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name's knittenkitten and I thought I'd move somewhere more oriented towards somebody with a creative interest in game dev

in general I like JRPGs, but some of my favorites are Nier: Automata, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Kingdom Hearts series. also liked When They Cry, and would join a game of Splatoon 2 (I'm a rusty roller)

I'm working on a tactical RPG but it's very much in the conceptual stages

looking forward to posting here 😀

fun exercise: watch summer wars and use your tech knowledge to justify what they do in the virtual world instead of using it to dismiss it as "unrealistic"

hydration levels are 98% and rising

(98%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Nobody saying enjoying problematic/toxic media is bad and you’re bad for doing it. Just experience your pleasure in its proper historical and cultural context. That’s it.

It's important to keep that in mind. Different backgrounds lead to different gaps in understanding.

Not everyone can do college. Not everyone can even finish high school.

And that doesn't make you any less of a comrade or am equal.

As long as you're willing to be kind and hear people out, that's good.

And if you do have that knowledge, great, we need that too! But as long as you're not judging people for not knowing what you've spent years studying, that's what's important.

Just a very very broad subtoot.

Not at one person, not at one instance. Just an overall attitude I've seen permeating.

You're not better than someone else because of your education. And that doesn't make you the only one allowed to speak or have the last word.

And you're also not lesser than someone for NOT having that information. You and your heart are just as valued and needed. And I want to hear your input.

Lets love each other better.

Zine stuff 

Zine stuff 

trans anger 

re: trans anger 

trans anger 

charging up my feral super Saiyan energy for next week

i want to go to a therapist but i don't know an easy way to find thearpists of color that take medicare. if anyone has ideas please hit me up. i don't want to talk to a white person about my problems, especially after having tried it before and not being understood at all


CWs, Blocks & Mutes are the Knives, Forks, & Spoons of the fediverse. Expecting everyone to eat w only 1 utensil isn’t realistic. Use all the silverware you were given and stop eyeballing others’ plates.

cw meta opinion, lowkey subtoot 


people out here going "where's the next miyamoto???" like he hasn't been making movies since 2006...

general announcement: ambiguity in english language is ok! 

people still design their Tumblrs with entirely different HTML for every single page and I'm getting whiplash

bad thermo joke 

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