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name's knittenkitten and I thought I'd move somewhere more oriented towards somebody with a creative interest in game dev

in general I like JRPGs, but some of my favorites are Nier: Automata, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Kingdom Hearts series. also liked When They Cry, and would join a game of Splatoon 2 (I'm a rusty roller)

I'm working on a tactical RPG but it's very much in the conceptual stages

looking forward to posting here 😀

I'm gonna make a Skyrim fix-it fic which correctly connects the Nords' suspicion of magic with its real-world inspiration, the Old Norse belief that a man choosing to play the receptive role in penetrative sex was a fundamentally sorcerous act

@ everyone that doesnt follow me: tbh valid

Bot, may or may not have unsavory contents 

requesting donations for my partner 

congratulations to folks who put freckles on Sora

your correct opinion is now canon

KH3 salt, spoilery maybe 

I kinda went for number 2 (the first frame I posted) but it was sadly because none of the other frames fit my big face

"I don't actually do that much shipping" is true about me whichever way you slice it

(I didn't even have a single Danganronpa ship you know)

buying some new Rx safety goggles for work

do I go for:

pretty bold of sora to hold kairi's hand like that, what would his actual girlfriend rapunzel think???

oh hey i've been throwing in a free character magnet with each online store purchase since black friday, and i may as well announce i will continue to do so until christmas

just your average yelling into the void 

KH3 fandom, spoilers 

KH3 fandom, spoilers 

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