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name's knittenkitten and I thought I'd move somewhere more oriented towards somebody with a creative interest in game dev

in general I like JRPGs, but some of my favorites are Nier: Automata, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Kingdom Hearts series. also liked When They Cry, and would join a game of Splatoon 2 (I'm a rusty roller)

I'm working on a tactical RPG but it's very much in the conceptual stages

looking forward to posting here πŸ˜€

Mass shootings (general meta video) 

I'm so glad Hugo voters agree the world needs angsty Kairi and my soon to be published gay pining slow dance fic

I, too, think that my fic of H'annit and Primrose smooching on a camping trip was Hugo award-winning material, and I'm glad the academy agrees.

I'm happy to let you know that I'm now a Hugo Winner.

Thank you.

My Persona 5 fics speak for themselves


Sudan signed the transitional government treaty yesterday

Cautious optimism for the next 21 month's but this is historic anyways here's a baby that killed the protest fashion game

*prepares Yoko Taro summoning circle for tomorrow*

Me when kingdom hearts 3 panned to the robot in toy story world: get in the robot, Sora. Do it or Riku will have to.

alcohol ref 

alcohol ref 

If you know a shitty fanfic, send it to me

If you don't, but remember seeing shitty fanfics in a certain fandom, still tell me. At least then I know where to look.

I've been doing hp fics because I know there's so deep shit there.

The problem with LGBT characters in video games is that there aren't enough of them

i am extremely proud of every trans person who came out over the last year. i am also very proud of cis people who had a questioning phase over the last year and realized they *weren't* trans. i love you all so much

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