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I put my book on Internet Archive, which is probably the first place I should've put it to be honest:

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I finally published my fantasy novel!

The Kingdom and Lady Eirika can be found for free in ebook form here:
and on ao3 here:

Cover illustration by Kate Draconi whom can be found here:

This book is *queer* (primarily transgender and lesbian) and deals with such topics as:
- hope and ideals persevering through the cynicism of an oppressive society
- the interpretation and reinterpretation of stories
- identity and presentation as self-care, self-fulfillment, and inspiration
- which individuals in one's life are and aren't worth one's time and effort
- the lengths that are necessary to make our world a fundamentally better place to live
- and more!

Content warnings: xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, PTSD, parental abuse, murder, one explicit sex scene

The novel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, a summary of which can be found here:

I have a ko-fi link here:
I AM NOT IN DIRE FINANCIAL STRAITS but I am a near minimum wage worker and we all need money under capitalism.

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Not interested in denial or defense of American border camps, Uyghur genocide, Israeli apartheid, or any other atrocities thanks. Fuck off with that shit

@calexsienne @ me: you’re too sweet to be wicked; you’re smee (from peter pan)

me: *describing the stanley parable* that game is so funny but it can also be very sad and it all-around makes for an endearing experience

@calexsienne : ray just likes men with emotional issues

For this important election year, make sure and take the opportunity to [redacted, whoa man that's a big redacted, like the most redacted thing you can imagine]. It's up to all of us to make a difference!

It's impossible for a white person to believe in capitalism and not believe in racism. You can't have capitalism without racism.
-- Malcolm X

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calling the show ZZ Gundam instead of Gundam ZZ to annoy the real fans

today i heard a hetero describe themself as being straightsexual lol

watching ZZ Gundam makes me think that honestly more sequels should drastically shift tones from their previous entries even if it means returning characters are about half as competent as they were before. It worked for Thor Ragnarok

What’s the only thing trees and cops have in common?

Dead ones help the next generation to live

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back to watching Gundam with ZZ. I'm not sure what it is, but I've been assured it's not an anime

The last season of symphogear more than makes up for the not as good third and fourth seasons. The jarringly dark moments are back, the villains are the government and then god, what's not to love?

@calexsienne : shipping all of the different branches of the narrator together like what's his name from the lorax

me: 😂​

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i think the narrator from the stanley parable would be considered a tumblr sexyman if that game were popular on there

booba is both singular and plural and I think that's beautiful

why do we call it degrowth when we could be calling it shrinkage

Anyone else noticing issues with elekk right now on an iPhone? Ray's just getting a black screen on his phone

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