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pol, anime tiddies 

There's an intentionally pushed misunderstanding about anime tiddies.
We, as feminists, SJWs, and leftists, don't hate anime tiddies. Censorship, by definition, has never been the domain of the left - Not going to get into how the nazis have twisted the definition of the word in the public consciousness, we're talking about cartoon boobies.
I am a fan of anime tiddies, but am instantly put on edge when I see a user icon, avatar, whatever, with an anime girl.


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pol, anime tiddies 

Anime tiddy avatars are used as a convenient, and exceptionally stealthy dogwhistle amongst alt-right users, and allows them to blend in with the majority middle-class white male audience for anime in the west.
There is not a war on anime tiddies themselves - Not getting into some problematic aspects of animation wherein women are sexualized in order to weaken their image, there is nothing inherently wrong with drawing big, bouncy, lovely boobs.

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pol, anime tiddies 

What there IS a war on, a real war, is the folks who are using those anime breasts for evil. To them, tiddies are just a tool to help spread their proaganda to an unassuming, ready to listen audience.
You are not immune to propaganda, especially where tiddies are involved. Don't fall for the nazi narrative that we're coming for your boobles.
Once they're done, they'll cast you, and your tiddies, aside.


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Hot Take 

C'est ne pas une Hot Take.

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Hi everyone! We're the Squirrel Lilly crew. We stream everyday at for our fans and friends, dubbed The Truck Community.
There will be a toot going out at the start of each stream, and if you don't want to see that, please mute the to not be bothered.
We moved here from which has been unusable for several days, and this instance has always seemed friendly.
Happy to be here!


I always say 'circle counterclockwise' but in fact you need to circle clockwise because I always get those mixed up in my head. -Zu

I do art for our YT vods, and I kinda fucked the head up on this one 

New Slate: Earthbound

Zu LOVES the Mother series. I did some math while I was looking at these videos and she streamed these games once a week for eight straight months.

This is again the "how do you encapsulate a huge RPG in one image" problem, but I think Zu kneeling to talk to a Mr. Saturn does really well.

In order to change the future, we have to change ourselves.

In spite of its missteps, Chrono Trigger has a very positive message that should be heard and learned from.

And we're continuing to play it next.


Let's try this entire thing again lol.

TRYING to set myself up with Streamlabs on my new laptop. Come visit! I'm playing an old favorite on my new laptop! It's

i...genitals?, shitpost, i'm going back to sleep 

I traded my vagina bones to a witch for a prehensile tail and that's why every cis man that's laid eyes on me hates me

The Internet has spoken (and you all have excellent taste), so we're kicking off the first reboot trilogy with Tomb Raider: Legend, next!

New course code for My First Castle v2:


Pretty happy with this, should feel less unfair now. Updated with advice from @suivran .

Please give it a try if you have Mario Maker 2.


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Oh no my course got boosts right after I deleted it to upload an updated version, give me a minute to clear-check this -Annie

Day two of this sketch thing: Llama Receptionist, a thing I actually felt like I knew how to draw, before I tried making a computer keyboard in perspective. XD

Normalize letting POC talk about race and race struggled without sanitizing it or hiding it for white comfort

I want to like you but Rock Paper Scissors is a bad mechanic, and every match there is one or two people with expensive real-money cosmetics and they ALWAYS take first or second place, leading me to believe there are bots trying to unsubtly get me to put money into the game.


Every time i see something about how BLM is a "group of hate" or making it akin to a terrorist group, all I hear is that "Black people are nothing but a threat to whiteness and must be eradicated"

Just say outright that you hate Black people, say that you don't like our existence even though the reason we're even here was because your fucking ancestors BROUGHT us here because you couldn't do the work yourselves.

It's 2020 what's stopping you from getting that ass whooping you deserve?

Onto 4-star quests. it's time for Wyverns. You know they ones we all got sick of in Monster Hunter World? Only there's better collision detection here.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is going on next.


People keep giving up on what I thought was an easy puzzle where I marked the answer in the level and I'm a little sad about it -Annie

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this is why i have no gender- i can't afford the upkeep

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If anyone of y'all have Marrio Maker 2, I just made my first level:


I think it came out pretty fun. Not looking for serious critique, just playing around and I hope someone has fun for a couple of minutes.


hello, i couldn't find this meme so i recreated it

happy canada day, did you know the flag is a graph

What do you get when you cross two games of wildly different genres? It's not always good, but it's always amazing.

Supermash continues next.


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