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bfoty boyfriend of the year

into a lot of games really, love trying new or unknown/experimental games.
usually thinkin bout binding of isaac, monster hunter, kingdom hearts, anything yoko taro.

also talk to me if you're into anime/manga, and send any music recommendations my way!

i love to ferment stuff and i love to bake stuff. my kombucha scoby is called bruno boochellati


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My favorite moment in Pokemon history is in Mystery Dungeon when diglett is like "my feet feel like they're walking on air" and Magnemite goes "he has them?? Feet??" in all caps

Reminded of this because today I shouted "pilowsine has eyes?" like a clown

Daily reminder that Kirby is non-binary and Nintendo America is transphobic.

every day is a constant battle between "i hate weebs who obsess over big titty anime ladies" and "big tiddy anime ladies are pretty fucking great tbh"

only done two runs, but legend of bum-bo is neat. i dont _see_ the solutions too well yet but having fun with it

tho im 100% positive a lot of it, esp early stuff, will be Bad

honestly kinda tempted to re-watch RvB. been years now, and i know it got v silly but it'd be nostalgic

you: william please stop about pokemon takes
me: blastoise is a cop

this is an early-game normal-type pokemon appreciation toot

Pokémon discourse because apparently I can't stop 

ok but why do none of the bots on here that post pics of w/e serieses every credit/source?

i've said it before but i'm still miffed by it

the ups and downs of this pokemon save data thing is wild. learning a lot tho lol

re: PSA for anyone getting Pokemon Sword/Shield, turn off autosave 

AT LEAST set them them uni where they're young adults and have understandable schedules

14 year olds working full time jobs and full independence and relationship issues and shit like plz

i really wish every manga ever wasnt set in middle or high school

re: PSA for anyone getting Pokemon Sword/Shield, turn off autosave 

general Switch PSa 

PSA for anyone getting Pokemon Sword/Shield, turn off autosave 

"that's a great piss play". legend of bum-bo makes you say some funny things

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