We are working on a new tiny about... ?! O.O ⛱
time for some concept art, then! :D


an important part of history is about to disappear! Xbox Live Indie Games will close on 7th October: buy now those games you've always wanted, because you won't get a second chance (you'll be able to re-download your games, however)!

some people are tracking down the games that are also on other digital platforms:

this is a new, important challenge for

i think if i want to get back into making games, i’m going to have to start really really small again. and make a bunch of super tiny games that no one will see. less pressure, more daily habit/practice. or something

in august we joined the Short and Sweet , and we decided to work on a strange about alien skies and ! <3

What are Clouds? is a game where you (and your friends!) have to find familiar shapes in these crazy !

Free Download:

yesterday we went to the cinema and we missed the screenshotsaturday thing, so let's try with 😛

some months ago we developed Luscengola, a short for the Spring . it's our first game as a team: a slice-of-life story about a tiny hideaway and a little dream, a sort of... .

Free Download:

I've been hanging out in the #fediverse since a while. I like the way finding and engaging with new interesting ppl.

Now I would like to highlight some of the ppl/topics through interviews happening every 2 weeks (guess won't happen that regular)

'Inside the fediverse - Interviews and Opinions from and for the fediverse'

I don't know if people like that idea.
If yes boost is very aprichiated.

to know more and resieve the interviews:

we are playing : Attack the Light... what a wonderful game! it has a smooth turn-based combat system, and simple yet great "exploration" sections!

[Steven Universe]

Can't wait to try the sequel, Save the Light!! *_*

hi everyone!
we are new in the exciting world of Mastodon, and we have chosen this instance cause we would like to talk to new friends about the things we love, in particular (video, board, role-playing...)!
the description made us fall in love with, so here we are! 🐘

and now a short : fintopiccante is a team of two people making creative stuff in their free time and "publishing" these amateur projects on Itch!

hope we'll get along well!

Elekk: Gameing and Other Delightful Pursuits

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