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[from the Samus & Joey manga]

janky, unpredictable, automatic updates

as a service

i last updated my Windows partition over a year ago and that tells you how long it's been since i played PC games

i wish there was a way in AO3 to filter out fics which EXCLUSIVELY fit a single category

like iʼm fine with M/M fics but i donʼt want to read an EXCLUSIVELY M/M fic because as a lesbian i am generally not interested in either of the guys and then get bored with it lol

and you can filter out M/M but that will also filter out all the fics with like, the entire gay rainbow happening, so

i care about dragon age for like, the setting and lore and not for like, the self­‑insert elf romance fics so

me: what if i read dragon age fanfiction

me: hmmm…… i donʼt know………

me: what if i read dragon age fanfiction but exclude all the fics which involve the inquisitor in any fashion or a male hawke

Gaming 431: Maybe Theyʼre Just Not Into You, Specifically, Though (Seminar)

iʼm not apologizing for this toot and iʼm not apologizing for getting frustrated every time some rando calls a character with blatantly gay subtext “straight” just because theyʼre not interested in the boring­‑ass protagonist either

*player of a game with dating mechanics in 2020*: if you arenʼt attracted to ME then you must not be a REAL GAY

people in novels: they were friends and then they lived happily ever after

people in real life: they were friends and then they had a five hour conversation over two days regarding what exactly they meant when they said the word “fluid”

you ever feel like people are just too much

“what do you mean most writers aren't dedicated to the artform as a radical project for uplifting our communities and organizing for justice??!”

at that point where my hiphop mentality is getting me into arguments with folks lol

need to get back on my “if millions of people love a thing, it is probably because it is meaningful in some way” train tbh.

if you donʼt find meaning in a thing, you can either accept that fact, or work to change your perspective so that you approach the work in the way that others do.

you can also find meaning in it, but find that meaning to be outweighed by other factors, or ultimately self­‑defeating in some fashion.

but you canʼt say itʼs not meaningful. that oneʼs not an option imo.

nothing more frustrating than seeing someone, who clearly does not know what a work is saying, making claims about how bad the thing it is supposedly saying actually is

makes me wanna just show up in their mentions and be like “ok but whereʼs your proof” lol

like if you say Zelda is a fundamentally conservative narrative about maintaining the stability of the current political regime because at least it is better than all-out fascism or widespread starvation and despair

i will look and you and say, “alright, but the themes provide so much more depth than that basic surface reading, so you shouldnʼt let that overarching narrative dominate your understanding of the series”

but at least youʼre not WRONG

if youʼre going to make a useless disparaging take critiquing a piece of media

(why would you; it helps nobody, and only gets others fired up defending this piece of media you supposedly hate, which does not in the least bit help it fade into obscurity)

at least make sure your useless disparaging take is CORRECT first, please?!?

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