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i want to be a freelance illustrator but i have to learn the fundamentals of art and accept that i'll probably be poor

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2018-2019 was a hard year for me artistically
there was such drastic change in terms of my art style?
i used to want to do anime/cartoonish but now i’m interested in semirealism/anime? if that makes sense

i also started digital art around that time

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!!and i need to introduce myself properly™️

i’m haru!
i like to draw both digitally and traditionally.
i also like to take pictures and play video games.
i have played the cello for about 4 years.

my zodiac sign is pisces,
and i’m korean..!

>>i use she/her pronouns

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selfies? on my mastodon tl??? 

before i sign off for the night here’s an old picture
succulent shirts make me extremely powerful

@haru this was from april 5 if i remember correctly
our school has an animal elective and my friend has a soft little boy
they feel like really tiny cats

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velvet room is just upgraded gay baby jail

@haru yes this is my own meme and yes i did waste several minutes of my life slapping this together
it’s fine if you like fate, i just do not understand its portrayal of historical figures

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today feels like one of those days where i want to yell “Go deep throat a cactus”
granted, even deep throating a cactus is a more productive use of my time than bothering with these lil shits

I can’t believe that probiotic yogurt thing had a name
I have never heard of Yakult ever in my life

I’d rather die a virgin than have to marry somebody at my school :^)

Like sheesh man just because i have two x chromosomes doesn’t give you entitlement to bother me about asking other boys out

Spring dance is coming up and i have this overwhelming urge to commit seppuku
I can already feel the horrendous stench of white cis males

a single tilde spells the difference between year and anus
although, the mere statement “ano año” has me shaking in fear

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