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requesting donations for my partner 

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reminder to everyone that you have every right in the world to call me out on anything i ever say and tell me outright how awful i’m being. i won’t know otherwise and i want to learn and improve at every opportunity

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i'm lazy so i'll just ctrl-v my old hey ya'll i'm an enby socialist bordering on an-com when shit really gets terrible digital media generalist who currently gets paid to do graphic design for print. into gaming, film, music, pro wrestling and whatever other form of media ya got on your mind

i try my best to support anyone feeling the pressures of life so if you ever need an ear, feel free to dm

i wanna get to know all of you and be friends n stuff

finally caught a stringfish last night so i guess i beat animal crossing. the endgame better be just as good

A guide for non autistic people on how not to support ableism in April 

animal crossing, click inside for adorable content 

covid, isolation + 

covid adjacent, wrestling 


also hello i don’t post often as of late but i’m gonna try to make an effort again because i love you all too much

was looking through my hard drives for thing to delete/clean up and i completely forgot that i had doom 64 ex installed. basically the best way to play doom 64 until those modern ports come out

Here lies E3

It wasn’t very good


@Sapphicgiraffic [ ID:
Annual reminder for non-autistic folk as April approaches...
❌ Don't support Autism Speaks
❌ Don't light anything up blue
🧩 Puzzle pieces don't represent us, leave them in the toybox
✔ Listen to Actually Autistic people's voices
✔ Celebrate the beauty of neurodiversity
✔ Go #RedInstead or #ToneItDownTaupe
/end ID ]

apparently april is autism month so, to summarize: Autism Speaks is still a hate group; listen to #ActuallyAutistic people instead cuz we know our own needs best.

the symbolism behind the puzzle piece is insulting, it represents the idea that we're broken or there's a piece missing from us, so don't use it. look up the rainbow infinity symbol instead.

just @ me and tell me to go to bed. i respect a few of you on here enough to actually listen

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helped my friend through some things with her boyfriend and now i’m trying to at the very least pace myself and not watch the entire new castlevania season in one sitting

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