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refreshing the intro

bfoty boyfriend of the year
aka william

27 cishet irish man

i like: to ferment, to brew, to coffee, to listen music, to games, to manga/anime, bears, and women that could destoy me (pyhsically or spiritually).
resident #1 buff women lover

lately streaming over on a variety channel, streaming what takes my fancy.
also playing , on the zalera server

always trying to improve and to listen. generally try to just be a positive and supportive person here.

we could be friends. who knows.

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hell yea! onisoda enabling my extremely self-indulgent commission of miruko kabedoning me

absolutely over the moon with this one, what a dream come true. all the Big details (like her everything) and the small details (those wee bears!!!) are amazing. kaz never fails to impress

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2020 you say

bfoty boyfriend of the year
aka william

i love to ferment. so much. ask me about it talk to me about it pwease.
also enjoy foodtube, nlss/northernlion.

i like various games, easy going about it. particularly fond of binding of isaac, monster hunter, kingdom hearts, anything yoko taro, but im generally game to try whatever. esp love browsing itchio for anything interesting/different

love music, anime/manga!

frig terfs

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bfoty boyfriend of the year

into a lot of games really, love trying new or unknown/experimental games.
usually thinkin bout binding of isaac, monster hunter, kingdom hearts, anything yoko taro.

also talk to me if you're into anime/manga, and send any music recommendations my way!

i love to ferment stuff and i love to bake stuff. my kombucha scoby is called bruno boochellati


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looks like my emote is live :D. come to the stream in 11.5 hours to see it :3

i just want more art of my demonsona it brings me the feel good brain juice

think i will get a small whiteboard just for like writing down a schedule for my weeks and to-do lists

and also a corkboard for pins and charms

me: i am personally not into vtubers
also me: i wi;; become vtub

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my friend that i comm often is learning how to make vtuber things so might do comms of them if they like the process pog

img desc 

what colour do i give off

white: manic pixie dream girl
light blue: *microwave noise*
teal: stink
green: anime antagonist
red: gay little goblin
orange: pixar mom ass
yellow: mcdonald's sprite
pink: monster fucker
blue: still has tumblr
purple: mento iwness
grey: hissed at people in 7th grade
black: we get it you have mommy and daddy issues

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i wonder if this mood lately is some kind of mental health episode

covid related, fashion 

if theres one mild upside to this year it's that ive not had to stress over clothing and having no idea how to dress cool for my body shape/size

hot take chat apps should not replace emotes with emojes because they hit way different

<3 and ❤️ aren't the same thing

:) and 😃 aren't the same thing


im awake im awake. rain hitting my windows made it hard to get myself out of bed tho lol

i think i have missed something wild in fedi but instead of dealing with that i am going to bed good night

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