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Hey folks, here's the stuff I do.

Lots of content on my Instagram:

Longer Gunpla posts and content on my Patreon:

Like what I do but don't want to commit to being a patron?

Please check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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I figured I should do an for my new Elekk neighbours.

H, I'm Caelyn! I'm fat, trans, disabled and queer. I like videogames, TTRPGs and various other tabletop games. I read comics, watch anime and do all that typical nerdy shit.

I collect Transformers, build Gunpla and enjoy posting photos of those on Instagram.

I write about games and my other interests, you can find my work on my Patreon. It's all public and my only source of income while I try and sort some freelance work out.

I have s little over a week to decide on my character for PSO2. Which aesthetic should I go for!

I have s little over a week to decide on my character for PSO2. Which aesthetic should I go for!

I just remembered the phrase "intellectually-lazy smart people" from Transmetropolitan and I feel attacked.

I imagine this tonal shift is the cause of some serious emotional whiplash.

There are two PSO2 anime series'. The first one from a few years ago is a mostly lighthearted slice of life about high school kids playing PSO2 that has isekai elements.

The second, which is currently airing, is an adaptation of the game's early story and is REALLY FUCKING DARK. Like "Oh, this is fun and cute and OMG SHE JUST GOT VIOLENTLY AND SOMEWHAT GRAPHICALLY MURDERED!" dark.

This is a bit of a long shot, but...

I dropped my 700ml/23.7oz Sistema water bottle today and only the big lid broke. Does anyone in the UK have the same bottle but with a broken base, any colour, that I could buy just to replace the big lid on mine? 😁


Me, calls GP surgery: Hi, I have an appointment today to discuss blood test results, but I can't make it due to back pain, any chance the doctor can call me instead?
Receptionist: I'm sorry, we don't have any more telephone appointments today.

Today has been a good day. I woke up feeling actually rested, had a relaxing bath and then spent the evening building Gunpla while chatting with Rune and some chums.

Yeah, I've still had to deal with pain and low key tiredness, but they were in the background, not dominating my day.

hello so okay moving sucks but we’re on track and we’re good on food money for now but we need to get up to our ex-boyfriend’s house (80 miles away) to get our stuff and move it to our storage unit before we leave for kentucky.

former housemate was supposed to help with this but they flaked, so please help us afford the gas to do this, like $25–30 USD 🙏🏻✨ or $GlamorShark

transformative/transformation justice shitpost 

And that's the end of the first chapter! Hope you've enjoyed it and it's piqued your interest in Wildermyth, as it's a really great game. I'm thinking about streaming the next chapter, would folks be interested in that?

The gang enjoy nine years of peace after their victory, but Cam's stone mark has grown and he is none too happy about it. Harp uncovered some fresh leads and they set out to kick some butt.

Cam is left with a strange mark after a dying tentacle beast roots around in his head.


*Warning: Eldritch fire not guaranteed to bestow sick fire arm. Fedimyth accepts no liability for you fools fucking with fire.

After an encounter with a strange beast called The Strider, Harp is now a little leafy.

@caelyn @Sapphicgiraffic Also to think over whether "the Woolen Star" is really the most inspiring thing he could come up with.

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