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Regularly Playing: October 2020 Edition - This morning I share the games I have been regularly playing during Sept/Oct and some of the games that I am finally admitting I am done with.

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Early 40s Husband, Furkid Dad, Blogger, Podcaster, Irregular Streamer, Programmer, Manager of Programmers, and person desperately trying to come off as an adult when he is completely certain everyone is going to find out he is a fraud. I will probably be talking about games or making random observations.

Look for new blog posts each weekday, and a new podcast each weekend.

Optifine and Nostalgia Shaders - This morning I talk about installing Optifine with Minecraft and how much easier it is to set up shaders than it used to be

Steelfeather Replacements - Last night I returned to Destiny and began my hunt for a replacement for my beloved Kinetic Auto Rifle of choice

The Inbetweensies - Going through a period where I am generally unsatisfied with everything I keep trying to play while I wait on the launch of Outriders

Fort Bel, Outriders and Destiny - This morning I talk about "Fort Bel" in Valheim, the Outriders demo and apparently playing a bit of Destiny Season 13

AggroChat #336 - Cover is a Trap - Tonight we talk about Tams epic battle with Moder in Valheim, charming Haven couple gameplay, and the Outriders Demo

Outriders Demo Impressions - I played the Demo last night and you should as well. I summarize the story and talk about my experiences with the class and gear systems.

Anthem Next No More - Yesterday's announcement ripped the scab off the old wound and I talk about my disappointment and loss of faith in BioWare

MMOs Nostalgia Thread - Part 5 - The final day of this nonsense recounting of MMOs gone past as I do a mega post of the last 22 games in my list

MMOs Nostalgia Thread - Part 4 - I continue the journey through MMOs past and this episode has some twelve sads out of ten moments for a few games that are never to return

MMOs Nostalgia Thread - Part 3 - With this post we are through 45 games... and I am starting to question the wisdom of this undertaking but we press forward!

AggroChat #335 - Viking Summer Camp - Tonight we talk about thawing out, BlizzConline, Diablo 4, Burning Crusade Classic, Valheim and a little WandaVision

MMOs Nostalgia Thread - Part 2 - I talk about the next fifteen games on my list as we reach a little less than the halfway point of my journey through MMOs past

MMOs Nostalgia Thread - Part 1 - There is a twitter thread listing MMORPGs played and I needed more space so here is part one of this nostalgia trip

Valheim with People - The game has hit critical mass with the AggroChat crew and as a result we stood up a server last night and I experienced co-op Valheim

Northern Expansion and NDA - This morning I talk about the northward expansion in Minecraft, wanting to get back into Valheim, NDA bound games and my YouTube experiments

Snow and Baby Zombies - The Snowpocalypse Commeth, Adventuring with Kenzie and our weirdly Baby Zombie attracting pier in Minecraft Realms

AggroChat #334 - Edgelords with Scythes - Tonight we talk about FFXIV Endwalker, Guild Wars 2 drop in events, Stadia shuttering studio, and baby’s first sad RPG ending

Pillager Raids are Serious - I talk about the time I inadvertently spawned a Pillager raid and conscripted Zelibeli into a desperate play for saving the Village

Falling Behind - Talking about my Minecraft YouTube series and how I am falling behind a bit in my normal recording/production schedule

Black Forest Outskirts - More discussion about Valheim as I enter the Black Forest leading me to uproot my home and move closer to my new hunting grounds

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