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my account is now locked, but if we were mutuals on my account that's basically an auto-approve for your follow request

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Good morning elekk this is holly from @hoppet and i always kinda wanted to try being on this instance. Hope you all have a good day

hmmm a lot of upbunny going around today...

I wish there was a mod that would put face masks on people irl

old meme, i'm just fishing for more ways to say i'm holly tbh 

girl goes to doctor. says she keeps confusing herself with others. doctor says: "treatment is simple. holly is on the fediverse tonight. go and see her, she has plenty of friends named holly and she can tell everyone apart." girl gets upset. says "but doctor... i'm holly"

there are several hollys on my tl rn and that’s cool


oh shit i have a good apple in the fridge breakfast tomorrow is gonna kick ass

this week’s been a bit “shaka, when the walls fell” but at least it’s almost friday and that’s “temba, at rest”

re: food 

though the weirdest fortune i've ever gotten was:

"Words to live by - KMS: Keep Mouth Shut"

like what the hell lmao

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uh i just had the most baffling fortune cookie fortune:

the man on the mountain did not fall from the top

ahhhh smooth legs and (relatively) clean sheets what could be better

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