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Hey folks, here's the stuff I do.

Lots of content on my Instagram:

Longer Gunpla posts and content on my Patreon:

Like what I do but don't want to commit to being a patron?

Please check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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I figured I should do an for my new Elekk neighbours.

H, I'm Caelyn! I'm fat, trans, disabled and queer. I like videogames, TTRPGs and various other tabletop games. I read comics, watch anime and do all that typical nerdy shit.

I collect Transformers, build Gunpla and enjoy posting photos of those on Instagram.

I write about games and my other interests, you can find my work on my Patreon. It's all public and my only source of income while I try and sort some freelance work out.

I'm playing Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, and it's really refreshing playing a genre that I don't really play very often. Like, other than a couple of hours on Hyrule Warriors, I don't think I've played a musou game for the past decade or so. And I've never spent serious time with one.

asking for help, DWP bullshit, sorry for being a pain 

general leftpol musings 

general negative moaning 

asking for help, DWP bullshit, sorry for being a pain 

ukpol, Jeremy Corbyn, humourous 

ukpol, Jeremy Corbyn, humourous 

ukpol, lib dems 

snafuuuu! for my cutie @caelyn for my dnd game tomorrow and yes i love this tiny evil kobold

hello i haven't posted any art here since i haven't had a tablet! my new fancy one came today and here is bhops

commission info times!

i thought i'd update and post my info again since i'm now open for them cuz i have a new tablet!


Half body:
Sketch: £10
Lines: £15
Add colour
Flat: +£8
Shaded: +£15

Full body:
Sketch: £20
Lines: £25
Add colour
Flat: +£17
Shaded: +£25

NSFW, Furry, Fandom, and Original Characters all welcome.

DM me for more info~!

DWP bullshit, crying, asking for help 

I know Disney is evil, but if they're gonna have their own streaming service, can we at least get a science show presented by Mark Ruffalo in character as Bruce Banner out of it?

The problem with internet sandwich discourse is that people insist on defining it by form, when it's an inherently functional food item. In this essay I will

All kids/babies painted by Michelangelo look like Baby Finn from Adventure Time doing the Buff Baby song, just without the hat.

people love free speech right up until you say mao had the right idea about landlords

request for income help 

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