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requesting donations for my partner 

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reminder to everyone that you have every right in the world to call me out on anything i ever say and tell me outright how awful i’m being. i won’t know otherwise and i want to learn and improve at every opportunity

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i'm lazy so i'll just ctrl-v my old hey ya'll i'm an enby socialist bordering on an-com when shit really gets terrible digital media generalist who currently gets paid to do graphic design for print. into gaming, film, music, pro wrestling and whatever other form of media ya got on your mind

i try my best to support anyone feeling the pressures of life so if you ever need an ear, feel free to dm

i wanna get to know all of you and be friends n stuff

I am once again asking for your financial support 

Justin Trudeau: White cops with guns and armored trucks invading indigenous territory is reconciliation, indigenous people and their allies blocking railways is violence

Shout out to rural, small-town and decentralized organizers.
You're doing such vital vital work. Don't listen to the snobs that like to critique everyone but never get out of their big city. They couldn't walk a mile in your shoes.

(If you're a big city organizer and think you're not like that: when was the last time you deliberately decentralized your activism and took your organizing out of the city? have you even considered that not being geographically marginalized is privilege?)

at the sonic movie because i just don’t care anymore

@winvi my irl friend is talking about playing dgs1 on their tablet my worlds are leaking and i think it’s time for me to finally take the plunge

In roughly 40 weeks there will be a microgeneration of babies born to parents who conceived them after coming home from seeing the new "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie.

They'll be known as Sonic Boomers.

First Nation peoples and Canadian allies who are blocking the rail systems, this is how you make the settler state tremble. You are costing them upwards of billions.

Keep fucking fighting.


"nazi enabler" is just a more verbose way of saying "nazi"

Alright, block recommendation:

zxv at for continuing to semi-secretly associate with fascists even after that association led to them calling for my death and expressed "sick"ness at having done so.

Privileged hypocritical ass shouldn't be given our language to help himself pass as an ally anymore than we've already helped him.

petition to go back to calling FPSes "doom clones"

the complete opposite of a subtoot 

jáa díi tawlang (hey friends), just a reminder that the #Wetsuweten are being forcibly removed from their lands by canadian police after the court injunction OKing it and need all the help they can get. check out for a donation link and other ways you can help.

indigenous struggles for protection & rematriation of the land are among the most important of our time and need our total support!

professor: don't mess with kerning too much and never mess with the vertical/horizontal scale of fonts


also the game is like 86.1gb those boys better be looking extra good or else this thing's getting deleted

ffxv is on game pass so guess i finally got a reason to play the just guys being dudes rpg

spicy anarchist shitpost 

food, update 


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