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Time for a new post!

I'm a (stay-at-home mom) with two degrees in . I talk about , , , and my particular MH and PH issues like and , , and recovery.

I like and and I have a book review blog @ awisheraliar., focused mostly on .

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An old friend of mine is in town and he's fully vaxxed so we're planning to go get lunch at a local pizza place with a patio and I am EXCITED and also TERRIFIED because I literally have not been in a restaurant for anything other than picking up takeout since ....... February 2020 or earlier

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We may not be going to our full family reunion but that's no excuse not to stunt on em

If y'all pray or send vibes, @MmeLibertine and I have a younger brother who is being controlled by our bio dad's evil wife. He's seeing the light but like - he wants to get the covid vaxx but he's literally afraid she will find out. We're hoping he finds a way to get it without her knowledge, bc he's being isolated and gaslit.

Having weird, unpleasant feelings today that I'm not sure how to name. Maybe sad? That doesn't feel big enough somehow though.

In case you've forgotten, if you shop on Black Friday it's important to remember that everyone working in the store hates you

To be fair I have no sense of self so I frequently look at me and walk away from the mirror, immediately forgetting what I look like

You ever put makeup on and look at yourself and go "oh. there I am"

Honestly after this ridiculous day I just wanna smoke but I kicked cigarettes and I don't have any pot. I do have an extremely old laced peach ring but I'm not sure my teeth can cut through it 😂 (I hid it from my kid and forgot about it)

Meteor shower on Riversong in tonight. Celeste is here! Turnips are going for 131 bells each. Dodo code is LG8GX. Donations are appreciated but not required! Shops are open late by ordinance!

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I am located in UTC-5, or EST, so it's actually 9:23 pm where I'm at. I'll play for maybe 2 hours but I'm exhausted.

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Downloading a software update and logging back in now. Will be on UTC-6 instead of my usual, so it's 8:21 PM in game rn.

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It's been a busy day but I needed to go villager hunting in , so I set my system time back. Isabelle says there's a shower tonight, so once I find a villager I'll go back to evening hours and open gates if anyone's interested! Will thread updates here.

This article about the Cowboy Bebop remake can also be said of a lot of other big budget, mainstream-aimed productions. Please stop writing characters that are talking past each other in order to be clever and get a chuckle. It's weird!
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Every time I read ⁦@xoxogossipgita⁩ write about something I hate, I come away with a much clearer understanding of why I hate it and the tools to stop mindlessly consuming it…

I actually made focused efforts in late high school/early college to erase my accent, but as I've gotten older I've seen the value in preserving it instead, so I'm less particular about suppressing some of those language patterns

But it seems like no one is prepared to hear it for the first time :ACNH_Laughter:

I mean, it's not all been bad. I had one student thank me for the positive feedback, and another student thanked me for being so approachable and communicative. That person also complimented my Southern accent which takes *everyone* by surprise the first time they talk to me in voice or video chat lmao

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(I guess that makes more sense as an insult if you know that I really don't like peppermints)

(except those little sugary puff ones, those are rad)

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language, work ranting, caps 

this lil bitch in my inbox is gonna make me wanna fight someone

I can't even type properly, I'm so mad it's like I'm typing a different language

he's like "oh well we disagree on [fundamental fact of how the class works] so i guess i'll just fail"

he has a goddamn A in the class, what the fuck is his fucking problem.

and then he's like "oh theres too many holes in this course and it doesn't fit the college's mission statement"


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We're still saving money to see what happens with financial aid. It's been 30 days, so the letter could come any time but it hasn't yet.
On top of that our streaming schedule, an income source, has been thrown into disarray by Cox's lines being barely functional for the past 6 or so weeks, so I'm... Nervous.

Here's our GFM:

And here's our PP if you don't want to donate through GFM:

Thank you all.

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