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I play the video games. I make the anime girls kiss on AO3. what more can I say

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I typically have all my online accounts themed after something, like I have the obligatory aesthetic tumblr, etc. but this account is for screaming whatever enters my head and I'm so sorry

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Introduction :eeveepats: 

Hey I'm Pike, or Eevee. I consider myself agender but girl-aligned. My pronouns are she/her!

I am half-white, and half-native Mexican/Mesoamerican, however I can't speak Spanish so call me a Mexican't lmao.

I am also a big gay lesbian and I talk about liking girls a lot!!

I have been around The Fedi for a few years, this is a new account! (You may have seen me before!! wow!)


✔️ video games, although I admit that now that I'm Old and Busy I mostly play the same few games over and over. I like retro 80s and 90s games because I grew up with them, and right now I play a lot of WoW/WoW Classic and Minecraft.

✔️ anime/manga featuring Girls, especially yuri and magical girls. Please talk to me about Futari wa Pretty Cure.

✔️ MUSIC! Favorites include Arcade Fire, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, The National, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Pixies, David Bowie, Daft Punk, and many more!!

✔️ virtual pets!! I run many tamagotchis and digimon vpets at any given time, and talk about them sometimes.


I am a very easy going person and don't have many requests for this. I would prefer if you don't use "tone tags" with me because I am neurodivergent and find them confusing. However, if you are more comfortable using them anyway, that is fine!

Follows/Reqs are always fine. I don't have an "interact first" requirement because to be 100% honest those have always intimidated me for some reason. Just hit the follow button, it's fine, I promise!*

* Nonsense/bigotry gets blocked, hopefully I don't have to define what that covers lol.

I would appreciate CWs for photos or photorealistic images of moths, and food involving meat. I would also appreciate if FFXIV stuff is behind a CW, I realize literally everyone except me plays it so this probably isn't a particularly realistic request and I won't blame anyone for not doing it. But I may as well throw it in here, just in case. Of all of these, moths is the biggest concern, they are unfortunately a huge phobia and I will have to unfollow over too many un-CWd images of them :blobcatcomftears:

Okay I think that's about it! Have an amazing day!!! :eeveepats:

Hello! I am a trans lady with debilitating depression and am in a bit of need here.

I'm running out of funds at the moment! I'm unemployed with no federal aid and have been looking for work for over a year.

In the next two weeks, I need to get medicine (~$180), appointments with physicians and my counselor for the first time in over a year ($90 total), and some help with food. (donations like rice would be AMAZING)

thank you so, so much for the help.

mental health, positive, support 

Please apply self-care liberally in these trying times.

your honor, my client has “people who are referred to as “your honor” DNI” in their bio

"Eevee is fluffy" - various people are saying this.

Saw this and this is the only Fourth of July content I wish to see

there's another team called the Sod Poodles. we need more of this energy

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Just found out there's a Minor League Baseball team called the Trash Pandas?? more sports teams should have dumb names like this

On the bright side today is paid time off so I will take that at least

It is embarrassing how many people are firing off explosives today and completely failing to hit any government buildings. Like what are you even doing?

I want to hear a judge read "wiggles tail cutely uwu" at me

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