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you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

Civ 4 mods 

I have been trying various mods on Linux (with Proton), and I have good and bad news.

The good news is that I think there is only one mod that is not working.
The bad news is that it's the BAT mod, which is so useful that half of the mods include some version of it.

KOTOR is from the precise time period when videogame graphics were the worst, "early 3D".

And yet, upgrading to generic boring "2020s AAA visuals" means an alright improvement... but at the cost that I won't be able to run it on "normal" hardware at all. Let's at least hope it doesn't add more AAA bullshit.

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A Knigths of the Old Republic remake was announced.

KOTOR is a great game and one of the few RPGs I managed to really get into. Back from when BioWare was good.

And I think I hate it, because they are remaking it from scratch just to add the wasteful AAA graphic fidelity. A remaster that moderately improved the looks of the original would be very welcome. A sequel would be cool. But this just makes me mad at the excess.

Civ 4 random thoughts 

I have been playing a lot of Civ4, so a few thoughts and grumbles:

1) I was reminded in the worst way that in Civ4 you can be completely destroyed by barbarians. Like, game over. (But that one was on me)
2) Goody huts are just so random (not only in 4, tbh). You can get a free tech, a free settler (!), a negligible amount of gold, a completely useless map... or spawn a bunch of barbarians. The difference between getting a free settler so early is just brutal.
3) FFH2 is a great mod, but the decision to add a shit ton of monsters/barbarians on the map is frustrating. Losing units early on due to bad rolls (or worse, stealth spiders) is awful.
4) The corporation system from the last expansion is amazing. I wish they did more with it.

Civ 4 (espionage rant) 

After getting to the late game a few times, I was reminded of why everyone hates the espionage system.

It's an endless resource sink - like, you have a slider where you can allocate tenths of your economy to generate "spy points". And the effects are just so minor for this crazy expenditure of resources - destroy one mine here, delay production there, a few turns of unhappiness here. Minor, but extremely annoying - death by a thousand cuts.

It's also incredibly, incredibly micromanagement-y. You have to move the spy unit to the target tile (usually a city) and choose one of the many, many missions. And then it teleports back to your capital - even if you produced it in a different continent, closer to your target. So repeated missions are a huge pain. Also, points are assigned to specific enemies, there are tons of targets, and it's just a lot of work.

Ooh, Fallen Enchantress (quite good fantasy 4X) now works on Linux, it has been so long since I played it. It used to be one of the most borked games.

People are often like "PC gaming is great because you can get spend more money to get better performance than consoles"

I'm here like "PC gaming is great because I can play games on a piece of junk that most people would feel guilty charging money for."

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If you lose at online chess, have you been "pawned"?

"I don't think God has implemented surprise mechanics in the universe"

Albert Einstein about quantum physics

"I do not know what games will run on 10th generation consoles, but 11th generation consoles will play Pong."

Albert Einstein, commenting on the sustainability of AAA games

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Me: this game looks like shit, it is probably light enough to run on my laptop.
Checks minimum requirements and it takes a GPU 20 times as fast as my integrated one.

Yeah, I literally can't tell the difference between good and bad graphics.

And of course, Final Frontier Plus - the "modmod" that improves on it, and is the basis for example for the Star Trek mod - incorporates BUG, another mod that just doesn't work (a lot of mods use BUG, it's very good, but playing on Linux with proton it does not work...).

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I mean, look at those. It barely looks like Civ, and it is not even a fan-made mod - it was made by the devs (more speciically, this one was made by Jon Shafer that went to become lead designer for Civ 5).

The gameplay is a bit lacking - they didn't manage to add enough features to replace everything from Civ4, for obvious reasons - but it looks stunning and was a good basis for other space mods. Which I'm going to be trying next, of course.

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Ooh, the Final Frontier scenario for Civ 4 is working on Linux.

I was fairly sure it would not because it didn't before, and it's completely different from the base game (orbiting planets where you can build stuff!) and a bit buggy.

Back when I was a teen and I read some news about a console called "X-Box" I imagined something in the shape of an actual X. I was so disappointed to find the truth.

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