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(“Technically so”: Zelda meets the technical definition of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but surpasses the bounds of the trope.

“Technically not”: Zelda does not meet the technical definition of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but performs a same or similar narrative function to one.)

Is Princess Zelda a Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

my BEST guess at the moment is that my brain is reading the entirety of “was the case with” as a copular expression, which can take the subjective case in formal situations (it was he, who said it)

but itʼs late and i canʼt think of properly contrastive examples to test this theory

somebody who is good at grammar explain to me why i prefer “they were all siblings, or at least friends, as was the case with he” over “…as was the case with him” thanks in advance

« iʼve been paid lipservice;
iʼll stick with whatʼs apparent:
you keep trying,
and iʼll keep staying here »

it is kind of hilarious how stuckup contemporary English gets about possessiveness when signing a letter with “Yours,” was once standard

> commission a lot of art

how do i budget this without having the resources of Medici

i simultaneously love moodboards and think moodboards are shitty and appropriative, how do i budget this

i was gonna say this is not shaming just a personal preference but nah if i'm being totally honest this account is not a safe space for L7s

you ever follow someone because their interests align with yours but then they just turn out to be boring as all fuck?

her: i'm haaannngggrrryyyy
me: you know you probably have food
her (chewing on plant): what is fooooodd

the extent to which my cat just forgets that she has food that she could be eating at any time is so relatable

i expected a story which misses the point of Zelda and i instead got a story which misses the point of storytelling

this is not a good story but it does choose the spelling “hyumans”

i think that makes this morning A Singsong And A Scrap

« She is a high school girl known by her online pseudonym who creates music with synthesized Uta-loid voice software. Her love for Tiki transcends gender and dimensions. »

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