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I tend to return to just a few abstract strategy games. I've been using Mastodon for a while as @jc (Josh) and had an account on but it disappeared, so here I am seeking another game instance.

In 2001 I conceived a game as an experiment identifying alternate strategies to certain ways of thinking–it took 10+ years of refining to make it work nicely. During that time it seems like the world had an amazing explosion of new games–hope to hear about some!

Game = -

was an abstract strategy board game that Vikings loved. I hadn't been aware of it until reading this interesting Atlas Obscura article on its history (check it out, worth the read)

Of course, BoardGameGeek has more info

Good read on how chess computers becoming so strong, have also led to an increase in strategic games. Interesting the way tournaments have had to change too, so that the human side stays more pure.

Elekk: Gameing and Other Delightful Pursuits

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