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Hi! I'm an international grad student that will hopefully still play games like or .

I also like / . I like reading (especially )
Me defiendo bastante bien.

Je parle un peu.

But you will notice I tend to do these things on other accounts!

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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I know no one reads profiles, but I try to, and I'm making at least minimum-assery of your fucking profile a requirement of following my account.

I'm not a prophetess! I can't read minds! I want to assume good faith in why you decided to follow me, but the internet is full of assholes, so give me something to work with. Even if it is just "I like cats/dogs/ferrets", "Something Something Mother 3", "I'm in Academia" or "No, Trails of Cold Steel is Bad actually."

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text.

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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joke about depression 

@roseveleth Oh, I'm listening to the Reading Glasses Podcast and they mentioned Flash Forward.

And of course learn to pronounce them. Since, regretfully, I don't know IPA, I really have to hope forvo has the pronunciations in this case. If that doesn't work, I'll worry about that later.

I got the nations of:

St. Lawrence Iroquoians

Anishinabewaki αŠα“‚α”‘α“ˆα―α—α‘­



OmΓ miwininiwak (Algonquin)

So one of my goals is to read about them at least a little today Come on everyone, let's learn where we live (and maybe places we frequent)

You know what, Gamefreak should do a spinoff of Pokemon where you use the pokemon for daily tasks.

Like spinning wool on your wooloo farm, etc.

I know Elekk isn't there yet, but can someone explain how 3.0's search works (I know enabling is a big part of it)

Like in theory, is there a setting for just being able to search your own damn toots?

I miss posting on Pixelfed, but I never take pictures of anything interesting anymore! (I am currently away from Mr. Mittens, so if you ask for pictures, you'll get old ones)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I think I got glared at over email when I sent a tutorial explaining this.

Maybe it was a bit dickish of me.

The cat photos I'm getting don't follow the rule of thirds! *shake fist futilely*

I didn't pick up much, because most of the stuff I would have picked up I already owned (or wasn't on sale. )

Uh.... if you can stomach Analogue and Hate Plus during our current hell world, I'd recommend playing them. They were good when they came out, it's just I sort of suspect they don't get a lot of plays post-2016.

And I'm sure other people have recommendations.

Honestly, imo I do not feel like it's a spoiler if someone is queer, because that is something that decides if I buy a game.

Putting this in Elekk though it could go in Booktoot or Polyglot.

Doing duolingo. Got "I am a cat"

No Duolingo, it is not "Je suis un chat", Wikipedia says the proper translation of that book's title is _WE_ are a cat, like the royal we and....

Seriously, in some senses I am at an advantage being a native speaker of English given its Ligua Franca / hegemony, but in others, especially the monolingual/ quarterassedness of early foreign language education in the US, I am at a disadvantage, and that had never occurred to me.

I was listening to a language podcast that pointed out among many things:
1. Other languages know what their words mean (eg: Mandarin, Greek), where as english is like "root????"
2. Other languages are usually done with dictionaries for native speakers in primary school as a result.

I love the history of our bastard tongue but maybe if we want to know what shit is we shouldn't immediately put it in Greek or Latin!

Does anyone use ? I'm trying to figure out why I have to track sleeping manually. I normally give permissions when I think an app actually needs them, and I don't constantly have location on.

It's only asking for location, camera, and storage.

The only other thing I can think of is that my phone is on my bed since I have a podcast sleep timer (and use earphones), and I know I toss and turn since I wake up tangled in earphones.

Any ideas?

Is it hygge if I set up my cozy spot at my desk (for crafting)?

I don't have any soft chairs, and I've heard sleep hygiene (which I can believe ) says not to use your bed for anything but sleep and sex, so lounging on my bed or using it for coziness might be a bad idea.

I have put my pillow in my chair, and got my shawl out of my suitcase. Gonna craft.

I like when I'm listening to someone, they sound all right, and then they pull Jared Diamond out of nowhere. :blobglare:

In general, remember, while your prof is looking over your paper, they are NOT your audience.

Unless they specifically say otherwise, pretend (while staying academic, this is not a Medium essay) that you are explaining the subject to someone who doesn't know anything about the topic.

This really helped my writing for a year until I forgot about it. :blobfacepalm:

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