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ok i bought a few things on the playstation store on sale: horizon zero dawn, uncharted lost legacy, and watch dogs 2

narrowed my choices down to these, all currently on sale:

โ€ข watch dogs 2
โ€ข resident evil 2 remake
โ€ข horizon zero dawn
โ€ข uncharted lost legacy
โ€ข spider-man city that never sleeps dlc
โ€ข shadow of the tomb raider

which reminds me that watch dogs 2 is on sale on the playstation store, which i've wanted to play

just found out that someone i know is working on watch dogs legion as narrative designer :O so awesome!!

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so there's a playstation store digital sale and a *lot* of things on my wishlist are discounted. i can't get them ALL right now because $$$ but that means i have to decide what to play next... i hate decisions lol

oh wow didn't even know stuff was happening now

i feel so out of touch with gaming lately

iโ€™m so addicted to the spider-man ps4 game. i finished the main storyline, but i doubt iโ€™ll be able to 100% all the side things because i just canโ€™t do the timed bomb challenges. i might actually buy the DLC just for more story content?... but maybe i should play other games instead lol

i have a lot of fun not just swinging through the city, but even doing things like standing on top of cars and riding them as long as i can

if you want to see how i waste time in , here are a few silly videos i captured. i look into rooms, i hover between trucks, and i run sideways

So do PERL gamedevs exist? Would that even be possible?

Is there a perljam is what I'm asking.

Ready for OCtober tomorrow? Each day, create something (draw a picture, write a ficlet, etc.) featuring one of your OCs as that day's creature of myth. If you don't have any characters or don't feel creative that day, these are also good handwriting practice. :)

(Unfortunately, the thing that makes the name clever also makes it hard to hashtag. I suggest . :)

If you can't read a name, the text list is here:

And to spread the word:

just found out about , a retro-style game engine for python, inspired by and fantasy consoles. definitely will have to play with it

i know i'll end up seeing photos from the event and experience serious FOMO though :/

i was going to go to the arcade tonight (and my game is going to be there!), but i think i am peopled out for todayโ€ฆ

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