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If you are thinking of college / grad school in Nebraska, please for the love of god @ me to get my thoughts. It's your life, but I feel like hearing from an alumni (that's not from the MBA program ) could really help you solidify your decision.

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by the way, I edited my profile to reflect this, but currently my pronouns are they/them. Please do not use he or she to refer to me!

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Hi! I live in Nebraska.
According to
I live on unsurrendered
Očhéthi Šakówiŋ
Pâri (Pawnee) land.

Currently unemployed, but hey, if you know of some ArcGIS or XML work where I live @ me.

If you are considering College / University in Nebraska: DM me so I can give you some details you won't get on tours.

I got my BA in Anthropology and came to the conclusion Anthropology is a colonialist pile of shit (You could totally decolonize Anthropology, but my classes never talked about that. It was just the white cishet allosexual abled patriarchy in the classes I took)

Fan of
or a lot of and games. Big :stardewvalley:​ fan, but lately I am bad at playing games!

I also like and I'm getting into and lately! I like reading and

(especially )

I'm a big fan, but I usually talk about that elsewhere!

Me defiendo bastante bien.

I have like 4-5 fediverse accounts, but lately don't have the energy for all of them, so I'm mainly on here, Pixelfed, and Booktoot.

I Boost a lot of pictures of Cats (and sometimes dogs) so if you don't like that, either turn off my ability to boost or mute those keywords.

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text. (Alt text does not have to be in English)

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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Octopi are delicious but I feel extremely guilty eating them because they're so intelligent. At some point I'm probably gonna become a vegetarian because it feels weird to judge by human standards if a meat is too intelligent for me to eat

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I got a promotional email with the subject line "It's never too early for layers". Maybe if you live in Antarctica! In Nebraska it is too early for layers. It's much too hot!!!!

Received a few emails this morning saying that international readers could not download this to translate it. It is under a Creative Commons license, so international readers check to see if smashwords works? Or the third link? If not, can someone host this on the Internet archive? Can I publish this on project Gutenberg? #CreativeCommons #Book #Books #ReadingCommunity

@​[email protected]​ pffft you're a pro skater? Then show me garfield vore

.webp is the single worst thing to happen to the internet since AMP links

Me: no cats on the table!
Angus: *does this*
Me: ok just a little cats on the table

Mr mittens fun fact; animal grossness 

Mr Mittens fun fact: we got him (and another cat Bitty) when his owner had gotten a dog and the dog started feasting on the forbidden fruit.

We had not had cats before or any indications of this problem but sure enough grandpa dog started feasting on litter a while after we got them. Baby gates were set up.

Kipper doesn't feast on cat shit...yet

@Morgan @lapis four because that is the number of mittens mr mittens requires on his pawsies to wear mittens.

Facts And Logic

Though I will say while I have a number I can cite for his age before we got him, they were really bad at telling us accurate information about the cats (like that Bitty was done growing) so I'm not entirely sure I can trust their number lmao

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nobody is allowed to be younger than me on here but also nobody is allowed to be older than me

Me at 6: oh that 12 year old kid must be ar least 17.
Me at 8 to my stepmom: you look nice are you forty*
Me at 12: oh that 14 year old boy must be a senior.
Me at 18: freshmen are literal babies
Me at 21: this rocks just never turn 30
Me at 23: oh no oh fuck I am ageing.
Me at 25: fuck fuck fuck
Me at 27: the local bookstore's annual 29th birthday is a good idea
Me at 29: maybe I should stop telling people my age
Me at XXIX-2: I can pass for younger maybe I should just let people assume.
Me ar XXIX-3: I don't age

  • she was not forty. But she was flattered.
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