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Not interested in denial or defense of American border camps, Uyghur genocide, Israeli apartheid, or any other atrocities thanks. Fuck off with that shit

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Not even a little bit okay with apologia for any state

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I put my book on Internet Archive, which is probably the first place I should've put it to be honest:

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I finally published my fantasy novel!

The Kingdom and Lady Eirika can be found for free in ebook form here:
and on ao3 here:

Cover illustration by Kate Draconi whom can be found here:

This book is *queer* (primarily transgender and lesbian) and deals with such topics as:
- hope and ideals persevering through the cynicism of an oppressive society
- the interpretation and reinterpretation of stories
- identity and presentation as self-care, self-fulfillment, and inspiration
- which individuals in one's life are and aren't worth one's time and effort
- the lengths that are necessary to make our world a fundamentally better place to live
- and more!

Content warnings: xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, PTSD, parental abuse, murder, one explicit sex scene

The novel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, a summary of which can be found here:

I have a ko-fi link here:
I AM NOT IN DIRE FINANCIAL STRAITS but I am a near minimum wage worker and we all need money under capitalism.

Why do I get the feeling Ideon is going to be a 39 episode series of pratfalls into mass murder?

it'd be funny if stadia turned into yet another thing like google chat services where they just keep launching and trashing new, weirder variants of it

I've just decided I want a Gundam show set in an oppressive newtype-supremacist society wherein state propaganda emphasizes newtype empathy as the reason they're uniquely qualified to lead all of humanity into a peaceful, prosperous future. The backstory would have newtypes gradually gaining power in the existing world government without any real warfare, even unintentionally at first, as a result of people's inclination toward trusting them as empaths.

But in the present, the most powerful newtype politicians, businesspeople, and military officers gain their power through psychological manipulation, and there are powerful oldtypes who got their positions by posing as newtypes with the help of newtype collaborators. Newtype Cops and soldiers would be depicted gaining pleasure from the suffering of those they hurt alongside oldtype cops and soldiers who envy their newtype compatriots for that exact reason.

The protagonists would of course be a rebel group of both newtypes and oldtypes. Though the protagonist ought to be an oldtype, one with a mental disability that gives them very low empathy, whose primary defining characteristic is their caring and compassion for both their companions and downtrodden people in general.

Also giant robots

remember in evangelion when misato said "i habve.. tWO breassts" then drank a can of brisk and let out a huge belch? trans icon

"I liked it better when it was called japanimation." - Hayao Miyazaki

Now that I've finished Gundam X, my next between Gundam show is Ideon, Tomino's first successor to Gundam at a time when I imagine he must've thought Gundam would never get a sequel. It's also a big inspiration for Evangelion, so I'm interested in how this show will end up feeling

Alright I've firmly decided that my Gundam X opinion is that it does Newtypes better than the UC shows. I really wish this show had gotten it's full intended length. And yes I am a sucker for the trope where a godlike entity shows up at the end and flatly exposits all the themes, why do you ask?

Did you know: When you censor words, that just means you’re circumventing one’s word filter? Just don’t censor the word and let peoples’ word filter do their job.

Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelly said “bois lie and girls lie too”, reaffirming that non-binary people don't. This has important implications should you ever face two guards in a labyrinth barring access to doors that might or might not lead to the exit, in this essay I

So is positive nihilism just absurdism without calling it absurd? Because that's always been the problem I've had with absurdism: calling enjoying life without meaning absurd

wearing a kn95 or n95 quality mask not only to protect myself and other people but also to bother the people who don’t mask at all

okay then im ranting about kink 

@ItsMorgan if you moralize away the validity and value of participating in kink then you are removing the safe option. making it bad and wrong to do the safe version doesn't make people stop doing it. it just makes it seem that its not worse to do the much more harmful or dangerous version. we see this in so many legal prohibitions of substances- not exactly comparable but its an example people are familiar with

Everything in Roblox looks like those pregnant elsa seo kids' youtube videos to me

when you don't know anything about gay people, all you know is that they're dangerously disturbed degenerates out to unravel the whole of society with seductive debauchery, criminal activities and terrorism.

when you learn more about gay people, you understand that they're just people like anybody else, they just happen to love someone different, there's nothing to be afraid of, love is love.

when you learn a lot about gay people, it turns out that first thing was pretty accurate

We do not seek that our ways of knowing, being, and acting ever be wrapped up into a fixed belief and presented as a pitiful rag. We do not wish that Indigenous anarchism ever be a flag that is planted anywhere on Mother Earth. The calcification of an Indigenous anarchist theory would precipitate all the merchandizing that relegates other political theories to banal dramaturgy, and we fanatically reject these conditions. Indigenous autonomy needs no theoretical foundation to justify itself.

As an anarchist who was also an Indigenous person, Aragorn! identified this rejection, “Anarchism is the term used to describe an open ended theory that will not be set in stone. Anarchy isn’t named after a man, it is named after negation.”

The modern leftist political urge towards unified (centralized) revolutionary struggle, with meticulously identified “points of unity” and check box manifestos outlining programs, are all propositions of philosophical, ideological, and political homogeneity. This is a tendency that the Zapatistas — who are romanticized ad nauseam for their particularly wonderful sustained insurrection — were very aware of. Much to the frustrations of leftists seeking legitimacy and to have their political theories confirmed, the Zapatistas were intentionally elusive about their politics due to the trappings of modern leftist political projections. While it was clear that the assertion of Zapatismo by Ch’ol, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Tojolobal, Mam, and Zoque people embodied autonomous anti-capitalist anti-colonial struggle, land back, and mutual aid, the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee Zapatista Army of National Liberation asserted, “Zapatismo is not a new political ideology, or a rehash of old ideologies. Zapatismo is nothing, it does not exist. It only serves as a bridge, to cross from one side, to the other. So everyone fits within Zapatismo, everyone who wants to cross from one side, to the other. There are no universal recipes, lines, strategies, tactics, laws, rules, or slogans. There is only a desire – to build a better world, that is, a new world.”

Happy birthday bisexuals and biromantics and bilesbians and bi people everywhere I hope you all have a glorious and cozy fall

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