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Hot Take 

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Hi everyone! We're the Squirrel Lilly crew. We stream everyday at for our fans and friends, dubbed The Truck Community.
There will be a toot going out at the start of each stream, and if you don't want to see that, please mute the to not be bothered.
We moved here from which has been unusable for several days, and this instance has always seemed friendly.
Happy to be here!


King Knight, the Knight King, was determined to take the title 'King of Cards' and rule the land. And to do that, he'd need to beat up some more dudes.

Shovel Knight continues next.


meme involving stages of grief, re: hot take 

Got baby chicks wednesday. Started a twitch stream so I can monitor them from my office. Might as well give y'all the ability to see them too.

New Slate: Lego Dimensions

Alice did 27 episodes of Lego Dimensions, Lego's wonderful entry in the "Toys-to-Life" gold rush (it's superior to the Skylanders or Disney Infinity because you -do- get to build all the Lego, imo). The main characters are Gandalf, Batman, and Wyldstyle, so I traced over the figures so I could eff with their expressions, and also the "Guy in a Lizard Suit" figure to make Alice.

Iifa had gone by many names, while Kuja had gone by just one.

This is the end. At least the end of this story.

Final Fantasy IX (probably) concludes, next.


If anyone has that edit of the Owlturd "Why do you wear that mask" comic where mask is 'lesbian', and the face is "bi, but men are horrifying", can I get that from you, please and thanks.

Lone Wolf was alone, in the dungeons of the Darklands. Hell itself seemed to stand in his way.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf continues next.


Apparently now I'm a professional gameritician? 115th in North America at this? WTF?

an shitpost. I didn't mean this to get Body Horror, but it got body horror. 

I like that April 1st is moving toward people doing just cute and silly stuff this year.


Paladins is an exciting, light-strategy team-based FPS with tiger boyfriends, genderfluid foxes, and grandpas.

Anyway here's Paladins.

Money, Taxes, Mutual Aid, Thanks 

Hey I have a friend who’s fighting stage 3 Lyme disease and NEEDS donations in order to survive. This is life or death. Can y’all plz take a minute to donate if you can and boost this? Destin can’t leave their home due to seizures, low energy levels, having trouble walking, etc. all due to Lyme.

They need an oxygen concentrator which are ridiculously expensive, but they are having so much trouble breathing it’s become necessary. It’s really important that they get one.

I know that if we all boost this and donate a couple bucks then they can get the care they need. I donated $25 which was all I can afford really, so now I’m sharing. My friend really needs help so please boost! Especially because they are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus due to Lyme... it’s really important that they get the medical care they need.

Fast Food, negative, allergy 

re7 spoilers 

Crowdfunding, resolution, thank you 

Muramasa's on hold right now, so what do you say we just hop in the car and take a nice, relaxing drive?

No artifice or anything, I'm playing Jalopy, so we're just gonna have some pretty scenery, light scavenging and chatting.

Getting back to our roots tonight with some Clustertruck!

Bonus: chat gets to choose the form of The Destroyer as I try to parkour through the Peterbilts. Why I do this to myself, we may never know...

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