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I know no one reads profiles, but I try to, and I'm making at least minimum-assery of your fucking profile a requirement of following my account.

I'm not a prophetess! I can't read minds! I want to assume good faith in why you decided to follow me, but the internet is full of assholes, so give me something to work with. Even if it is just "I like cats/dogs/ferrets", "Something Something Mother 3", "I'm in Academia" or "No, Trails of Cold Steel is Bad actually."

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text.

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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Hello! I'm not new.

I like , (especially YA), (, , : Especially / ) and .

I'm learning: (int), y (new), &

I enjoy , , ,

I'm really shy, so please interact before following.


Profile has some other accounts.

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i'm so annoyed. i can't believe this is still being debated.

someone came at me with racial, transphobic slurs. i reported them and then posted the screenshot to warn people to stay away from them because that's what you are supposed to do when someone attacks you.

thats it. that's all. i had no ill will against w.l. i said nothing about w.l or anna, i indicated nothing in the fault of her administrating. i didn't even know who she was until two days ago. anything else is fabricated.

union agitating, anti-capitalist sentiment, uspol, etc 

Some Karens are anti-racist, so don't be afraid to throw in an "Ashlegh," "Chandler," "Aymee," or a classic "Damn Cracker" into the mix

Continuing my last toot 

I know it's gonna happen again.

But I swear, if I see another piece of masto drama that's because of a POC was trampled by a flock of white people and then blamed for being in the way, I'm gonna fucking scream.

You have to listen to the POC. Listen to their side. I'm not saying they're always going to be right, because humans, but you always have to listen to them and give their side merit before you point the finger.

Meta about reacting to being called bad. 

Asking for help 

If you fuck up.... That's okay! It happens.

What you need to do then is legitimately apologise, actually understand where you went wrong, and then fix it. Make a legit effort to learn and fix it.

You get called racist? We are all unlearning generations of racism. Just admit it, apologize, learn why it was racist, and correct yourself.

No need to make a scene. No matter how embarrassed you are.

Just apologize and move on. You can gush about your embarrassment later, after you patched it over.

Sudan signed the transitional government treaty yesterday

Cautious optimism for the next 21 month's but this is historic anyways here's a baby that killed the protest fashion game

Repeat after me: Elizabeth Warren perpetuates race science and hasn't apologized for it.

Lodestar Award (best YA): “Children of Blood and Bone”, Tomi Adyeni.

reminder that there's no such thing as 'hatewatching,' or dragging an ad, or quote-tweeting some racist politician. there's literally an entire school of 'outrage-based advertisting' that seeks to exploit your reactions because hating something enough to yell about it manipulates people into getting more eyes on the thing they're hawking. the idea that you Have To Respond is a brain-divot they're trying to sneak in through.

you know what does work? deplatforming.


Also, Karen?

You don't have a fucking spirit animal. No character from a book or show is your spirit animal. You don't get a spirit animal.

I have one. But it was given to me through ceremony.

You do not have one.

I don't care how much you love Tina Belcher.

She's your inspiration. Not your fucking spirit animal.

Meta, racism 

:lotalac: Sorry, y'all. I know the poll winner was Sexuality and Gender, but the topic is much more of a cluster fuck than even I anticipated.

I want to give you all the best, most accurate information possible, so I'll be shelving that for another time.

In the mean time, I present two new options for the upcoming thread!

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