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The name's Mandrake. I left birdsite in late 2017 and I've been part of Elekk's community ever since. I mostly toot about news (especially ), what I've been playing recently, and whenever games are being given away for free.

I also really like and , he is a perfect purple boy and I love him and all 74 of his gay dragon dads

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If you think about it, dragons are basically dogs that can breathe fire and fly send toot

The Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tennessee is arguably better known for appearing in that one Simpsons episode than the World Fair that it was originally built for:

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[spongebob theme song meter]

be thou ready, muse?
(o, lo, wise muse)
let me hear you
(o so wise muse)

of powerful creatures i sing to you now
(sky-borne dragons!)
they ride on the wind like the puff of the cloud
(wind-bound dragons!)
bring forth tales of magic and treasure to tell
(shining dragons!)
for legend and fable sing clear as a bell!

sing thee,
long-horn dragons,
tough-scale dragons,
sharp-tooth dragons,
be-hold, dragons!

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hey i gotta ask

why did the pokemon company make an ASMR video of chespin eating macaroons

just asking

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the best line from Nier Automata is "do not feel bad about it. We are alive, after all. And being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment."

The Epic Games Store will continue to give away free games for another year, starting with Horace:

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man this sucks

one of the oldest pubs in glasgow is being flattened to make way for a fuckin' identikit hotel

i always used to go there for a quick pint before the bus home and i'm gonna miss it

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Weird fact about me: whenever I see mysterious lights traveling across the night sky or reflecting off clouds, I like to pretend they're extraterrestrial spaceships

BBC2 are showing on Wednesday evenings (also available on iPlayer), watched the first episode earlier. Great fun with impressive production values and delightful chemistry between Tennant and Sheen.

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France apparently has selected an SCP as their Eurovision song this year, in case you all were wondering how that's going

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Cats (the abysmal film), drugs 

In a way, horses are just giant puppy send toot

Deus Ex Machina/Undertale shitpost 

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Prediction: In ten years time, the widely accepted reason most people are furries will be all the sexy anthropomorphic animal characters in Fortnite.

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scraping paper 

Scrapers, snark 

Since was published on GitHub two days ago, it's received 21 fixes and support has been added for /#OpenBSD

Is Gerald Witcher pronounced with a hard G or a soft G? Need to know so that I can intentionally mispronounce it henceforth

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