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Hey y'all! I'm moving to @aetios . Follow me there!

Hey y'all! I'm moving to @aetios . Follow me there!

have you heard of this indie band muse they're kinda underground yo

holy crap. I'm trying to play every breath you take by the police on my guitar and i tell you these stretches are crazy as hecc

what does RTA mean with speedruns i forgot

AGDQ games that will watch? 

imagine if minish cap had been a full fledged 3d game... :blobmelt:

Omg the Russian name for Japan Япония (Yaponiya) is cute as heck

so im getting better with *writing* cyrillic cursive, but im still trash *reading* my own cursive. MHHMMM whatever it'll come with time

I KEEP confusing и and н in cursive

i write with red ink on this paper, because it's trash and my twsbi eco with medium tip just... leaks right through. fountainpenlife ;_;

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