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I'm a (stay-at-home mom) and student. Most of my career is in , especially . I talk a lot about , , and my particular MH issues like and . I'm a survivor of & sexual assault and I talk about that sometimes too.

I also talk a lot about , life after , and my family.

I like , , and though I don't have much free time for it!

💚 here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:

don't read this 

We are trying to sell one of our vehicles. It wasn't a priority until my student loan came back with an estimated $450/mo payment. Anyone here in the SC, USA area want to purchase a well-kept, gently used Lexus that's had only 2 owners?

my friend is hiring for remote work.

> My team at GRIMM is hiring two remote positions: mid-level security researcher and senior-level security researcher/trainer. If you want to do cool research, hunt for vulnerabilities, and write exploits from the comfort of your loving room, apply at

@RobsteinOne hi there! I heard you were the person to ask abt collectible toys?

When friends text to check in on you for the new year, how many sentences in should you get before you say life is meaningless and you're just an empty husk, what's the etiquette

Reminder: "they" was a natural and regularly-used singular pronoun in English until the British Parliament passed a law to make the indefinite singular pronoun "he" *specifically to deny women the right to own property*.

love and solidarity, friends. if you feel scared or alone please remember that you aren't, and that the only way we will make it is together. :pokebean:

Just. I'm over the disrespect tbh. But I can't say anything to her that isn't telling her the sun shines out her ass or she gets all whiny and stops talking to me.

I've had e - fucking - nough of being a parent to my parents. Grow the fuck up or leave me the fuck alone. I have one toddler and that's plenty but thanks anyway

Love that my mom is in the group chat talking abt how worried she is to go to some wedding bc she feels sick and doesn't want to get the newborns sick, but she was all in my baby's face two days ago while saying she still didn't feel totally over her cold 🙃


"how you program your mind when you’re at a low point is so impactful. resorting back to toxic patterns when you’re low is only strengthening those neural pathways and programming your mind to make those unhealthy choices or think those unhealthy thoughts every time you’re not feeling well. alternatively, trying your hardest to cope in a healthier way every time you’re feeling bad will strengthen those positive neural pathways, and as time goes on, it will become easier to make healthy choices and say no to toxic patterns. this of course isn’t to say that you should feel guilty if you relapse, it is not by any means easy to reprogram your brain and sometimes we relapse and that’s okay, so long as we’re trying our best to treat ourselves better."

Today everyone has to go home, and I'm already sad about it.

Happy New year everyone! I hope 2020 is far better to you than 2019.

Here's a thought: schools can't properly teach critical thinking, because schools are there to make the people fall in line, and not question the status quo too much, and here we are.

On December 31, 1995, Bill Watterson published the final 'Calvin & Hobbes' comic strip. For most of us, it was like watching our absolute best friend ever move to another continent! The hole in our hearts is still felt even now!

"Why, here in America, the seeds of racism are so deeply rooted in white people collectively, their belief that they are `superior` in some way is so deeply rooted, that these things are in the national white subconscious. Many whites are even actually unaware of their own racism, until they face some test, and then their racism emerges in one form or another." - Malcolm X

Still. Fuckin. True.

My favorite in-law turned out to be a Trumper and I'm just :blobsad:

TIL White Horse in Canada (that’s an actual place) has a “Hair Freezing Contest” every year when temps drop below insta-freeze, at the Takhini Hot Springs

And it’s all kinds of awesome

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