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general request: can you please describe your art? I kinda can't read art tbh.

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reintroductions, long 

re hi, I'm Soni! I'm autgender, my pronouns are she/her and they/them.

I have a long history of harassment, including related activities like racism, and just generally toxic, aggressive and violent behaviour. I've harassed lots of ppl over misunderstandings where I wanted to be right even tho I was wrong. I'm not gonna list everything I've done wrong here, but feel free to ask if you wanna know specifics.

my interests include programming, kink, games (sometimes), infodumping, neurodiversity, mad pride, disability pride, drawing, writing, [uh surely there's more stuff I can put here? but I don't seem to recall it]. feel free to ask me about these! (take it slow tho, I get overwhelmed easily.)

I'm 21. in addition to the above interests, I also tend to talk about CSA, domestic abuse, and suicide.

I'm generally open for flirting, but I might not read it as flirting if you don't tell me, so please ask first. I'm bi/pan/ace/???.

thank you!

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don't follow or interact with me if you call ppl/things "stupid"/"mad" (or other ableist slurs) 📌

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re: subtoot 

I wish I could talk some sense into you but I don't know how to so instead I'm subtooting you hoping it does *something*, anything. some fights aren't worth it. especially when they're not even your own fight.

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please don't abuse abusers. I made that mistake once.

other ppl may give up on you, but you don't have to give up on yourself.

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never stop trying. you're not irredeemable. you can do this.

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come to GAnarchy, not because "it's gonna fix your problems" or because "it's the best tool ever" or whatever.

come to GAnarchy because I'm having fun developing it and I want others to have fun with me :3

(and if you try to ruin things I'm adding filterlists. I mean I'm adding filterlists anyway and like there's already some code for filterlists but I haven't found a library for parsing ABP-compatible filterlists that I like yet.)

oh also you can literally setup an instance by 1. having linux and 2. forking it on github.

update: I've decided not to do this due to the privacy concerns. I looked into encryption (there are some forms of encryption that you can do in your head) but I'm not happy with the stuff I found for that so I figure it's safer to just not do it.

I'll have to find another way to deal with this stuff. I'm open to suggestions but I might just do something completely different instead.

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I like the idea of sensory deprivation masks.

I mean, clearly you can grow without apologizing - what if someone doesn't want an apology? then you don't apologize!

but... ugh. idk.

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I guess I can move on without apologizing?

but then ppl will get angry at me for that. or at least, ppl say they will. ppl say I must apologize. :/

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how do you apologize?

the things I've tried seem to only make ppl angrier...

I wanna do things other ppl don't want me to do like uhh,,,, "have friends" sure why not

do not force me to spell "ppl" out

do not (CW: ableism)

(I don't know if I have OCD but at the very least I'm autistic and this stuff makes me meltdown)

me @ some ppl: "oh hey did you know this is a nazi dogwhistle?"
some ppl: "I did not. oops."

me @ other ppl: "oh hey did you know that's ableist?"
other ppl: "that's not why I'm doing this"

*sigh* tag yourself I'm some ppl.

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