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Thread in which I pin all my KH Soriku 

me fanfics (not all of them Soriku but honestly close enough):

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name's knittenkitten and I thought I'd move somewhere more oriented towards somebody with a creative interest in game dev

in general I like JRPGs, but some of my favorites are Nier: Automata, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Kingdom Hearts series. also liked When They Cry, and would join a game of Splatoon 2 (I'm a rusty roller)

I'm working on a tactical RPG but it's very much in the conceptual stages

looking forward to posting here 😀

G’raha Tia is both pan and pan-dering-to-me

tried the new touhou but was kinda turned off by stage 2 being a type of shmup bullshit I’m not particularly good at and died midway into stage 3 lol maybe next week I’ll try harder

papa nier is so fcuking hot i would pay $15 for a DLC that just adds him back in gib me daddy

please imagine this in Remind Dark Riku’s voice

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this is why I’ve been so quiet (also working hard to finish a fic but in a psychologically healthy way which has included writing multiple other things at this point lol)

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i think enbies deserve to be kissed if they want it

wanna play the new 2hu but I’ve been on an organizing kick and I’m riding that wave as long as it’ll serve me

you ever think about how tetris is just pure, distilled essence of video game

the post in question, biggie KH3 spoilers, this apparently vibed with more than just shippers for some reason 

I hate the internet so much!!!!!!

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the post in question, biggie KH3 spoilers, this apparently vibed with more than just shippers for some reason 

basically just saying I think Sora intentionally didn’t spend the end of KH3 with Riku cuz he didn’t want him to know

why did that pop off!?!?!? I have no idea!?!?!?

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officially approaching 1000 interactions on that Twitter post and I’m :blobnervous: :blobsleepless:

Nier replicant early quest 

always loved how casually fucked-up the dog quest is

ffxiv, alcohol 

me: this co-healer seems sketch
[co-healer]: I’d apologize but I’m drunk and my FC is [distracting, badly misspelled] me

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