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Hi! I'm an international grad student that will hopefully still play games like or .

I also like / . I like reading (especially )
Me defiendo bastante bien.

Je parle un peu.

But you will notice I tend to do these things on other accounts!

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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I know no one reads profiles, but I try to, and I'm making at least minimum-assery of your fucking profile a requirement of following my account.

I'm not a prophetess! I can't read minds! I want to assume good faith in why you decided to follow me, but the internet is full of assholes, so give me something to work with. Even if it is just "I like cats/dogs/ferrets", "Something Something Mother 3", "I'm in Academia" or "No, Trails of Cold Steel is Bad actually."

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text.

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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posting about emoji 

I COULD play Hades but I think it's updating this coming week so I probably wait.

In case I never beat the first real boss (and I'm too stubborn to use God Mode right now) I will let you know if the dialogue ever stops being unique.

Question about cats:

The two cats here have different degrees of softness. The boy cat feels a lot like my tabby at home, the girl cat is soooooo soft though! They presumably eat the same things, why is one softer than the other.

I do not know the cats' age or if they really are related or not

But I do kind of enjoy listening to podcasts while I play :blobthinking:

Wait! I have earphones. I... I can play my with sound on! :blobsurprised:

And I suppose it goes without saying that since Harpy Life doesn't exist anymore I removed access to the account on tusky uh... months ago?

I thought about turning notifcations back on but I think it's horribly confused. I have not had some of these account permutations and it lists this one multiple times. :psyduck:

only problem with doing it on your phone is it only seems to work with the screen on and in focus. try pc instead

Comforting myself with I recommend you do the same

The 80s were 30 years ago and you can't convince me otherwise!

I feel I relate to him a lot, and I'd love to see his work someday.

I found this in an archive of photos I took last year, and I realize this still bothers me. How wrong is this?

Can someone explain to me (in simple terms) how federation and posts work?

It's no secret I have alts. But I follow all my alts from this account (in case there's something I want to boost). But I know if I make a genius post from this account that it seems to be random if my alts will pull the post (I don't mutual myself because I post too much, so I mean if I search for this account and and look at posts).

I don't really want advice, I just want to understand how it works.


I recommend watching this documentary about him, which still isn't streaming anywhere.

He was a really interesting guy, and you think a lot about backstory in fiction.

Remember the star on does _not_ tell the sender that you liked their message.

Boost by forwarding.

Do not reply all, everyone hates hell threads.

Spin me a yarn w/ autocomplete: Once upon a time... 

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