Will be back at my dentist later this month to have titanium rod put in. We know the $$ on that part.

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Today was a checkup and cleaning. That part is covered by my insurance. Turns out I need a root canal. That will be done by an out of town de dentist at an unknown time for an unknown $$

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@SpaceCadet Off to the dentist. Might get a titanium rod placed in my jaw where a tooth was extracted.

New design on my Redbubble!

This design has blue hearts on a red background. There is a line design running through both. I drew this when I was in high school as a sketchbook assignment.

This design comes in masks, shirts, stickers, phone cases, magnets, a button, pillows, a backpack, mugs journals and more!


image description: blue hearts with lines going through them on a background of red lines.

New design on my Redbubble.

Do you want bacon on a t-shirt? Because that's how you get bacon on a t-shirt!

It also comes in masks, phone cases, stickers, mugs, and more.


image description: Young man wearing a t-shirt that has a drawing of a strip of bacon that is holding flowers and a heart.

New design on my Redbubble!

It is a delicate design of flowers, stars, and squiggles ... that I drew at work years ago when I was really bored.

The design comes on masks, shirts, leggings, stickers, phone cases, mugs, journals, and more.

image description: A mask with a delicate design of stars, flowers, and squiggles

My tie-dye design on Redbubble is available on masks, shirts, dresses, a bunch of phone cases, pillows, comforters, and more!


image description: A black woman wearing an A-line dress with my tie-dye design on it.

I added a tie-dye design to my Redbubble. It is made from my very first attempt to make digital art (back in the 1990s).

Available as a mask (and more):


image description: A brightly colored tie-dye mask

Need a mask? Looking for something fancier than typical?

I've got a Redbubble where you can find a mask with a hand-drawn design of black lace on it.


(Also comes in stickers and a button).

I have a HUGE dental bill that is going to wipe our our entire savings - and then some. Every sale helps us pay down that HUGE bill.

image description: A mask with a hand-drawn black lace design on the front.

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