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bfoty boyfriend of the year

into a lot of games really, love trying new or unknown/experimental games.
usually thinkin bout binding of isaac, monster hunter, kingdom hearts, anything yoko taro.

also talk to me if you're into anime/manga, and send any music recommendations my way!

i love to ferment stuff and i love to bake stuff. my kombucha scoby is called bruno boochellati


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watching northernlion and friends play BL3.

hooboy this writing huh?

which is a bit disappointing but that's the gamble with kickstarter

tried playing some blasphemous and while i do love the artstyle, sound design, all that... unsure it's a game for me. just not getting a feel for it

sick, beat gears 5. great game tbh. really enjoyed the story

do recommend, either full price or thru game pass

area 51 malarkey, uspol 

area 51 malarkey, uspol 

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Generally in awe at how open hornt posters are. I can never be so frank about who or what I want to fuck.

My deepest bow to you, crazy diamonds.

oh and remnant i wanna play remnant!!!

it's so annoying that the one cafe in the business park im in, the one place i could watch some anime on my phone, has shit reception. my 4G out here is real good but that specific spot is CRAP wah

gonna try finish demon slayer and gears 5 this weekend.... then get to blasphemous and that given anime maybe

not having the time for all the games and anime i want to get thru is not like a major issue in the grand scheme but it is a bummer

i've been watching demon slayer and it's been p good! very well animated and the mc is a nice boy bit of a dork

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you're a mob in a JRPG, what do you drop when you're defeated

only took me this many years to stop being bad at this :V

originally, was going to get link is awake tomorrow, but i'm finally being mature and not buying another game til i finish what i am playing.

playing gears 5 atm, and have blasphemous in the queue. no new games til done those (or at least trying to stick to that)


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What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

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