I remember me saying at Ultimate launch that I want every fighter in Elite Smash....

...work in progress! :blobnomouth:

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It also has cross-account with PC and mobile

Eternal Card Game just released on Switch!

Highly recommended. It's basically a simplified Magic The Gathering, designed for being digital.

Apparently the casters were fired because they didnt remove the guy from stage and knew he was going to say pro HK stuff.

Fuck Blizzard.

Blizzard banned a tournament-level Hearthstone player and took away his prize money; also fired 2 casters...

...because they have shown support for the Hong Kong protests during interviews.


Fuck Blizzard.

Celeste is.. amazing! Will have to do the new content and 100% it maybe!

(Image contains Celeste spoiler)

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"Chromatic Orb, cold damage!"


"Sniloc's Snowball Swarm!"

"I don't even have that spell!"

"Blizzard ... Entertainment!'

"There's our copyright strike."


"That sounds like a spell."

"Take 8d8 Loot Box damage."

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this month, the hotly anticipated newest season of one of the best anime of all time is coming out.

that's right. i'm talking about bananyan motherfuckers!!!!

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What the fuck is this timeline?
Nintendo just released a minidoc about Nairo

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Everytime I see Airpods, I wonder how on earth someone wouldn't lose them.

Good job if you don't! 👍 Seriously, I'd be so afraid of losing them if I had them.

Me: "Hey, what can I play to start the day relaxing?"

My brain: "Cook Serve Delicious!"

Me: "...okay."

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there's some nontrivial correlation between a game supporting effortless borderless windowed and me playing them

The Tetris 99 devs added an sensibilty option for Pro Controller users because you would constantly accidenly fast drop the tiles. Wow, feels nice to play now!

tfw you realize you dont post much on social media cuz your life is boring

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