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Time for a new post!

I'm a (stay-at-home mom) with two degrees in . I talk about , , , and my particular MH and PH issues like and , , and recovery.

I like and and I have a book review blog @ awisheraliar., focused mostly on .

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Oh look a handy site for creating and sharing ACNH wishlists! Oh look here's mine:


Jesus fuck, K has been back on FT office work for exactly two days there are two covid positive cases in the neighboring building. I fucking hate this country, I hate these people, we are never getting out of this are we

Edited bc I'm a dodo and wrote wfh and that's not what I meant lol oops

Actually confronted the grandparents for not taking me seriously about my boundaries around covid denying, antivaxx cousin, so ofc now I'm convinced everyone hates me 🙃

Guess who graduated from therapy today!!!!! My therapist said I've improved so much I'm going on her as-needed list, no more regular appointments :D :D :D

Product unboxing/initial reax 

They're here! They're somehow smaller than I expected, maybe bc I have like absolutely no spatial awareness and they looked way bigger in the listing photos.

So far I've only worn them a bit around the house. I had to change the earbud to the smallest piece, which honestly rules bc I've never found this style of earbud small enough to fit me comfortably.

It does block Bean's squealing well, but I can still hear conversation easily. I can also hear my own voice amplified which is awful but maybe I'll get used to it?

Initial use: 8/10, don't like hearing myself. Still pleased, will keep!

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Severe anxiety spiraling, covid 

But I cannot jeopardize the health of my child, and it's starting to really piss me off that this dumbfuck country has just decided that disabled people and children just don't fuckin matter in all this.

I really think, if things don't get better (and I don't think they will) I may have to start thinking of what we're going to do for the holidays on our own. I don't want her indoors around anyone unvaxxed and not quarantining/isolating, and I don't think that's asking too much. But I guess I'm the only one who thinks that.

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Severe anxiety spiraling, covid 

I don't know how I'm going to handle this. I don't know if I can. I know if I lost her, I would absolutely be done with this. I could not continue.

All I can think about is how horribly late Thanksgiving went, how hateful my family was to me for sticking to my guns, how they acted like nothing happened once they were ready to move on. I don't know what to prepare for, so my brain wants to prepare for the worst. And if it's worse than that? I might lose most of the family I have left.

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Severe anxiety spiraling, covid 

The news about the delta variant just keeps seeming to get worse, my state's numbers are going back up, and everyone just seems ... fine with it? I'm absolutely terrified of my child getting sick, and I know that going back to being vocal about her not being around anyone unvaccinated is not going to sit well with everyone.

Idk I'm so indecisive. I like the purple and grey but it's high maintenance. The bleachout was way easier to maintain and honestly didn't look bad with my roots. Also was way cheaper. Wonder if my stylist would bleach it again so soon ... :ACNH_Curiosity:

Hey all,

A close friend of mine is dealing with asshole landlords kicking her and her family literally onto the street in the middle of a Florida summer, and could use any and all financial help. If you can spare a bit or share, it would mean a lot.



I got Jess a job with me. Which means it pays above minimum wage and isn't delivery!

anyways, she just got the job, so she won't be getting a paycheck before rent is in.

And well, besides me, there's also her spouse London, and their child I love more than anything, Lucille.

If anyone could help them out, that would be amazing

for me, and for her.

Thank you <3

@londonshine for venmo (0309 if prompted)

$glamorshark for cashapp

Health, weird, kind of embarrassing 

I also have a rash under my arms that my doctor says is a yeast infection, but it just won't go away. I'll take my meds as directed, it'll go away for a couple days, and then just as I start my regular routine it comes back. It's uncomfortable and I hate it and he won't call me back about it so I have no idea if this is just like, my life now

ED, weight issues 

Been feeling good about my body lately, fitting in my clothes better and feeling better about it despite not trying very hard ... made the mistake of weighing myself this morning and I'm above my brain's ✨ magic number ✨ which of course means now I'm going to have to fight myself to even eat at all today :ACNH_Sadness:

Just ordered a set of Loop earplugs- gonna try them out for a bit and see if they help with my auditory triggers. I have over-ear active noise cancelling phones, but I was hoping to find something that would be a little more portable and discreet for unexpected triggers. If y'all are interested I'll keep you posted on my experience with them!

Bean is at her grandparents' again today which is nice bc I've done a bunch of chores but it also sucks bc I've just done a bunch of chores

I hate Outlook so much. It's just constant fiddly little problems with things that should be so simple and YET

I really don't know why my college insisted on migrating from Google to Outlook when Outlook is just absolute trash

Got my fall course assignments!! Teaching one in the first 8 weeks and two in the fourth 8. Still just composition, but I'm still stoked

Also I realize my earlier toot made it sound like I can't buy things w/o K's permission? I'm not being financially controlled !! I don't like committing to expensive things w/o talking to my partner, that's all

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