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Vagina dentata, what a wonderful phrase!
Vagina dentata, ain't no passing craze.
It means no willy, for the rest of your days
It's our phalus free
Vagina dentata!

For Your Consideration: the classic witch robe is just an early version of what would become the lab coat. An outer layer to protect the wearer from spills and the like.

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So I'm feeling a soul ache again and I *could* sit down and try to sort it out... or I could push it off for later by fucking myself so hard my brain leaks out my ears.

Yeah I think I'll do that latter one introspection is hard.

I was feeling small and sad so I wrapped myself in blankets and hugged plushies for a while and I feel a lot better. I'm glad that works now. The brain chemistry tinkering has let me do that.

You know what I don't like? The euphemism "sleeping together". Like what if I want to talk about literally sleeping together? I can't and that sucks because cuddly sleep is the best.

When will robots that can cuddle be widely available I miss cuddling people way too much D:

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"Oh!" said the robot, "I have misunderstood. I assumed 'non-binary' referred to all people with biological brains."
"Not quite as many as that," xe said with a smile, "but more than many think."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I hate when people are like "don't focus on semantics". It's literally impossible to have a meaningful discussion if you don't agree what words mean.

Headaches fucking suck. Especially when keiya's like "it's not bad enough to take a tylenol" but it *is* enough for us to lay in bed covering our eyes to try to get a little relief. The fuck does she want?

So I seem to have developed a thing for gals in frilly dresses and practical shoes. That is. Interestingly specific.

I wish we could go back to interlinked personal sites, just with better update notification tools.

My enbyfriend was listening to a podcast about making fun of bad things on the internet, and in an episode about kickstarter they said "If I find a group of polyamorous Wiccan Magic the Gathering players, and give them a hundred bucks, I've got a better chance of getting a video game out of them."

My first thought was "Nah, most of the ones I know would balk at such low pay for the work of making a video game."

I've been hanging out in the fun part of the internet apparently :P

It's been a struggle. We have a lot stacked against us and trying to grapple with one problem brings the others down on our head a lot.

But... I can look back and say that I *am* starting to slowly get a little bit of a handle on things. Very slowly. But it's not nothing.

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At the end of 2009, I was failing at everything, retreating into my shell, and drifting. At the end of 2019, I'm honestly not that much further, but I managed to build a metaphorical raft, and found a stick I can use to sort of steer. Maybe by 2029 I can reach the shore.

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@velexiraptor @triz i love Plett's stuff and it's not all heavy, especially the old McSweeney's column, but if you wanna go _really_ light:

• Zandravandra's light novels other than Feline Therapy:
• Up and Out, and really anything by Julia Kaye, including her comic collection Super Late Bloomer
• Comics by Xan:
• Trans Girl Next Door: (i think it's finished or at least she's not updating much, can't tell on Tumblr half the time honestly)

i'd recommend Peach Fuzz too but it seems to have vanished and the creator's not doing so well as of her last Patreon post 😰

December 26th. ITS THE PURGE KIDS EDITION! Santa only checks if you've been good all year, so the days between Christmas and New Year's are FREE NAUGHTINESS!

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"Why not step outside for a bit?" Because it's fucking freezing and dark as vantablack coated shit out there, Pokémon Go! -🐿️

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And I DO mean a moment to prepare! I read almost every CW that comes across my dash - and the exceptions are more things like Star Wars or yet another take on a transmisic celebrity. I just, need a moment to get in the frame of mind that I'm *reading about* a bad thing first.

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I am this close to muting the entirety of There's a bunch of people there who seem to think that it's okay to not CW "because it's sheltering white people".

How about people who have been victims of police violence themselves? Yes, I recognize that if I wasn't white I probably would have been actually shot, not just threatened. That doesn't mean having a gun pointed at me for being autistic in public wasn't traumatic enough I need a moment to prepare.

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