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Oh yes, new account, proper time!

I'm Katrani, I bounce around between lots of stuff without ever really getting into fandoms anymore but if you ever see me talking about a thing feel free to ask! I like doing analysis or bouncing ideas around. My heart and home works are Utena, Sailor Moon, Megalobox, Hellspark, Leverage, and Pacific Rim, so I'm definitely always hype to talk about those, and I'm usually following Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

I write (more rarely than I wish I could),
I use the same name just about everywhere so I'm easy to find (in case of a site outage or something)

I'm polyamorous, bi, genderflux gal, demisexual, and quoiromantic, so definitely definitely queer.
Probably have depression and anxiety, so if I'm bad at continuing convos I promise it's more likely bad brain juice distracting me than me intentionally putting you off.

Welp event was full by the time we got there, but we did wind up chilling at H.'s and that was nice. Got him into the game lol

Also got to see C. making best friends with and able to keep a normally rambunctious toddler at like what I think of as normal kid levels of energy, so that was nice. Makes me really wish we could settle down already but. That ain't happening for a while.

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selfies, eye contact, more detail than on planet 

Digimon TCG event tonight, so I'm coordinating with my deck- angewomon/wizardmon, so lots of purples and pinks with a splash of yellow.

Yellow hair clips, purple lower down but not visible in these pics cause my hair be thick and wouldn't stay with just two
Pink dress (sadly I don't really have any long white or pink socks otherwise I'd wear one for angewomon's asymmetricality lol)

My camera doesn't pick up the colors well but I used colourpop's sailor moon palette's purples for the eyeshadow (one matte as base, then glitter over top), with the barbie one's yellow at the corner, then a mix of the pinks and neutral glitters from both for blush.

First time wearing eyeliner and mascara in years tbh, the eyeliner turned out better than I expected- this was first try, and I only had a slight smudge to wipe off, though I could've gotten the bottom closer to my lashes

Probably gonna take a pinker lipstick than the one I've got on for touch-ups. We'll probs be wearing masks at the event but I'll be seeing H. after at his place and I wanna keep up the aesthetic.

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Rewatching Ducktales and like.

Did Storkules and Donald date, do ya'll think, or is he just simping super hard?

Rewatching Ducktales and like.

Did Storkules and Donald date, do ya'll think, or is he just simping super hard? like, does anyone still make crts? or are there ones made late enough to have usb ports to them? I dare not hope to find one with hdmi, but in a couple years when we figure out a new house I'd like to set up a proper gaming area which includes a crt for rhythm stuff

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I'm just gonna preemptively say i need donations

My fucking radiator or one of the main coolant pipes burst.

I have to get this fixed asap. I have to go to work tomorrow.


I really need to take time and update my stardew mods, the api keeps yelling at me lol

I truly adore that Dolly Parton's wider rep has switched so much to be about what she does, when I was a kid I would often mix her up with that one like. Red carpet commentator that always got expy'd in shows and stuff, because blonde and exaggerated speaking in a way and cosmetics

But now her wider rep truly is about her work and it's amazing
(Although I still don't know enough and wish I knew where the heckle to get like. A baseline? But she's done so much any research is intimidating)

hm, can we not quote-boost on here?

ah well
@magicalmilly in case you wanna see me go off about my pet FMA issue lol

sorry ya'll apparently i'm on my bullshit today

v v v v few shows have as gorgeous of a transformation sequence too

dare i call it... engineering porn?
(and the mist he shoots out!!!! is a barrier thing to make it so the enemies can't attack while he's mid-transformation!!!!!!!! THEY EXPLAIN WHY THE ENEMIES DON'T JUST SHOOT)

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I realized I never posted this - here's what I made for the HM01 - Cut (Pokemon with Knives) zine.

I uh, extremely want to try putting this on something lol

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Pokemon

I have the blu-ray files, I really should rewatch GaoGaiGar so I can actually read the eyecatches
They have all the technical info like heights and weights and speed and whatever else for the robots and mechs

It ain't a full test or anything but @wigglytuffitout

The colors are true to the website pics, and I tried West Coast, Best Coast, Surf's Up, and Follow the Sun by just taking three taps on my finger and then using my thumb to spread it a little.

Bonus: lipsticks! Gonna be a bit different on my actual lips but good enough for an idea. The Sailor Moon shimmer is real shimmery but super pale, and I wish the Meg one was a bit more purple but! They're all good

Supposedly my make-up's getting delivered today and I'm so excited. Malibu Barbie palette and finally I'll have eye cream again

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PSA: Case Study of Vanitas has a good aesthetic but uh. Episode 3 kinda trashes all its goodwill so. Ya'll might want to not bother

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the yakuza games are on sale on humble for a day and change, grab em if you got 5 dollars to spare for 0

paratoot, family dynamics 

I hope, whenever I get to having kids, that I can impress upon them that I took on a rough time for myself so that they could have an easier one, and it's okay if they need some time to figure stuff out or never hit the same milestones I did in equal time

There's just... too many of us burdened by needing to be better. Like? Ambition's okay! Seek to do better! But... idk, I want to pass the torch, not burn the one I'm giving it to? Even unintentionally? At least. I should hope most parents didn't want to give ther kids that anxiety.

(Also elekk seems to have hiccupped the first time I tried sending this, let's hope a second time works)

nsfw, olympics 

....the committee and whoever else knows that beds aren't the only place to fuck right?

LB: I love sci-fi concepts but sci-fi stories are often so poorly done and even today it's like. The concepts got weaker and the characters got stuck at Strong Independent Girl and Apologetic But Still Condescending Guy like 25 years ago and it bothers me so much

Thankfully the last 2-3 years I'm starting to see a turnaround but we'll see

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