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Oh look a handy site for creating and sharing ACNH wishlists! Oh look here's mine:

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I'm a (stay-at-home mom) and student. Most of my career is in , especially . I talk a lot about , , and my particular MH issues like and . I'm a survivor of & sexual assault and I talk about that sometimes too.

I also talk a lot about , life after , and my family.

I like , , and though I don't have much free time for it!

Lmao my stupid ass cousin is home sick with a fever, five days after he attended a "tr/mp parade" of boats at the lake

Look, it's my shocked face :blobglare:

depression levels are currently at 100% but fluctuating wildly

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

I'm tired. I'm floundering. I'm not okay. But my family wants me to not get so worked up about the birthday party and pray for my aunt bc her ex is mean and her dog scratched her car.

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I'm just so pissed at all the ways my family has been quietly signaling to me that I'm invisible, my needs aren't important, and my passions are useless

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I am not about to jeopardize the health and safety of my child, my new nibling, my elder grandparents, and anyone else in contact w me bc my dumbass, no consequences having, Tr/mp loving, racist cousin couldn't bear to skip a trip to the lake for some shitty fireworks and flat beer

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So I informed my grandparents, who usually host the little family lunches, that we won't be attending if cousin is there.

I've already cancelled my child's 2nd bday party in favor of a Zoom party. No one is invited to my home at all for that event.

Once again, I'm gonna have it be the unreasonable bad guy. But y'all. My husband and I only attend these little family things bc we know everyone there has been responsible. Distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, isolating.

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My cousin? He's a grown ass 26yo who lives at home and does nothing to aid his mom who is a single parent. And he's been at the lake for three days, surrounded by probably a hundred Tr/mp flag waving, non mask wearing asshole punks like himself.

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This month's bdays include my dad, brother, daughter, and a cousin. My dad's an absent POS so he won't be here. My brother is slowly absorbing my dad's worst traits so he won't be here.

That leaves my daughter and a cousin. My child is two, she does what we do. She's been out into public maybe twice since March and wears her mask more diligently than some adults.

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Our family has bdays in clusters, so we usually do one bday meal for everyone with a bday in a given month.

Now, bc of the rona, my immediate family has been rigorously following CDC guidelines. We all are staying home, go out only for necessities, wear masks and hand wash, no dining out or large gatherings.

We only socialize among ourselves, and only in our own homes.

If I started a YouTube channel where I read books aloud, would you be interested?

mh, - 

Ugh today I was an asshole to my daughter and I honestly still feel sick over it. Idk what my anger is about lately but I just have zero patience with her and I fucking hate myself for it

Check out an awesome Black chef & food historian, and learn about a culture and cuisine not well known outside the Carolinas.

" Watch our Gullah Geechee episode with
beardfoundation award-winning writer, culinary historian and educator @/KosherSoul
here: "

Spouse never sleeps in. I actually woke up before him today so I made him breakfast, brought it to him, and .... He's still asleep :oh_no:

Oh look a handy site for creating and sharing ACNH wishlists! Oh look here's mine:

a dear able-bodied friend of mine just got a wheelchair on animal crossing and asked me to ask masto (she's not on fedi) if any acnh player who happens to be a wheelchair user wants it, she would like to give it away (entirely for free)

please boost, it would be very nice to find it a home :boost_ok:

Haha it is definitely not unsettling in any way that Toddler and I just woke from nightmares almost simultaneously

You guys, we did it

We survived the naked toilet training weekend

Today has gone really well and I'm trying not to get cocky lol

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