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Wanna support an unemployed disabled queer with their unending wheelchair maintenance and medicine costs?$TeaMug
Venmo: TeaMug

The state provides me $200 a month - but prescriptions, OTCs, grocery delivery fees, bills, and copays use that up, and it's never enough.
My partners can only cover so much of my remaining costs, and we're saving to move to accessible housing, which tightens margins further.

Current needs in replies.

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Intro I guess 

Okay so I'm queer, I'm mid-20s, I'm unemployed and disabled. I got hit by a car 5 years ago and it made a goddamn mess of me.

So I think a lot about being an angry little radical who can't actually go out and do anything with that rage and it spills out onto the Internet. I don't always articulate well - TBIs take a long time to rebuild around and it'll always be a noticeable renovation. I forget things - if I fucked up, please point it out but use clear language. I will try to add alt texts but I can't always turn the pictures into descriptions and then into words.
You can mute, block, and be frustrated with my brain. We'll commiserate - I'm frustrated with my brain most of the time.

I like to write but I've gone back to fanfic for the time being. The stakes are lower, and it's a outlet for rage.

If your future utopia isn't accessible I want you to trip over a low unnecessary step every day for the rest of your life.

And I have cats, a gecko, and partner owns a snake. Snake pics and discussions will usually be under warnings.

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I have two days to complete a written OCT entry I haven't started.

rolls up sleeves ADHD POWERS ACTIVATE

i'm going to fucking die syndrome

causes: turned around too fast

i wade my mech out into the battlefield with caramelldansen blaring from the speakers secure in the knowledge that my enemies have earned the least cool deaths possible

This said, fuck bosses and fuck work, and we are gonna have to burn down the current mode of production to make way for the new. So don't get too attached to your role

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Jobs are not all about money. For someone who relies on their labour to pay their bills to survive, the money is obviously the most important thing. But it's not the only thing, there's satisfaction and meaning to be found in having responsibilities and helping people.

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Look, capitalism or not there's a lot of work to do in this world. I think that if we didn't have this stupid system arbitrating the labour market we could do a lot better at getting people into roles that they are good at and that are actually good for the world

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i swear to fucking god

your children are both teens

why the FUCK are they squishing all of my chocolate bars and you're just laughing at them.

what THE FUCK is wrong with you

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Woken up to the inevitable 'missed payment' emails and texts and I'm sure the calls will follow 🤢

I'm £232 short, please please help & boost if you can! Thank you

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weirdly-effective rhetorical riposte to someone raving about Politically-Correct Buzzwords!:

"It's just a term of art. It's not meant to be understood piece-by-piece in isolation; it's a technical term that people use to communicate about a specific problem. I don't really see the point in getting worked up about something you don't need to talk about very often."

I absolutely did not care about the media circus around the depp v heard trial


To an equal and opposite degree

I REALLY want the alex jones defamation case to be as loud and embarassing a spectacle for the man as possible

Respectable historical burns, alcohol related 

Another one: During the Civil War, Lincoln's generals fought amongst themselves constantly, so they hated it when Grant got praise for winning battles, and called him a drunk. Lincoln retorted, if he's a drunk, find out what kind of whiskey he drinks and I'll send you each a barrel.

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the best burn I know from history was handed to Charles Guiteau (Gee-TOH), future assassin of President Garfield, when he was living in the Oneida free love community, where they found him annoying and nobody wanted to get with him, and they called him "Charles Git-out"

the funniest thing to me about Love's Next Meeting: the Forgotten History of Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture, by Aaron Lecklider, is the barely-veiled undercurrent of "I had to read so many gay Communist men's tiresome repetitive fuckdiaries to make this point, PLEASE stop saying the early 20th-century Communist movement was unusually hostile or unappealing to gay people"

To do lists, carried to their logical conclusion, is me writing a novel about a version of myself who does what he's supposed to

the cascadia subduction zone mega thrust quake will be disastrous to fediverse active user counts

People have been talking about China going to war with the US over Taiwan (or vice versa). What would really cause a war would be something like this.

If China decided "actually we're going to close ourselves off again," stop making things for export and focused on taking care of themselves only, there'd be warships from every capitalist country parked in hours.

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