Ok, this number of units is just ridiculous.

Those all spawned right in the middle of my stuff in a single turn, as part of a quest. Never mind having the army to defeat that (I think I do, though it is spread), I don't want to click enough times to defeat those.

I love PC gaming because I can run my games at 6 fps instead of being locked at 3 fps like console peasants.

I can't be the only one that thinks Amazon's MMO having a colonialism theme is a bit shocking and horrifying, right?

I know near to nothing about it, but just the few ads I have been shown are so overtly "play colonialism, you get to colonize, it's like the American Continent but with some kind of fairies". The paranoid in me is almost suspicious this is just pure propaganda.

Yeah, NFTs are one of the stupidest scams ever, cryptocurrencies are a bullshit money laundering and tax evasion scheme with built-in inequality, and microtransactions in games are already bad enough without adding even more layers of manipulation and monetization.

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Steam updated its terms to say that games can't use NFTs or cryptocurrencies, and now we get to hear all the cryptobro arguments again.

My friends are talking in the group chat about playing Borderlands, but they abbreviate it as BL and every time I read it as "boys' love".

The obvious solution would be to scale down, stop trying to land expensive megahits, and try to find a sustainable rhythm.

But what are the chances?

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The impression I get from reading Paradox dev diaries these days (and occasionally reading what "the fans" think, when I think I can stomach it) is that their methods just do not scale well to AAA territory.

The amount of bugs, performance issues, and mediocre/bad releases has greatly improved the last few years. Even after we discount the overly dramatic gamerz being assholes, often very stupidly.

Either they have been doing some major "restructuring", trying to massively increase output and/or cut costs, or they just became overly ambitious after the massive success they were having. And yes, their PR and QA departments were absolutely not ready and are constantly screwing up.

taking the pokémon company approach to writing by releasing my epic fantasy novel in two separate versions simultaneously, each with key scenes from the perspective of different main characters. a few years later, i release the deluxe edition with bonus characters

Steam recommendations work like this:

I play various Zachtronics games, which are programming puzzles with engineering themes.

But they have the "education" tag, so Steam now believes I'm simply interested in games with this tag regardless of who made them or what genre they are in.

So Steam recommends me Dark Souls, which is tagged with Education.

New Stardew Valley playthrough, got a few visual mods to spice it up.

I quite like pixel art.

But the catch is, I like modern pixel art, or at least from very late in the 2D era. Not the authentic, severely constrained early pixel art.

Steam is holding another festival - that event where they have a bunch of demos and showcase new (mostly indie) titles.

Or "let's pretend we are itch.io, just for a few days".

you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

Civ 4 mods 

I have been trying various mods on Linux (with Proton), and I have good and bad news.

The good news is that I think there is only one mod that is not working.
The bad news is that it's the BAT mod, which is so useful that half of the mods include some version of it.

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