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also sorry for being toxic and aggressive

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hi, I'm Soni! I'm trans (she/her and they/them) and autistic.

I used to harass antis on tumblr but I just ended up hurting my friends as collateral damage. that took me a while to recover from, as well as my friends' help. I also went colonialist a year ago trying to force CWs on ppl.

I used to say I was getting banned for being autistic but that might've been the pro-violence posts instead. I never actually asked.

anyway, I'm sorry, and I'm trying not to do those again.


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don't follow or interact with me if you call ppl/things "stupid"/"mad" (or other ableist slurs) 馃搶

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I sometimes think I should've done more with harassing antis/truscum/etc on tumblr. I used to do that before I came to the fedi.

but, heck... some of my friends used to be like them. were made to be like them. talk about hard-to-swallow pills.

I shouldn't and I can't accept harassment, even of harmful ppl. I'm not sure how you'd do interventions, but... they don't deserve harassment.

and for that, I'm sorry.

sorry @FreyaManibrandr

who doesn't wanna have a-whole-tree boobs?

okay nvm I'm not happy with how this sounds at all :/

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am I doing this right?

"this would also allow POC instances to CW things for white instances without CWing things for other POC instances. it's win-win all around. :p"

oh cool I managed to turn ElasticSearch into a meme :v

tech stuff, financial stuff, capitalism 

base cost of a server that can handle a lot of stuff, without storage costs: $9

storage costs: $1 for 10GB

base cost: high, scaling cost: low. fair enough.

VPSes provide some level of sunken costs but that's nothing compared to policies that benefit smaller users over bigger users.

I wonder if there are any services that go out of their way to provide sunken costs at the expense of bigger users...

I feel like more ppl need to hear about the mad pride movement.

altho the neurodiversity movement isn't about denying our struggles, some ppl do claim it is. but I'm not gonna try to convince ppl either way.

however, when it comes to mad pride, it has always been about acknowledging our struggles. mainly our struggles with and within the system, but nevertheless it's quite explicitly about our struggles.

and I think ppl should look more into it! we need you. be mad. <3

I automatically trust you less if you use voice messages instead of just typing them out

do you ever think about how acting based on life expectancy affects life expectancy?

here's an *ism challenge for you: instead of requesting ppl to "explain" things, ask them to "describe" things.

and if it would look/sound wrong, just don't ask.

wait, how do y'all find books and stuff about stuff you don't know? .-.

oh that's weird, misskey's(?) @'s don't have underline on hover.

@noelle ?

(no this isn't a metaphor or anything I'm just smelly)

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ugh, the tone on this post is all wrong :/

should've used .-. instead of ;-;

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is it harassment to go up to ppl and talk about Mad Pride/call them ableist? ;-;

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