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Check out this handy site for creating and sharing ACNH wishlists! Here's mine:

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Time for a new post!

I'm a (stay-at-home parent) with two degrees in English/Western . I talk about , , and being late diagnosed , and femme health issues.

I like and and I have a book review blog @ awisheraliar., focused mostly on .

Right now I'm playing almost daily and I will DM friend codes to mufos only.

I am panro and demisexual, happily married. No flirts pls. Gender is a bit up in the air but, like Janet from The Good Place, not a girl.

Seeking advice, US mobile networks 

Yall, I'm so tired of paying a billion dollars for Verizon Wireless but I also live in BFE so there isn't much in the way of options here. I'm looking into TMO or Mint Mobile but idk much about either one wrt service areas, throttling, etc. Anybody got any advice to throw out there? (I'm wfh and we have good internet, so I'm mostly on wifi. I only use on avg 5gb of data a month)

One of my summer students appealed their final grade, which ... is interesting bc they only submitted around half the assignments, so I'm not really sure what their argument is here

K is getting moved into a different building at work, which means he'll lose his private office and be back in a cube. They're currently requiring masks, at least, but they won't do that forever, so I'm just. Wondering how long it'll be before we've all got Covid. I'm so tired.

Check out this handy site for creating and sharing ACNH wishlists! Here's mine:

Lol I forgot I was in the middle of posting something earlier and accidentally hit toot

Anyway I was gonna say they're p cool for dollar section toys and it's adorable watching her try to figure out the mechanics

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Went out shopping today and Bean used her bday money to buy a pair of walkie talkies from Target

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Long essay (in English) on the history of the Institute for Sexology in Weimar Berlin and the queer scenes surrounding it - and not at all hagiographical, which is especially interesting:

(CW: many mentions of suicide and four graphic images of art depicting hangings, as well as the expected surgery descriptions, discussion of homophobia & transphobia, and mention of Nazis)

Weight loss, + 

I'm 2/3 of the way to my weight loss goal!!

that LB made me chuckle a bit bc do y'all know how uhh difficult things can get in a monogamous relationship between two demisexual bottoms 😅​

I might have huge top energy but *Maury voice* the test determined that was a lie

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a bottomless pit? so it’s all just tops in there??

/wind whips up, trees scratch at the windows

me: :sickos::hellyeah:

There is thunder crashing in the distance and I am just sitting here hoping with every fiber of my body that we will get an absolutely epic storm that will get rid of this migraine before it gets any worse :ACNH_Sadness::ACNH_Sorrow:

ughhh choice paralysis blows

I wanna play video games, but I'm getting a migraine so my eyesight is fucking up

I want to write but I'm getting a migraine so my attention span is fucked up

I kinda want to watch a movie but see above

I'd like to handwrite or color but my wrists are fucking up and my thumbs are going numb after a minute or two

Maybe I'll do some tarot or something. I had a dream I needed to analyze anyway

I also went back through my collection of random, unfinished pieces and found a couple decent free verse poems and some really good story openings I might pick up later. I apparently went through a pretty vicious noir phase and I really love the results I was getting

okay thanks to you guys (primarily @lapis and @notimetoplay) I have now started not one but two separate pieces of fiction today. Idk how good they are but I'll likely share them with y'all via my book blog as I finish.

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Today I want to pretend I have no responsibilities and spend the day writing and reading and playing video games

I've been really wanting to write again lately but I have zero ideas for a story 🙃 maybe I'll work on the academic paper I want to eventually publish, idk

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mutual aid request, mention of negative situation 

Please help me get through the period between jobs, psychiatric treatments, and rising bills.

Every bit of help matters. Would you like to keep these dollars circulating among us, contributing to our mutual support?

I really appreciate your kindness!

- Ko-fi link
(where you can also read some poetry)

- Paypal link (yes, I know, but there's no better alternative here)

Ok but why the fuck have I had the word "widdershins" on repeat in my head for 36 fucking hours, idek what it means

Fuckin echolalia probs lol

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