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Hi! I'm an international grad student that will hopefully still play games like or .

I also like / . I like reading (especially )
Me defiendo bastante bien.

Je parle un peu.

But you will notice I tend to do these things on other accounts!

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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I know no one reads profiles, but I try to, and I'm making at least minimum-assery of your fucking profile a requirement of following my account.

I'm not a prophetess! I can't read minds! I want to assume good faith in why you decided to follow me, but the internet is full of assholes, so give me something to work with. Even if it is just "I like cats/dogs/ferrets", "Something Something Mother 3", "I'm in Academia" or "No, Trails of Cold Steel is Bad actually."

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text.

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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I really miss my internet provider in Nebraska, who wouldn't inform me of things by jamming css in while I'm browsing.

How do you know who you're informing? I see a flaw in the plan.

Or maybe it's perfect by their point of view. You can say "I didn't know it was your 7 year old viewing Family Circus when I told them about changes to your plan"

So all Americans think the typical British accent sounds posh right? and so cool :blobaww: and just the best?

Today I wondered, do they think the same in reverse?

Like "Wow, listen to that American accent, they're so cool!"

Then I realized. No. We sound like "hicks". 🐮

I feel much more like a poser er, punk now.

talking about cat names right now. I had a petnames.txt prepared for this moment, but spoiler: 99% of them are terrible.

I have an animal question!

You know how my brother has a feral kitten right now? He also has Kipper, the big ass doofus dog.

Anyway, Kipper likes the kitten, but keeps wanting to pick up the kitten by the scruff of the neck. He will even sit down like a good boy if he thinks he will be rewarded with this kitten. Licking the cat is not enough. he wants to relocate this cat.

How do we figure out his kitty intentions safely? :boost_ok:

I remembered more. I think I figured it out.

Because I ALSO screamed about the lack of Ms. Marvel Movies. (which I've only read 3 issues of :negative: )

So unless Mint possessed me, I think it was a podcast that happened to talk about women in comics (it was about Sana Amanat and therefore a lot about Ms. Marvel) I listened to that.... a week or two ago. Why now? :psyduck:

Ok I have to remember how time zones work.

I am a time zone AHEAD of people right now. and it is a little after 7:30 right now. Meaning it is a little after 6:30 there.

I think the conclusion is clear

I slept weird. I specifically remember getting angry about the spider-man sony deal.

I don't even watch the MCU unless it it's about someone I care about which means I'm doing it wrong.

Why did this make it into my dreams? was it one of you? :psyduck:

I got my flu shot yesterday, so naturally my autism increased. :blobwink:

I should take up a new special interest. .

I'll confess, I can't tell which of the "OK Boomer" tears are real and which are parody. That's where we are in the world.

Please keep showing me Boomer tears. It sustains me 😈


I'm not sure why I am the go to for the all the problems back home. Is it because I handled the pets the most? Or is because I am the best at doing searches on the web? :blobthinkingsmirk:

Here's a picture of Mendi! This is the feral kitten my brother captured.

I'll keep you posted with as much as I know about Mendelssohn, here.

If you have an idea how old this critter might be, tell me. God, it's the tinniest little thing.

Clarification that has come to my attention: You cannot mute conversations you are not tagged in.

There's still filters though if you know something is going to bother you. EG: if there's been a shooting, filter "shooting" for however long.

My point is you have these great features, please don't be afraid to use them, or worse yet, inflict these issues upon yourself in an attempt to prove a point to yourself.

What if I want to boost something, and it doesn't have a CW, and we're not Mutual Followers so I can't ask?

Great question!

Link the toot, CW it, post it yourself. Highlight the original thoughts and who they belonged to.

Hot tips:

1. If you are not MuFos with a person, do NOT ask them to CW something. Just mute the conversation.
▪️ If you are white, and they are not, you are engaging in a racist method of control by trying to make this about you. Look it up.
2. You are not obligated to look at things that upset you. This means:
▪️ Don't follow accounts that don't CW shit that upset you. You should probably mute them. no one will know, I promise.
3. Read a book to educate yourself instead. Please.

Oh yes.
:pokeball: Brother caught a Mendi! :pokeball:

Pictures hopefully to come.

Grammar question:

If you get a list of three, and then the next sentence refers to the "latter", which one is it referring to?

No seriously. The built-in dictionary didn't help at all.

Wait what the fuck is this shit.

There's this explanation on rounding in this book that says you round DOWN when it's a 5.

I've never done that before in my life. It's always been round up with 5.

Has rounding as I know it changed, or is this how it's done in Canada, or is this book fucking with me?


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