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i like jazz and if you make a bee movie or especially an anchorman jazz gag reference at me when i say that i'm sending you directly to detention

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you 👏 don't 👏 get 👏 to 👏 follow 👏 me 👏 if 👏 your 👏 profile 👏 has 👏 nothing 👏 substantial 👏 in 👏 it

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Holly Hoppet interaction rule: if I'm making a fun post and being a dork, please don't reply with a rant about how shit the world is unless you're calling me out for being racist or the like. It's rude and I'm fragile and I know what's going on and maybe just wanna chill sometimes.

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Too much history is written about people who did the right thing eventually, when circumstances forced their hands.

Not enough is written about people who resisted when the wrong thing was the nearly unchallenged consensus.

Facetious, sarcastic, joke 

In every situation there are two people:

The Normal Person
The Asshole


i don't think i'll ever be happy working in an office again lol. not that i really was before

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:bing:​ how to get out of bed when i'm really sleepy and it's cold out there and warm in here

re: Work whining 

@hoppet choosing lunch based on who delivers the most caffeine

i really hate that "if you make and sell software you have a moral imperative not to lie to or manipulate your customers" is a genuinely controversial statement these days

i just saw someone's user in jira (work ticket tracking system) whos pfp is his face, but it's like cropped real close so the chin is cut off and the top is cut off above the forehead and his smile is smirk-like and honestly it looks pretty menacing

new bitcoin replacement: buncoin!

they're carrot circles that you feed to bunnies

Yea and verily was it writ of old, Terrible be the Great Pumpkin in Their wrath in the Hour of Their coming-hence.  :blobcoffeeraccoon:

In case you ever need it, I'm giving you permission to not accept someone's apology. It's totally ok for you to do for any reason. Or no reason. Or your own reasons that you keep to yourself.

in the new Matrix Neo discovers that the world is actually a big Wordpress site

oh shit it's time to dig out the big comfy hoodie yessss

Jessica, in the drivethrough with me, the moment the workers tells us there's no Dr pepper: DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS? THIS IS MILLY. ADMIN OF ELEKK XYZ. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY COULD DO TO YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE.

re: food 

perhaps i shall get some ground beef and buns tomorrow

ooh and mushrooms

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