New favorite thing in : melee weapon with doom on an ad and just walk away. Doom kills it. Only thing missing is sunglasses.

I’m here for Zagreus dunking on his dad.

“You.. win.. boy.”

“Say hi to Hypnos for me!”

Hold up.

S12 was originally scheduled for Sep.

S12 is gonna take away the Infinite Forest.

Festival of the Lost takes place in the Infinite Forest _in October_


Did they have a different FotL planned for S12? Or will the Forest somehow stay accessible?

"The sweat community has proven to Bungie that they should be treated like children."


On Switch, FWIW. Supergiant Games' first day-one launch on Switch with other platforms. You love to see it.

After being stuck on 4BC difficulty in for a month or so, I finally beat the Hand of the King on Tuesday (using a Tactics build even!).

Yesterday, I gave a Brutality build a real try for my first time ever in this game, and beat HotK on my second run! 💪🏻💪🏻

Black Myth: Wu Kong looks AMAZING. Seems like the Souls genre applied to Monkey King/Journey to the West story, with gorgeous game design and some interesting new tricks. Wow.

“Discovering a new Destiny raid and learning its mechanics is one of my favorite things in any video game. Adjusting old strategies to meet new, tougher requirements in Hard Mode is a close second.”

Yep. I miss Prestige game design.

TIL part of the inspiration for Fall Guys came from Takeshi’s Castle 😄 (that wacky old Japanese obstacle course game show)

Game show clips:

I'm confused on how the 2x multiplier works. I got Majestic on my Warlock (I'm on vacation).

Went into Momentum Control with my Titan's fresh Renewed set.

Got 10 kills (I'm using shitty weapons don't judge). The 'defeat 25 guardians' task is done. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

People trying to shoehorn lore into Fall Guys. Whyyy.

‪When a guardian from an team is beating their opposing team by 2-to-1 or more, and they _don’t_ participate in a cowbell emote, they should be kicked to orbit. I’m serious.‬

‪Since people asked how I soloed the Chamber of Suffering in Pit of Heresy with a rocket launcher and Ruinous Effigy, I wrote up my strat.‬

‪I really love Ruinous Effigy:


folks, Ruinous Effigy is freakin’ WILD. Cool Guy has a good deep dive.

• 50% damage reduction while blocking
• ***It blocks stomp mechanics***
• You can make another one after 5 seconds; multiple can be on the field at same time
• You can survive a 4x honed edge sniper headshot in PvP while blocking
• He makes a good case for using it in high-tier endgame content with a couple different strats

‪Only one of my last ~ 15 IB matches has been worthwhile. Every one is a landslide mercy for them or us. ‬

‪CBMM is objectively awful.‬

‪Either people do not understand what they wanted, Bungie did this to appease the top whatever %, or they don’t know how to fix this.

‪Yeah, still don’t get CBMM in .

‪• 3 matches in a row where we got stomped, mercied‬
‪• 5 in a row where we stomped them‬
‪• one decently good match that literally came down to time and we lost by a point. It was great‬
‪• Now we’re back to getting mercied‬

‪This is lame.

‪All this Destiny background maintenance. Why isn't there ever any maintenance on the foreground?‬

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