Apparently some ISPs decided @SDF was "dark web" and blocked it. How long until @tildetown gets the same thing? Your mastodon instance? Netflix?

This is the real threat of the loss of net neutrality: you'll only be *allowed* to access things that your ISP likes. Filter bubbles are bad enough now, but they're going to get a *lot* worse, and not even based on your desires.

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@keiyakins @SDF @tildetown All clear down here in Mexico - ISP is TelMex, which handles probably 80% of all internet here...

@Elizafox @SDF @tildetown Not sure. Comcast seems to be doing it on their end, but there's routes to them from all over the place failing. It's very confusing.

@keiyakins @Elizafox @SDF @tildetown I've been trying to get on from AT&T all day - no dice here, either.

@drwho @keiyakins @Elizafox @SDF @tildetown I still suspect they're being blocked by their own uplink, and it's not an access provider net neutrality issue: The old address isn't reachable from anywhere I have access to in Europe either, including from one provider I know the policies of since I used to work for them.

@jorty Hey that depends on your terminal settings. It's possible you're insane and use black-on-white.

(On com, we've decided that 'dorknet' is a more accurate description :P)

@keiyakins @SDF @tildetown ;w;

Time for GNU global federated mesh wifi new internet-killer something yeah! /:D/

@keiyakins @SDF @tildetown Is that what happened when I couldnt access it for a few days? FFS.

@grainloom @keiyakins @tildetown there isn't a list but @SDF account has some advice in their latter toots.

@keiyakins @SDF @tildetown sounds like a good time to help out Tor Project’s Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI):

They have an app you can download to test common forms of censorship and interference and optionally share the results back to OONI for correlation. It’s more effective overall if you share, but understandable if you don’t.

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