Now that I have the full context for everything, this entire snouts drama is absolute horseshit and most of you maybe need to take a little break from Online and talk to irl people again

Why the hell does Outlook insist on grabbing every adjacent whitespace character it can when you try to copy something?

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my regular hot take that you should remember is that if you understand why the political compass is bunk propaganda you should also understand that both "authoritarianism" and "libertarianism" are incoherent concepts

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Move to the right and you’ll see
that the Power Pod is gone.
001030 LI AAA
Wait for a few seconds and the
Power Pod will reappear.

And the sheer scale of the map is astounding, and there's so much basically finished map just outside the bounds of what you can access.

I'm sure this would be an absolutely massive undertaking even if the modding tools existed, but I'd absolutely love to see:

* Tempest Rim and the area in the opening section where you save John made accessible - both have full footpaths already made but not shown on the map, you're just prevented from accessing them by an 'invisible slope'. Probably need navmeshes for wildlife

* The rest of Guarma with its associated ferry re-added - you see maybe 5% of the existing island in the final game with no way to return. Some of it (near the summit of the volcano) is unfinished but most has vegetation and navmeshing. Would need buildings and peds placed

* Mexico - contrary to popular belief I don't think this was ever intended to be explorable, most of it is still using RDR1 textures. Could possibly AI upscale these and import the peds, animals, and missing buildings from RDR1 and touch them up?

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Just recently picked RDR2 back up and I can really see why it hooked me in the first place. It's so easy to get distracted while leaving camp and end up spending an hour just birdwatching or checking out some cool deer

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So it turns out my ISP has had me in "quarantine" for copyright strikes for who knows how long. I never even noticed until today when I tried to update OpenWRT and my router wasn't resolving correctly. I just set the router not to get its DNS from peers and will continue to ignore this.

I've just been accidentally bullying the shit out of my ISP without even noticing

Just applied for a new job - wish me luck, Fedi

Whatever happened to having a button to just center the camera behind you in 3D games?

It's kind of like being able to invert the camera - one of those accessibility features that no one calls an accessibility feature. But I've tried to teach people who have never played a twin stick game and telling them "hit this button to swing the camera behind you" like I had in Mario and Zelda would have made it so much easier

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have you been hit by?
have you been struck by?
a smooth criminal?

you may be entitled to compensation

I forgot how good this little thing sounds compared to any of my phones. And I can operate it without looking at it

It's wrong to wish death on anyone, even someone like Donald Trump. We're better than this. 

jk lol get his ass

Only one of my cats knows their name. The other two both answer to "kitty"

When we take care of this capitalism business can we convert all the parking garages into low rent flea/farmer's markets?

Fuck personal cars, I want fresh okra and bootleg DVDs and a live chicken and a typewriter

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