I suppose I should do calisthenics but I'd honestly rather lift weights.

my brother explained to me that the calisthenics is more important (to my doctor) because she's concerned about activity / cardio level, so "Yeah I've started doing exercises with dumb bells" will not impress her.

It's not like I hate it, but I feel dumb doing it (lol probably PE trauma) I'm very self-conscious.

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It's a pity Colin Powell can only die once tbh, I hope it brings him no rest

@Taweret Ethnic Cleanzo died today with his family at his bedside. He leaves behind a complicated legacy on the international stage.

@lapis i gotta invent the clothes folder, gotta invent the clothes folder

becoming a war criminal so that when i die people will say i had a "complicated legacy"

Did you know if you attach negative feelings or trauma to physical exercise kids will hate exercising????

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Started listening to maintenance phase and I'm remembering all the trauma of the presidential fitness test.

If you didn't get like a 6% raise this year you're actually making less money

First: Yes, I finished The Idiot yesterday. I liked it, but I don't know why. maybe some books are like that.

Anyway, I'm gonna do morning pages shortly (I had to make a phone call otherwise I would have done them while Kipper was out on his morning walk)

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What do I do Monday?

I have to:

  • Do Morning Pages
  • Walk Kipper
  • Finish my ebook if I haven't done that today (Sunday)

I should:

  • Write
  • Research (how much it sucked to be a victorian)
  • Read comics
  • Read Books
  • Play a game (I'm thinking of getting back to Pyre or Bravely Second)
  • Crochet
  • Stretch / Exercise?

Feel free to chime in!

TIL People’s Forum was able to get half a million syringes to Cuba to administer their Covid-19 vaccines If you didn’t know, Cuba is currently suffering from a syringe shortage due to the genocidal blockade imposed on them by the US. They developed their own Covid 19 vaccine only to not have enough syringes to administer it due to the blockade. It is so incredibly important that as working class people we show solidarity to the Cuban people and support efforts which provide them desperately needed help.

opening up a gender boutique. we will offer only the finest artisanal genders

Gender Reveal is awarding ten $500 grants to trans artists and activists of color. They are specifically looking for applicants whose work supports trans folks, people of color, or other marginalized communities, and/or whose work fosters exploration and celebration of gender diversity. Apply by 11:59pm PT on October 31 for consideration.

if Michael Jordan wore a pair of shoes once and then sold them, they would be more expensive; if I wore a pair of shoes once and then sold them, they would be less expensive. so, assuming that shoe value is a continuous function,, there must be one minor celebrity who could sell their used shoes for exactly the same amount they bought them for

help black person and their child!

Currently at the ER with jah,

brakes went out in my car which means

1. I can’t work
2. I won’t have a ride home

I need support getting a Lyft back home after this hospital visit as well as getting the brakes fixed

Pls b88st // rp$cocobrown97

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