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Regularly Playing: March 2021 Edition - Attempting to update my massively out of date sidebar on the blog and the games I have been semi-regularly playing since October

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Early 40s Husband, Furkid Dad, Blogger, Podcaster, Irregular Streamer, Programmer, Manager of Programmers, and person desperately trying to come off as an adult when he is completely certain everyone is going to find out he is a fraud. I will probably be talking about games or making random observations.

Look for new blog posts each weekday, and a new podcast each weekend.

No Season but Much Fun - This morning I talk about not participating in Diablo 3 season this weekend but instead having a ton of fun doing group content in FFXIV.

Mixtape Mondays: Tides of War - This morning I share a Mixtape pulled from my time exploring the Vietnam/post-Vietnam era of "classic rock"

AggroChat #352 - Partial Vindication - We talk Monster Hunter Stories 2, Star Trek Online, More FFXIV, Kodra Streaming Celeste and Tam playing Cyberpunk 2077

Favorite Fridays - Enbarr Whistle - This morning I talk about Enbarr's Whistle from Final Fantasy XIV and how it set me down a long journey to Kirin

Please Believe Women - I had no intention to write this post this morning, but I ended up writing it anyway but I do talk about FFXIV being a shelter in the storm

Players and Toxicity - This morning I share my experiences in running dungeons with several self-proclaimed World of Warcraft refugees over in FFXIV

Fun with Treasure Maps - This morning I talk about Treasure Hunt maps in Final Fantasy XIV and the extremely interesting portal dungeons that can spawn.

Mixtape Mondays: Explorations in Syncopation - This morning I share with you a Mixtape that is largely an excuse for me to include Information Society, The Shamen and Jesus Jones.

AggroChat #351 - Greysky is Active Again - We talk Rune II, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, Yakuza, MTG Forgotten Realms, and returning to Final Fantasy XIV

The Battle for Azeroth's Soul - This morning I talk about World of Warcraft and how they are that friend that cannot seem to get their shit together but you care.

Blaugust 2021 On the Horizon - This morning I talk about Blaugust 2021 and share all of the guidelines for this festival of blogging that we hope you join!

Mixtape Mondays: Hot Chicken Cold Stares - This morning I present a Hot Chicken inspired mixtape that is spicy as hell and a bit of an acquired taste but always tasty.

Favorite Fridays - Usagi Kabuto - This morning I kick off a new series where I deep dive into a single item and start by talking about my "Bunny Hat" in FFXIV.

Self Interest and Zombie Fiction - Last night I watched Black Summer Season 2 and I pose questions if humanity will breakdown or instead band together in a Zombie Apocalypse

Unexpected Adventures - This morning I talk about my FFXIV adventures in crafting the components I needed for a simple quest turn in and its day long odyssey.

MixTape Mondays: Tapedeck Held Aloft - This morning I share a love letter to the soundtracks of 1980s teen movies specifically of the John Hughes era.

AggroChat #350 - Super Dungeon Friends - Big Box Games and Feelies, Returning to FFXIV, It Takes Two, Iconoclasts, D&D Dark Alliance and Mario Golf Super Rush

Super Dungeon Friends - This morning I talk about Super Dungeon Friends, the idea for a low pressure judgement free FFXIV grouping discord community.

FFXIV Cross Data Center Grouping - This morning I talk briefly about the FFXIV World Visit system and how you interact with it and thoughts about Data Center visit in 6.0

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