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Just realised that I haven't reposted this on my Elekk account, so here's my big, buff bearsona Yvaine!

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Hey folks, here's the stuff I do.

Lots of content on my Instagram:

Longer Gunpla posts and content on my Patreon:

Like what I do but don't want to commit to being a patron?

Please check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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I figured I should do an for my new Elekk neighbours.

H, I'm Caelyn! I'm fat, trans, disabled and queer. I like videogames, TTRPGs and various other tabletop games. I read comics, watch anime and do all that typical nerdy shit.

I collect Transformers, build Gunpla and enjoy posting photos of those on Instagram.

I write about games and my other interests, you can find my work on my Patreon. It's all public and my only source of income while I try and sort some freelance work out.

Hey y'all, doing a small flat colour icon sale for £10! Opening up 10 slots and I'll keep this updated with slots! DM me for more info

Hey folks, on Friday, I asked @goblins to marry me and they said yes!

genital mention, joke, dunking on terfs 

@goblins, working on a horse genital assignment and talking to web pages: That's a woman, not a vulva.

Me: According to the terfs, they#re the same thing! OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

begpost, please boost 

hey all, sorry for yet another begpost but i'm feeling really desperate again. we've had our income cut to £167 a month due to student loans (which have already gone and been accounted for) and right now we have -£120 in the bank

I know it's a tough time right now and also the festive times but even a boost would help! Also tipping and subbing to my onlyfans is great too (it's free rn)

Nsfw, selfies, boobs n ass, little bit of eye strain 

I'm having fun with nudes and such even though I've made no money

nsfw, uni things 

yes i am now looking up horse cock

for research reasons

ok i know poggers is all the rage right now but let me tell u about the original pog champ 

pogona vitticeps, the latin name for the bearded dragon!

Christmas movie 

It also includes violence against cops.

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Christmas movie 

Noelle is pretty fun and introduces kids to the idea that techbros ruin everything, so it gets a thumbs up imo.

PSA: @goblins is really cute and awesome and loving and wonderful and has fantastic tits.

wah the light-sword space wizard pewpew story made a science boo boo, how will I live

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financial help request 

Hi! Mine and @goblins's entire income for December is £167. Same last month and we won't receive anything else until 2021. We're a disabled trans couple who just want to be able to buy food and pay bills this month. We've already spent all the Christmas money we received from family on essentials and still haven't covered everything.

Please share and donate if you can.

I don't know how I feel that because villains have been queer coded for years now everyone's over compensating by not having gay villains anymore like, maybe I want a lesbian mad scientist. You don't know me you don't know my life.

I live!

Or at least I live as much as it's possible for one to do before the first coffee of the day.

I have assembled a book case. I had to break out the power tools. BUTCH LESBIAN!

Rune has been struggling with one of their uni assignments and, having looked over the brief, I fully understand why. It's literally the worst brief I've seen as a student or a teacher. Totally unfocused with a whole bunch of different topics with different tasks required for each of them. In 2000 words. In poster form.

The grading criteria is literally just the task list, but arranged in a table.

It's like the tutor took most of the semester's learning and instead of assigning a test or breaking it up into smaller essays, just smooshed it all together. No wonder someone with ADHD is seriously struggling.

The Mandalorian S2 finale spoilers 

Nerds are getting angry at Luke being the Jedi to show up for Baby Yoda, but they always get angry every time another Jedi who survived the purge is introduced, so you really can't fucking win.

really bad (groan-worthy) joke, Transformers nerdery, long story 

Okay so I recently got my hands on Gigawatt, which is a bizarre mash-up between Transformers and BTTF that's a toy Delorean that turns into a robot with a flux capacitor and some time circuits on his chest. I know, right?

Anyway this figure has a weird manufacturing issue that results in the head not being able to look up at all. So I was browsing the TFW forums to see if anyone had a fix and of course someone did. TFW's good like that, and there's usually always a thread about fixing specific figure problems like using floor polish with future in it to tighten joints, using shock oil meant for RC cars to loosen joints that are too tight, and so on.

Anyway it turns out you just have to open Gigawatt up and shave down a small tab that's pressed up against the back of the neck joint, which will free things up and allow it to move much more freely.

The only drawback is it makes the head extremely loose.

As expected, people were talking about how it was pretty easy to just put a few coats of floor polish on the joint to tighten it up. To which someone made the observation (I'm paraphrasing):

"So if one coat of floor polish doesn't work, you need to go Back to the Future?"

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