Steam is recommending me games with the "Addictive" tag because of my playtime in similar games.

First, stop judging me Steam. I don't even play that much.

Second, this looks unethical af.

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Well, I know where I'm getting all my D&D character names from now on.

The viral marketing for Cyberpunk 2077 is top notch.

The publisher became an authentic evil megacorp to sell the game. "Made in real dystopian conditions" should be their slogan.

I am a bit pissed that Hollywood got Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to play Professor X and Magneto, and wasted them on a bunch of bad movies.

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Drat! The hackers got me! They infiltrated my firewall using a reverse cypher IO stream, and then they downloaded my MP3s! This'll take weeks to fix! 🙀

When old poets talk about "their muse", it means their waifus.

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THAT'S why he's all about getting hydrosonic missiles!

At the Gates is such an wonderful game, even with some rough edges... but it is just so buggy.

Love the gameplay, the UI, the visuals, it is fun and challenging and rewarding and creative.

But I end playing a lot less than I should because save games get corrupted and I can't even open the Options menu in-game or it crashes.

Ah, yes, the unnecessary sequel: Blade Runner 2048

(it's actually playable, using one of those sleazy sites: )

Of course hell is not a monarchy. It's a demoncracy.

Worst looking video game art style: early 3D.

My favorite video game art style: (modern) low-poly art.

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do you ever think about how before capitalism "fan fiction" was just... fiction? and the idea of "canonicity" was reserved for the literal bible?

like when cervantes didn't immediately write a sequel to don quixote somebody just wrote one themselves and everybody was like "sure"

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@zorotl isnt dantes inferno fanfic with assumed canonicity

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@eldaking multiplayer dlc: they are moving in herds...

No, he is not called Zelda - Zelda is the name of the princess.

The protagonist of the games is Zelda's monster.

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I cannot believe we have day potatoes and night potatoes. 💕

Remembering why I don't play Civilization on the slower speeds and on big maps.

Each turn takes so long, and there are so many turns, and nothing barely even happens in each one.

planescape, feeling salty 

In fact, all the inner planes are kind of dumb and mostly boring.

Including the quasielemental plane of salt.

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planescape, cold take 

The paraelemental plane of ice is also boring.

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planescape, hot take 

The elemental plane of fire is boring.

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