When a screenshot says just about as much as your piece
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Apple running early access program for Apple Arcade, here's what it looks like 9to5mac.com/2019/08/17/apple-r by @_inside

Stop Making Sense
The Social Network
Die Hard
Pillow Talk
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What five movies could you watch any time, no matter how often you've seen them? Mine would be:


Remember when Ed Sheeran was on Game of Thrones and somehow that didn’t convince swaths of people that the show runners had no idea what they were doing without the books as a guide

*erases Steamworld Quest from the "Good games to play on Steam Link" list*

Are the eagles the first team in NFL history to challenge pass interference?

big balls Doug is back and it’s only the preseason

The jags QB looks like Sam Bradford wearing a fake mustache

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If you see someone with “Amazon FC Ambassador” in their twitter name they are there to swarm and overwhelm you with talking points about how cool and good it is to work in the commodity mines. Amazon has invented the brand ambassador Zerg rush

Witcheye has a fun retro aesthetic, but it creates a big problem for itself and it struggles to offer satisfying solutions 148apps.com/reviews/witcheye-r

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made a comic about the lamest of all vices


SNIKS is a charming little puzzle game about snakes that like fruit, but the best thing about it is how intelligible its levels are 148apps.com/reviews/sniks-revi

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A blistering article about how video game companies try to say video games aren't political, but they are. theoutline.com/post/7803/are-v via @outline@twitter.com

I just found out Elizabeth Moss is a scientologist and now I'm incredibly curious to know what she thinks The Handmaid's Tale is about.

I need to go to medieval times
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did you know that at medieval times they don’t give you silverware because it’s not period-accurate but the bartenders do say “yeet” when their portable credit card readers aren’t functioning?

anyway this is now my official water glass at work.

New Steam Link Spotlight this week, highlighting Terry Cavanagh's Dicey Dungeons. It plays perfectly on touchscreens 148apps.com/news/steam-link-sp

I played Journey for the first time last night and it has me very confused about what the heck Sky was supposed to be 148apps.com/news/i-cant-believ

Not sure if y'all know this, but there's this video game called Journey, and it's really fucking good 148apps.com/reviews/journey-re

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