My top 3 favorite songs from boss fights:

1. King's Fall, final Oryx battle
2. Last Wish, Riven fight/queenswalk
3. Menagerie, final boss encounter

Is a thing? It should be.

Re: long tower load times. Something I noticed just today: whenever this happens to me, and I finally land, it seems like 15 other guardians land at the same time I do. They all start jogging from tower spawn.

Maybe the tower needs a new air traffic controller.

TIL Bioshock's Andrew Ryan was voiced by Armin Shimerman, of Quark on ST:DS9, Buffy, and other fame.

Confession: I don't use Spare Rations because I really dislike the way it looks and especially how it sounds. Yes, I'm that kind of player.

Plus, there are a zillion other guns in the game, many of them quite fun and sound and feel great.

The worst thing about Destiny, by miles, is r/DestinyTheGame.

I propose a new phrase for when you shut down a shotgun ape:

be gone SHOT!

30% of Nintendo Switch Lite Owners Already Own a Switch - IGN

Wow. That's higher than I expected. If I traveled more I'd be tempted. But having the joycon drift problem on three already, I'm also pretty wary of built-in joycons that can't be replaced.

My clan got a King's Fall nostalgia raid going this morning.

I am a happy nostalgic boi. 😊

When guardians know they are about to die, does their (post-resurrection) life flash before their eyes, even though they know they can respawn in 5, 30, or 45 seconds?

Just did a 3x Riven + queenswalk run and *three people* got it. One person got it twice! That’s the largest run I’ve been on, by far. 👍🏻👍🏻

This looks like a sci-fi horror Bloodborne-ish game for and I am HERE for it.

‪For folks logging in, sounds like there's a new quest from Saint 14 in order to kick off this Fractaline event stuff. ‬

Basically, do a sundial for the new boss.

“Hashladun knows who you are…

what you’ve done…”

Hashladun knows my name is David and I got a parking ticket last month? Dude that’s a privacy invasion, uncool.

Did a 6-player Sundial Legend last night with friends, all running Rat Kings (and of course energy Champion stuff). IT WAS AMAZING, fun to watch how wild that gun gets when running with other rats.

Higher damage, faster reload, larger magazine size, invisible on reload after a kill, and the catalyst also adds health regen on reload. I love this thing.

‪Just did a 920 nightfall and neither blueberry used their super, not once. Should be a 5 minute ban from PvE matchmaking, with a message stating why.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Review | Tim Rogers

I consider Tim Rogers on the same shelf as Brian Davis Gilbert (of Polygon)—the shelf called Global Treasure. 😂

"Doom eternal won't have micro-transactions or an in-game store"

Ok, but did they say anything about macro-transactions? Hrmm?

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