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Time for a new post!

I'm a (stay-at-home mom) with two degrees in . I talk about , , , and my particular MH and PH issues like and , , and recovery.

I like and and I have a book review blog @ awisheraliar., focused mostly on .

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Oh look a handy site for creating and sharing ACNH wishlists! Oh look here's mine:

Hey y'all remember those bad bitch boots from UrbanOG

I bought them awhile back and I haven't had anywhere to wear them because of .... *gestures* everything

But I love them so much, I need you all to witness them

It gives me immense joy to report that my toddler, entirely of her own volition, absolutely refuses to speak to or even look at my dumbass racist cousin

You have been visited by the Trans Pride Dragon! All trans people who see it gain +10 draconic protection


My dad keeps asking me if I've changed my mind about Kindle / Amazon / Jeff Bezos.

Lately he seems to buy into philanthropy as a solution.

And my problem is, even it was (which it's not) Jeff Bezos could single-handedly solve our problems with his money (You could argue whether or not he should, but I'm not interested in this argument) and does not. Flint could have good water!
We could repair all the damage done in Puerto Rico!

I honestly argue this game probably did the most for radicalizing me against Bezos. (it's free)

In these difficult times, a hero emerges. One who truly understands us.

For the record I am here because we have all been isolating, distancing, and mask wearing, so that the grandparents can safely be part of our bubble.

My dumbass cousin just doesn't give af.

My dumbass racist covid denier cousin is at my grandparents' with some of his dumbass racist friends and I stg I really do not want him to speak to me

mh, - 

Basically I got on antidepressants and realized, nope, it's not in my head, I really am a complete waste of space!

mh, - 

Recently my grandpa asked me why I don't have any faith in myself and think I'm not good at anything.

He looked so hurt, I tried to laugh it off and say "oh idk" when really the truth is ...

Both my parents act like I don't exist, all but one friend has basically ditched me, I have no hobbies that I enjoy and also have time/money for, my aunt has spent my life criticizing my appearance and shit talking my goals, my desired career is basically worthless, almost every guy I've ever liked (except 2) has assaulted or abused me, and my husband barely touches me anymore 🙃

My entire life is a parade of people wearing sandwich boards that all say "fuck you ya dumb bitch" so yeah I'm all full up with self acceptance

this is kinda a longshot i guess but like

if anyone knows of a place that is hiring embedded hardware engineers who work remotely

im one of those with enough experience to be dangerous

so like

hmu i guess

I got a job offerrrrrrrrrr

I haven't officially accepted it but I'm planning to, I'm just so terrified lmaooooo

My daughter can't quite make "d" sounds so she says a "g" instead

Which results in adorable things like "okey-gokey" and "mama, see that goggy?"

Time for a new post!

I'm a (stay-at-home mom) with two degrees in . I talk about , , , and my particular MH and PH issues like and , , and recovery.

I like and and I have a book review blog @ awisheraliar., focused mostly on .

LB: I have purchased those bad bitch shoes. I haven't worn them anywhere yet except clomping around my own house and I can report:
A) way more comfy than anticipated, though definitely not gonna last like, say, a vintage pair of Docs
B) cool as hELL

Lol I went to bed before spouse bc I was exhausted and yet when baby woke up crying for him, he felt it made sense to wake me up to get her. Guess who hasn't been back to sleep? Cool cool. Insomnia is great

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to manifest A Thing I want. I have never in my life just reached out and grabbed A Thing I Wanted and I am nervous and I kind of just want to give up and never want anything again

This ho shit brought to you by a pan-romantic demi-sexual with insomnia and a cruelly high sex drive :oh_no:

Honestly purity culture is such trash. Had me thinking I'd regret fucking around when tbh I really just regret the times I could've smashed but didn't :ragnol:

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