Only one of my cats knows their name. The other two both answer to "kitty"

Don't open this one 

Honkey Kong

When we take care of this capitalism business can we convert all the parking garages into low rent flea/farmer's markets?

Fuck personal cars, I want fresh okra and bootleg DVDs and a live chicken and a typewriter

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fun fact: the cancellation (fuck yeah) of the television show Cops will not affect G4, as the television network was shut down in 2014.

another fun fact: I'm acquiring G4 and bringing back the TV channel just to broadcast my profile icon 24/7, and the name now stands for Gay Gay Gay Gay

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As your Riot Dad I need you to drink water and carry water and cliff bars or other high calorie food with you.

You know what this means?

You get a fanny pack and some cargo pants. The benefit of this is having pockets for food and water so you won't pass out, but also you can carry sharpies for writing NLG numbers on people's arms who may not have a sharpie
You can also carry your meds!

If you need medication I recommend taking your bottles with enough for two to three days keep it on you.

Feels like this might be one of those weeks where decades happen

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I'm a genius. Replace master/slave problematic language in programming with dog/sheep. Not problematic but also u get to think of lovely dogs and cute sheep on a field. I'll accept my Nobel peace price in the mail

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a really really bad dnd character idea. just really bad. i warned you, it's bad 

a duo played as one unit: a nature-loving gnoll who weaves leaves into their fur, and lets mould grow on them, giving them a distinct fuzzy-green appearance; and the gnoll's best friend, a tiny pixie who is an excellent crossbowman and uses his friend like a mech, steadying his weapon on his friend's head.

they say he even assassinated an important official one day,

this shooter on the grassy gnoll,

Anyone remember the Xperia Play? It was an Android phone with basically the PSP Go shell. I'd love an updated version of this thing but it looks like physical buttons on phones is very out of style

If we're recommending Youtube channels you guys should check out Thorhighheels:

He talks mainly about PS1 and PS2 era stuff with some insight and a tolerance for jank

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direct action, hacktivism 

"The state previously set up a 'fraud' website encouraging employers to report those who refused to go back on the job, angering workers and labor rights advocates. State officials say they are now reconsidering the policy after Motherboard reported that a hacker created a script to flood the 'COVID-19 Fraud' website with junk data, with the goal of making it impossible to process these claims."

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Prison mention, fabric history, 

Why prison grade, I hear you wondering?

Narrator: “no one was wondering”

Well, because the American Correctional Association created the first national standard for cotton ticking fabrics

If ticking is labeled ACA, then you know it meets certain standards for thread count, thickness, and feather resistance

Probably the only useful thing to come out of the prison system. Other than that Johnny Cash album, of course.

The ACA was originally founded in 1870 to improve welfare of prisoners and ensure humane treatment. But it quickly became a trade organization and by the 1980’s was so corrupt, that one of the judges on its governing panel resigned and published a 21 page essay outlining how corrupt and filled with conflicts of interest the ACA has become

They’ve been dogged by corruption since then, most notably in 2014 when their president was indicted for money laundering, tax fraud, and bribery.

He was sentenced to 19 and a half years in prison

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Looks like my favorite Resident Evil fansite unceremoniously died at some point. Living in the future really sucks

If the Playstation is so great how come there's no Playstation 2?

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SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

I'm only on my third day in the game but so far it looks like it's shaping up to be an actual detective game but set in what's essentially Fallout's world if instead of nuclear war the apocalypse was just the steady decline of capitalism

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