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anyway the completely arbitrary deadline i have set myself for a COMPLETE first draft and POLISHED first section is 02 April so we'll see if i can make something happen in the next few days lol

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the answer probably is “i wrote it by hand; stop trying to do writing at a computer you bozo you always just wind up zoning off staring at the screen”

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how the fuck did i do an entire NaNoWriMo five months ago lol

i THOUGHT that by doing smaller things i would be able to complete them faster but ACTUALLY what i may have done is possibly just slown down my speed to complete the smaller things in the same amount of time as the larger ones before

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iʼve been sitting in front of what is essentially the same half­‑finished smut chapter for like half of March and… itʼs still half­‑finished lol

like it hits that spot exactly only in hourlong intentional albums instead of three minute looped tracks

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GHOSTS V is like, Metroid BGM (Silence) and GHOSTS VI is like, Metroid BGM (Tension)

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this fuckin nine inch nails ghosts shit

itʼs good man idk

« I read in a tabloid once that I had been brainwashed by Space Pirates and they had used the magic of sports to defeat me and save the day. »

look i was fine with you killing off random side-characters with flat personalities but how dare you kill off a DOG

i purchased a denim skirt in animal crossing but i will never wear it

i donʼt understand people who save their bugs and stuff to sell in the morning

(if you messaged me on this account within the past 16 or so hours i may well not have seen it)

yesss instance downtime deletes late­‑night angst ftw

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