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Just realised that I haven't reposted this on my Elekk account, so here's my big, buff bearsona Yvaine!

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Hey folks, here's the stuff I do.

Lots of content on my Instagram:

Longer Gunpla posts and content on my Patreon:

Like what I do but don't want to commit to being a patron?

Please check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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I figured I should do an for my new Elekk neighbours.

H, I'm Caelyn! I'm fat, trans, disabled and queer. I like videogames, TTRPGs and various other tabletop games. I read comics, watch anime and do all that typical nerdy shit.

I collect Transformers, build Gunpla and enjoy posting photos of those on Instagram.

I write about games and my other interests, you can find my work on my Patreon. It's all public and my only source of income while I try and sort some freelance work out.

Quick heads up, if you see something that doesn't have a content warning when you'd like one, please message the person and ask them politely.

"Jesus christ, no CW" is not a polite message, and just makes you a prick.

Yeah, we stopped that. Come for dunking on clumsy and heavy handed allegories about all the oppressions ever, leave because everything is fucking horrible.

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Rune is playing Detroit Become Human. We thought it'd be fun to stream and dunk on it. Now we've had to sit and watch child abuse happen while we do chores, I don't think fun is the right word.

Asking for financial help 

Hey y'all, we have £14 left to last us until the 11th of July and we have barely any food left right now. I'm open for commissions if anyone wants one, or a donation or boost helps just as much!

new commission post times!


Half body:
Sketch: £10
Lines: £15
Add colour
Flat: +£8
Shaded: +£15

Full body:
Sketch: £20
Lines: £25
Add colour
Flat: +£17
Shaded: +£25

NSFW, Furry, Fandom, and Original Characters all welcome.

I'm looking at Steam, at all the games I installed and hardly touched, or got half way through before becoming bored. Trying to remember the last game I actually finished. Nier: Automata maybe? That was a good few months ago.

asking for financial help, please give to black trans women first 

Good morning, everything is still shit. If you want to make it marginally less shit for two disabled trans people, please consider giving us money because the pittance we get from the government is barely enough to survive on.

trans woman asking for help 

hi guys.

i'm asking for some help to buy some food. even if it's just a pizza. I know I've got some people watching this and they'll mock it. but i do seriously need help. my lunch today was a 1/2 gallon of water.

please? if you can help?

back streaming dragon age inquisition!

Going from getting paid at the end of the month to getting benefits paid on the 11th is a fucking nightmare. Who gets paid on the 11th? All your direct debits are set up for after payday.

But when they introduced universal credit, they switched from fortnightly to monthly payments because they wanted people to leanr to manage their money or some shit. Yeah, right.

gonna be streaming more dragon age in about 10 minutes! gonna fight the northern hunter!

Gender, a PSA 

Your gender is, and always will be, your own. Not anybody else's. So don't let them tell you what it is. It is whatever you feel it is. Independent of your birth assigned gender, independent of your current gender presentation, even independent of your future gender presentation, if you want. Your gender and your gender presentation don't actually have to match. Nor do your pronouns. Use whatever pronouns you feel most comfortable with. I know women who use he/him. I know men who use she/her. I know hyper feminine trans people who prefer a neutral pronoun. It literally doesn't matter. None of it matters in any way except whether it fits you and makes you feel right. Everyone else can either adapt or doesn't deserve to cross your mind.
Love and solidarity to all who stood up and spoke their truth and then began to live it.

is a bigot once every two gots or twice a got

Also featured so far has been a queer analysis of Final Fucking Fantasy 7. There's been a piece on queer streamers too, so it's not entirely disastrous.

It sticks in the craw when, just a couple of weeks ago, so many queer indie developers gave away their work for free as part of that Itch bundle. This week could have been spent celebrating their work, but nah.

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I think I've just seen peak corporate Pride. Eurogamer's "Pride Week" article today celebrates Life is Strange, a game infamous for causing an uproar with it's final chapter containing the terrible "bury your gays" trope (or, you could just kill an entire town instead) WRITTEN BY THE PR MANAGER FOR LIFE IS STRANGE.

"The world isn't fair" should be a challenge to make it better, not a stick to beat people with.

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