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name's knittenkitten and I thought I'd move somewhere more oriented towards somebody with a creative interest in game dev

in general I like JRPGs, but some of my favorites are Nier: Automata, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Kingdom Hearts series. also liked When They Cry, and would join a game of Splatoon 2 (I'm a rusty roller)

I'm working on a tactical RPG but it's very much in the conceptual stages

looking forward to posting here 😀

One of the most common misconceptions I see people have about Japanese honorifics is that -kun and -chan are gendered. They can both be used to address a person of any gender but -chan implies you find the person endearing/cute which is why you hear it more for women and children. Men and boys are usually only addressed with -chan by very close friends and family.

y'all there is little to no good reason to be a giant ass hole to eachother online

As a reward to all my followers, Here's Sonic the Hedgehog as a toilet!!!!!! 

I 💜 Y'all. and this is a way I like to say it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again but "uwu im sowwy I did a wacism im just a mentally ill smol bean" is actually incredibly condescending and ableist to every mentally ill person on here because you're implying that we don't actually have agency over our actions, even if you are actually also disabled yourself

All adults older than x are unsafe, children. Please flock to my Discord where I will protect you from these evil people who keep describing me as "abusive" and "grooming minors"

starting to get to the Heavensward endgame and I do know hurt


seriously though his recent Sora art all gives him :3 face

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awww I was hoping no more Nomura on the design team meant it had a chance of being cute (he has cute energy but he uses all of it on Sora)

popping back on to say it is ridiculous to say anything even remotely like “I called Final Fantasy XVI”

people surprised it’s implied Kairi won’t be playable in KH MoM like :pika:

A shitpost is just a little prayer to no one in particular

I’m around I just need to get the motivation to grab my security key to log in on my laptop lol

Me running on an improving copyright agenda, kingdom hearts 

Reporter: Sir, what about your proposed restrictions on copyrights?
Me: places a copy of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance I carry in my pocket for this very purpose in front of me
Come on, don’t you want more things like this?

kh3/remind spoilers 

do you ever think about how the “Sora can’t count” remark might’ve been a meta joke about how in remind he only saves six hearts out of seven

Uspol rant 

“if you can’t do backbreaking labor for scarcely a living wage in a pinch then do you really even deserve to exist” - the US government

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Uspol rant 

literally just giving homeless people stable housing, utilities, and transportation would solve so many fucking problems but can’t have people not constantly desperate for jobs that ~job creators~ often are too cheap to even open up in this country :blobglare: /s

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