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@JonComms I hope they show the Mii costumes first just for the chaos

RT @NeilNevins
Me: (to my wife) you should be able to summon Buck Cluck to emotionally abuse and gaslight the Heartless

RT @nescartridges
spamton single-handedly killed the fnf fandom's relevance in a day

RT @ponettplus
i'm glad people are still making ytpmv's in the year 2021

RT @TheYear20XX
cool, hideki kamiya is in mega man 11

RT @jbradfield
this is a thing toby fox said to nintendo, that nintendo published, on their website

RT @ponettplus
on the surface, undertale and deltarune seem like good-natured comedy RPGs with a pacifist slant. but dig a little deeper and you'll find something much more sinister... a gateway drug for getting into touhou

RT @sonic_news_now
Nintendo Inadvertently Acknowledges the SEGA Genesis to be More Valuable than the SNES by Charging a Premium for Nintendo Switch Online

RT @kinsie
Trying to find the right bit of music for Reelism 2

RT @tegiminis
it would be funny if the ruling on the spiderman estate was that spiderman and all ditko/lee comics are now public ips and anyone can make stories with them

RT @witch_mote
Just wait until people who have only played New Horizons find out what Brewster uses for his lattes.

RT @OrangeJinty
My Doug Walker brain worms made me do this and then I forgot to even post it.

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