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If you are thinking of college / grad school in Nebraska, please for the love of god @ me to get my thoughts. It's your life, but I feel like hearing from an alumni (that's not from the MBA program ) could really help you solidify your decision.

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by the way, I edited my profile to reflect this, but currently my pronouns are they/them. Please do not use he or she to refer to me!

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Hi! I live in Nebraska.
According to
I live on unsurrendered
Očhéthi Šakówiŋ
Pâri (Pawnee) land.

Currently unemployed, but hey, if you know of some ArcGIS or XML work where I live @ me.

If you are considering College / University in Nebraska: DM me so I can give you some details you won't get on tours.

I got my BA in Anthropology and came to the conclusion Anthropology is a colonialist pile of shit (You could totally decolonize Anthropology, but my classes never talked about that. It was just the white cishet allosexual abled patriarchy in the classes I took)

Fan of
or a lot of and games. Big :stardewvalley:​ fan, but lately I am bad at playing games!

I also like and I'm getting into and lately! I like reading and

(especially )

I'm a big fan, but I usually talk about that elsewhere!

Me defiendo bastante bien.

I have like 4-5 fediverse accounts, but lately don't have the energy for all of them, so I'm mainly on here, Pixelfed, and Booktoot.

I Boost a lot of pictures of Cats (and sometimes dogs) so if you don't like that, either turn off my ability to boost or mute those keywords.

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text. (Alt text does not have to be in English)

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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bwee bwoo bwee bwee bwoo bwee bwee bwee bwee bwoo bwoo bwoo


Help me out.

Gourmet Race?

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"I inhaled the eggs like I was in the Gourmet Race. "

Would a 18-20 College Student know the Gourmet Race? 🤔

my favorite part is that no one has any faith in me regarding the tabs

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What do you think happens over the course of a week?

For transparency:

  • I started the day at 80 tabs
  • I have 3-5 youtube videos I plan on watching eventually. Those aren't going anywhere
  • I have at least 10 comics I plan on reading when I'm caught up with QC, so it'll be a while for those.
  • one tab is a pdf cross stitch pattern and isn't going anywhere for months
  • 2-5 tabs for social media I will try not to include them in the count
  • I have two email inboxes I need to check daily, I will try not to include that in the count
  • At least 25 of these tabs are research / Wikipedia, this is what I am targeting
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I walked the dog and read outside. I am absolutely definitely not recovered from my ECT. I have much less stamina than usual. :blobsweat:

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I also noticed something while doing vocal exercises.

  1. I am definitely losing my upper range, it's possible I can regain it, but...
  2. My lower range is getting lower????? I hit an E today, that I'm pretty sure puts me out of contralto range.


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Okay, I did a bit of piano. It... It went a lot better. I should probably do more? But I got an IV in my left hand yesterday so I should probably let my hand rest a little

I started fixing the problem with my Cross-stitch.

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Bravely Default 

My brother is pursuing the Vampire class right away like I told him to.
(yes, I did tell him it's blue mage so ymmv, but he's gotten completionist, which seems like a bad sign)

I told him once he finished chapter 4 I was taking the 3DS back.

yes, part of it is to play Bravely Second, but the other part is he will surely burn himself out if he doesn't take a break

Pet Health (negative) 

Kipper appears to have a problem with his left ear. I'd guess it's an infection, but unfortunately I can't get him into the vet until Tuesday (I called as soon as they opened today).

I hope he can deal with it for a few days. poor baby

Good morning!

I've been up a couple hours but I was watching Riverdale.

Finished Season 4.

I should work on piano soon

Miami police kill woman while serving illegal eviction order

While serving an eviction order in defiance of the ban issued by the Centers for Disease Control, Miami police officers shot and killed local resident Stephanie Nicole Voikin on April 6.

On March 16, 2021, Brickell First, LLC filed an eviction suit against Voikin claiming that she was unlawfully on the property. Utilizing public records, Liberation News has been able to determine that Voikin was never served with this suit and likely had no idea that Brickell First, LLC was suing her at all. Yet 21 days later the Miami Police Department sent a heavily armed group of police officers to her SW 12th Street home.

Read More:

Probably someone's unironic argument 

You know Scrooge was greedy and miserly and people surely died thanks to his greed but I draw the line at celebrating his death.
dies of starvation

remember when noted child-slayer george zimmerman offered an open challenge for an amateur boxing match and dmx stepped up and said "i'm going to kill that guy" and zimmerman quietly withdrew from the whole thing

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