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I'm Jude / :lapis:​ Either is fine.
I've published fiction (and am still trying to) under the name Rae A. Shell, but I will probably get confused if you call me that lol.

I live in Nebraska.
According to
I live on unsurrendered
Očhéthi Šakówiŋ
Pâri (Pawnee) land.

Currently unemployed, but hey, if you know of some ArcGIS or XML work where I live @ me.

If you are considering College / University in Nebraska: DM me so I can give you some details you won't get on tours.

I got my BA in Anthropology and came to the conclusion Anthropology is a colonialist pile of shit (You could totally decolonize Anthropology, but my classes never talked about that. It was just the white cishet allosexual abled patriarchy in the classes I took)

Fan of
or a lot of and games, not to mention ! Big :stardewvalley:​ fan too. is one of my special interests. I'm a big fan of / but we know that will never get a sequel :blobsob:

Very much looking forward to so when rising (or the main game) comes out I probably won't shut up about it! That's what timed mutes are for lol.

I like getting sad listening to PS2 music :blobcheeky: If you see me mutter about Hymmnos / Ar Tonelico or Shadow Hearts, you know why!

I also like and I'm getting into and lately! I like reading and

(especially )

I'm a big fan, but I usually talk about that elsewhere!

Me defiendo bastante bien.

I have like 4-5 fediverse accounts, but lately don't have the energy for all of them, so I'm mainly on here, , and Booktoot.

I Boost a lot of pictures of Cats (and sometimes dogs) so if you don't like that, either turn off my ability to boost or mute those keywords.

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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Name Update 

I don't know how to put this, I feel stupid for needing this, but I want to try a name on.

The name "Jude" seems nice. I know (fictional) Judes of various genders, and I feel very strongly about this name the past few weeks or so.

lapis is still fine. I like that.

I don't feel strongly about Rae. I mean, if you need to refer to my work, sure, but otherwise I'm pretty sure I don't notice if anyone uses it lol.

Obviously don't use my legal name if you know it via paypal or whatever. No good, hate!

Sorry, is there a better way to do this? I can't seem to segue any conversations into it, and I don't think wikihow has a guide to this (with or without amazing art)

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If you are thinking of college / grad school in Nebraska, please for the love of god @ me to get my thoughts. It's your life, but I feel like hearing from an alumni (that's not from the MBA program ) could really help you solidify your decision.

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by the way, I edited my profile to reflect this, but currently my pronouns are they/them. Please do not use he or she to refer to me!

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Heads up: I'm trying not to boost images that don't have alt text. (Alt text does not have to be in English)

So please don't take it personally if I don't boost your stuff, (I may still like it on a personal level) but I want to be helpful to people who need accessible images.

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Invention Idea (that I'm pretty sure isn't super possible so don't tell me how undoable it is) 

How about a lamp that you can use to light things, but doesn't get give off heat??????????

How about biolumenescent lamps?

Hey guys Elon Musk is having a meltdown over Tesla being cut from the S&P 500 because it was too much of a dud just 1 year after being added. Thought you should know

Okay I am sort of (free) caught up to Lore Olympus and I dunno what to do with my life now lol

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Elon Musk’s buyers remorse on Twitter is the funniest fucking thing


I didn't mention it but I played some RF5 this morning, and I'll probably play some more.

It's not as hot yet as I anticipated, so possibly foolishly I'm going to try crocheting, and then I'll read webtoons, I just may be reading them sooner than I planned lol

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'Selkies' for my book Seas Of Strangehollow which I'm launching on the 21st June! Don't miss it! You can get notified via my newsletter here: - third book in my Strangehollow world #MastoArt #selkie #underwater #watercolor #watercolour #fantasyart #artbook

growing up autistic is fun because everyone is like "wow you're so smart" because you know a lot of big words and so you test well in school but then you get into the real world and you can't take care of yourself or socialize or do anything that an adult needs to do and you realize that you're actually like, disabled and nobody wanted to tell you because they think being disabled is bad

Go check out my worldbuilding thread if you haven't already :Kondo_Gun:

what really blew my mind was every now and then in my reporting days I'd run into an old timer who knew shorthand. I never understood this. It's like dark majicks

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The photo reference I used for this was an actual rock stack me and my dad put together during a day at the park. :)
#JordanLynnGribbleArt #Watercolor #SpiritualArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots

@lapis similarly, I think we would have more adult painters if we didn't hand kindergarteners watercolors. It's a really demanding medium!

@InternetEh is reminding me that after I relearn cursive (don't worry pen pals I'll still print) I want to learn to read secretary hand.

antisurveillance tip 

now that the last remnants of messaging privacy are seriously threatened, may i suggest: learn sign language and only send signed video messages from now on. you can be sure that no agency can automate reading them.

of course, if everyone did this, agencies for sure would try to develop methods to mass-surveil them. this would have the side effect of making all technology more accessible to deaf people, so consider that a gain.


going to be 40 in a few days. I've decided I'm going to do a Bruce Willis and just be 40 for about the next 3 decades

My cause of death will 100% be trying to pet a wild animal that doesn't wish to be petted.

Good news I think my migraine has passed.

Also due to the fact it's fucking hot now and forever I'm doing Kipper's morning walk for a while.

He had a good time

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