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requesting donations for my partner 

hey if you wanted to do something good for me during the holidays, donating anything you can spare to my partner would mean absolutely everything to her and i$moxicity

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reminder to everyone that you have every right in the world to call me out on anything i ever say and tell me outright how awful i’m being. i won’t know otherwise and i want to learn and improve at every opportunity

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i'm lazy so i'll just ctrl-v my old hey ya'll i'm an enby socialist bordering on an-com when shit really gets terrible digital media generalist who currently gets paid to do graphic design for print. into gaming, film, music, pro wrestling and whatever other form of media ya got on your mind

i try my best to support anyone feeling the pressures of life so if you ever need an ear, feel free to dm

i wanna get to know all of you and be friends n stuff

btw yes if you just so happen to stay at my place you get to sleep underneath the flag. it will protect you

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i kept my flag completely unironed since i got it and no one can fuckin stop me

hey i got an email notification saying something i ordered got delayed i wonder what it is-oh


hey this is the first time in a while where i kind of feel... normal and functional??????

gimme more of this it rules wtf

playing zelda wand of gamelon remastered and every time i go to the map screen i can't get this out of my head

hey i got that hot new game console that everyone’s talking about

my internet was legitimately out for 24 hours and just came back on. glad it wasn’t longer but still what the fuck

just woke up with it snowing a shit ton outside and also the power out. cool

i ain't treeposting yet

mostly because i wanna shoot my own tree photo first as a pfp because why not

bcpol mention 

well got groceries, voted and now imma fuck around on mario 64 while the provincial election results are playing extremely quiet in the background things be güd


i ordered pizza on the 13th anniversary of none pizza left beef and i didn't even realize it nice

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