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Just realised that I haven't reposted this on my Elekk account, so here's my big, buff bearsona Yvaine!

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Hey folks, here's the stuff I do.

Lots of content on my Instagram:

Longer Gunpla posts and content on my Patreon:

Like what I do but don't want to commit to being a patron?

Please check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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I figured I should do an for my new Elekk neighbours.

H, I'm Caelyn! I'm fat, trans, disabled and queer. I like videogames, TTRPGs and various other tabletop games. I read comics, watch anime and do all that typical nerdy shit.

I collect Transformers, build Gunpla and enjoy posting photos of those on Instagram.

I write about games and my other interests, you can find my work on my Patreon. It's all public and my only source of income while I try and sort some freelance work out.

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I received the first volume of Once & Future as a gift the other day. Just read it in the bath. It's great, and has some really interesting takes on Arthurian legend.

Also has racists getting brutally sworded very early on.

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Not sure if I'm gonna main Katalina or Zeta.

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if i did stickers what kinda designs would y'all be interested in?

Covid shitppst 

stay over there!!! 

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I told my wife she drew her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised!

I saw someone say that M&B2 was just Warband but prettier. Their opinions are no longer valid.

Sure, Bannerlord is basically the same game as Warband, but it's clear that all the systems have been rebuilt from the ground up. There's still a lot of stuff that needs fixing, but it's an early access release and they're working on it pretty damn quickly.

It's a bit like taking two football games developed a decade apart and criticising the more recent one because it's the same game.

I've been playing Risen and my mage is now powerful enough to cast the summon skeleton spell.

The skeleton is called Fred.

10/10, best game ever, would recommend.

covid mention 

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Ten minutes on Twitter and I've confirmed that my "ignorance is bliss" policy is the only way to maintain my mental health.

I can't do anything about the utter buffoons out there, so I'm better off not knowing about their latest bullshit.

hey y'all! i'm probably gonna be out of work soon cuz the agency i'm with is awful, so i'm gonna offer these lil animal crossing commissions for the price of a ko-fi! send me any amount and you'll get one of these in return. just send me a reference and leave your name

Capitalism is so great, I can't buy an ebook of a 42 year old novel because I live in the wrong country.

Hey hey!
I could use some assistance via boosts or donations to my GFM! I'm trying to bounce from my unexpected move back to states-Barça & I can't make prints to sell or work yet on my visa.

Plus I'm trying to create content & other projects to share on the fedi but that requires money as many things do.

#GFM #showupforwishes

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