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Oh yes, new account, proper time!

I'm Katrani, I bounce around between lots of stuff without ever really getting into fandoms anymore but if you ever see me talking about a thing feel free to ask! I like doing analysis or bouncing ideas around. My heart and home works are Utena, Sailor Moon, Megalobox, Hellspark, Leverage, and Pacific Rim, so I'm definitely always hype to talk about those, and I'm usually following Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

I write (more rarely than I wish I could),
I use the same name just about everywhere so I'm easy to find (in case of a site outage or something)

I'm polyamorous, bi, genderflux gal, demisexual, and quoiromantic, so definitely definitely queer.
Probably have depression and anxiety, so if I'm bad at continuing convos I promise it's more likely bad brain juice distracting me than me intentionally putting you off.

Hey everyone! My darling primary has a kickstarter running

It's a tcg based around indie artists, made to both be a fun game system and give artists something interconnected to sell at conventions! Please check it out

In Indy, ready for Gencon
Gonna look so cute the next few days

Me @ Digimon writers: just give me closure on the Dark Ocean!!!!!! Heck!

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Okay, C. is launching his KS this week- maybe tonight??????? I'll obvs be hyping it but don't wanna annoy people so. How often should I post about it?

re: World Flipper 

Nimbus and Azel have a cute big brother thing towards Alk, it's sweet

The character writing isn't quite as deep as Dragalia's so far imo, but it's still charming

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World Flipper 

I love both these nerds

The guy then went on to spend all his money to make some soup for some orphans, said he had no regrets about it, and then panicked but stuck with it when called out on also having spent his housing money for the night

re: World Flipper 

And while I'm sure there's more, I just haven't drawn them yet, these are the immediate characters that made me go "I'm bi (and somewhat furry)" as soon as I saw them lol

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re: World Flipper 

My daughters... must protecc...

(I really really hope Nephtim is not the lolibait she looks to be, please cygames)

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World Flipper 

I am. Utterly charmed. The portrait art is very my aesthetic and the pixel stuff is gorgeous!

(And yes, Challua is giving Stella headpats in that 3rd pic, it's quite sweet)

Like 9 hours before I get to play World Flipper (and possibly spam ya'll with some thirstposting lol)

A little mad cause of course rollover's at midnight instead of like noon grumble

checks app store
Or today????? It's letting me download???

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Less than 48 hours until World Flipper, finally....

Hopefully I get to play it in 33, but that depends on what time it actually releases compared to when I get home

callout for harp 

Ah the real reason for Harp to like superheroes: the whump
Superman can take a beating and we know he'll be fine but it gives prime angst real estate for those close to him
Especially if they're the reason he got into a brutal fight

Good thing about a customer causing an incident at work is that I get a free afternoon at home I guess

meds, food, silly 

So I'm two and a half days into being on some antidepressants and um. I had my daily coffee and now I feel hyper????? Actually?????? Just tons of energy?
Is this how neurotypicals do????

C.'s started ~mysterious~ pre-advertisement for his card game and I am. aaaaaaaa
2 weeks!!!!! Until launch!!!!!!

Didn't game tonight. Not even zoned out Stardew. Hopefully I can get this brainfog cleared soon

Apparently I picked a good evening to have been away

Superman TAS s2 

S1 was fine enough, but s2 keeps pulling eps with like. Really satisfying animation and storyboards?
First noticed it with Livewire/Parasite ep, now Ghost in the Machine is just. chef's kiss

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