Phantasy Star Online 

Windows Store finally decided to listen to me :o

masks, privilege 

So, my employer gave us masks. A pack of seven per employee. And it kind of bugs me.

Now, I don't like to talk about it on here, because I don't want to be that guy flexing about pay - but I would say everyone at my workplace is above the national average. And I have been drawing a full salary during the whole pandemic.

I don't know the details of my company getting say 10,000 non-medical masks, but I feel like I would rather they give them to people who can't afford it.


@Crash logged out for you :blobcool:

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There's like 5 people on Mastodon who don't code and none of us know how we got here

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I should probably replace this old ipad 2 for laptop or new tablet soon, since I cant get charge cables for it.

But I dont want to part with my $750 just for watching netflix in bed.

Modded minecraft 

so I spent too long getting stuff for a smeltery, then realized theres no tinkers construct in 1.15

(After reading :milly:​ tooting about DQ)

Whenever people talk lovingly about dragon quest 8 I feel a bit sad.

The PS2 came out during a point in my life where I was happy to afford food and gas, so I was basically limited to the discount PC games I could coax my old desktop to run.

Even though I could play it now, I think I will always feel like I missed DQ'S "triumphant return" which is why I really love 11.


I get that you've invaded my survival cave but did you need to bring the rat in too?

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Hello I am a


Looking for:

✔️​ A modded minecraft server not full of assholes for once

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fun fact! nintendo is a company notorious for its shit-tier net code. despite this, for some inexplicable reason, every SNES game that you can play online with a Switch Online subscription uses rollback fucking netcode!!!

that’s right assholes, money match me in kirby’s dream course, it’s go time!!!!

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And you show them that our vision isn't unrealistic and that our vision is worth fighting for by living it out now.

By community gardens. By sharing your surplus. By helping at food pantries and kitchens. By offering to help babysit for the overworked retail parents. By offering to help tutor the kids who are now elearning next door. By walking the dog of the sick neighbor. By having a heart of gold and refusing to lose it.

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Hollywood has made this idea that every good action is only good and helpful if it is on a giant scale and shakes the whole world.

That it's only worthwhile work if it makes the whole world stop and stare.

But... how do you think we get to that point? Your little work is almost more important than that final explosion.

People aren't going to show for that final Hollywood moment if you don't put in the work and show them that this is a vision worth fighting for.

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Just the local plague doctor taking his rat for a swim, nothing to see here

I know its a dumb entitled thing to complain about.

But I am really tired of hearing about the new shed then later getting the stink eye from a landlord that hates my cats.

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I climbed the salary ladder enough to be in a home owning position. If I was married to someone else who works full time.

So being perpetually single and renting, the small talk in this environment is painful.

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