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i like jazz and if you make a bee movie or especially an anchorman jazz gag reference at me when i say that i'm sending you directly to detention

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you 👏 don't 👏 get 👏 to 👏 follow 👏 me 👏 if 👏 your 👏 profile 👏 has 👏 nothing 👏 substantial 👏 in 👏 it

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i need a word or short phrase that expresses being angry about childhood misgendering

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hmm now i’m angery about being forced to live as a boy while growing up

if you can afford a second home, why not just give it to someone who can’t

playing god of war

wow! this really makes u think about TOXIC MASCULINITY

The movement's convictions:

  • Never scroll down on your timeline
  • It's ok and encouraged to scroll down to read replies to a post so you don't look like a jerk when replying yourself.
  • Always live in the moment.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of
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Not as urgent, I’ll probably pass this around once a day or so :)

We have to move soon (last day to be out is feb 10th) because this place is a shithole with no hot water that charges us hundreds in random fees at their whim!

We can pay rent just fine, but getting up a deposit/utility deposits/uhaul while jess has had inconsistent millwright work rough. Any assistance would be awesome!

No account is recquired for this link, but I do have alternate methods pinned.

i will still scroll threads to specific posts though cause it's good to read the room before replying to anything

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praying to the father*, the son*, and the holy spirit**


sigh i should start removing myself from bed early to get ready for my re-entry into capitalism

identifying people by their names instead of the PFPs (we're basically refederating Everything rn) takes more effort than i would have expected lol

Gonna start adding one of these polls after every toot that gets more than two replies

My favorite thing in Tenchu for the Wii is when you get caught by a Japanese fortress guard and disappear in a cloud of smokes and ravens, the guard solemny exclaim "that's odd" before resuming their guard duties.

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